Cuban Musicians

Cuban musicians

  • Adalberto Álvarez Adalberto Álvarez
    Adalberto Álvarez is a Cuban pianist, director and composer.
  • Addys Mercedes Addys Mercedes
    Addys Mercedes is a Cuban pop and world music singer living in Germany and Spain.
  • Alex Sandunga
    Alex Sandunga is a rapper, actor and producer, who is known for his eclectic musical career which is always in experimentation and movement. He is currently living in Helsinki, Finland. In 1997 he founded Alto Voltage NAE, an electric and alive rap group that was known by its strong opinions.
  • Alfredo de la Fé
    Alfredo De La Fé is a Cuban-born and New York-based violinist who lived in Colombia for more than 16 years and is responsible for transforming the violin into an important sound of Salsa and Latin music.
  • Alfredo Rodríguez
    Alfredo Rodríguez was a Cuban jazz piano player.
  • Alfredo Rodríguez (pianist born 1985) Alfredo Rodríguez (pianist born 1985)
    Alfredo Rodríguez Salicio is a Cuban composer and jazz pianist.
  • Alonso Brito
    Alonso Brito is a Latin, alternative, salsa singer, songwriter born in Havana, Cuba. The Los Angeles Times has compared him to "part Mick Jagger, part Caetano Veloso, and part Desi Arnaz on acid" and as a face for Los Angeles salsa music.
  • Amaury Gutiérrez Amaury Gutiérrez
  • Antonio Machín
    Antonio Machín was a Cuban singer and musician. His version of El Manisero, recorded in New York, 1930, with Don Azpiazú's orchestra, was the first million record seller for a Cuban artist.
  • Antonio Rodríguez Ferrer
    Antonio Rodríguez Ferrer was a Cuban composer and band conductor.
  • Argeliers León Argeliers León
    Argeliers León was a Cuban composer and musicologist.
  • Armando de Sequeira Romeu
    Armando de Sequeira Romeu, is a Cuban musical director, composer, arranger, violinist, drummer and bass player. In 1972 he co-founded the Grammy Award group Irakere, one of Cuba's best-known Latin Jazz Bands, together with Chucho Valdes, a Cuban pianist.
  • Armando Rodríguez-González
    Armando Rodríguez-González was a Cuban composer and musician.
  • Armando Rodríguez Ruidíaz
    Armando Rodríguez Ruidíaz is a Cuban composer, guitarist, professor and bagpiper.
  • Arsenio Rodríguez Arsenio Rodríguez
    Arsenio Rodríguez was a Cuban musician, composer and bandleader. He played the tres, as well as the tumbadora, and he specialized in son, rumba and other Afro-Cuban music styles.
  • Aurelio Voltaire
    Aurelio Voltaire Hernández, professionally known as Aurelio Voltaire or by the mononym Voltaire, is a Cuban-born American singer, songwriter, musician, writer, cartoonist, animator, television director, and teacher.
  • Barbarito Díez
    Barbarito Díez was a popular Cuban singer who specialized in danzón genre.
  • Barbarito Torres Barbarito Torres
    Bárbaro Alberto Torres Delgado, best known as Barbarito Torres, is a Cuban musician best known for his work with the Afro Cuban All Stars and the Buena Vista Social Club. Torres plays the laúd, a traditional Cuban instrument of the lute family that is most associated with the Guajiro genre.
  • Basilio Repilado
    Basilio Repilado was a Cuban musician. He is mainly notable as one of the five sons of Compay Segundo, seeking to expand on and promote his father's musical legacy. He joined his father's band, Compay Segundo y Sus Muchachos, in 1999 as a backing vocalist and percussionist.
  • Bienvenido Granda
    Bienvenido Granda, born Rosendo Bienvenido Granda Aguilera, was a Cuban vocalist/musician, singing boleros, son montunos, guarachas and other Cuban rhythms.
  • Blanca Rosa Gil
    Blanca Rosa Gil is a famous Cuban Latin Bolero singer known as 'The Singing Dolly'.
  • Calixto Leicea
    Calixto Leicea was a Cuban musician, arranger and composer. He was featured as the first trumpeter of the famed group Sonora Matancera.
  • Camila Cabello
    Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is a Cuban-born American singer and songwriter. As part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Cabello and her bandmates released one EP and two studio albums. Her departure from the group was announced in December 2016.
  • Cándido Fabré
    Cándido Fabré is a Cuban musician, song writer, and singer, famous for his art of improvisation.
  • Carlos Barbería y su Orquesta Kubavana
  • Carlos Manuel Pruneda
    Carlos Manuel is a Cuban singer, known simply as "Carlos Manuel".
  • Carlos Puebla
    Carlos Manuel Puebla was a Cuban singer, guitarist, and composer. He was a member of the old trova movement who specialized in boleros and nationalistic songs.
  • Carlos Varela (bandleader)
    Carlos Varela was a Cuban musician. He was leader of the "Havana Madrid Orchestra" during the 1930s-1950s at New York's Havana-Madrid club on Broadway.
  • Carlos Varela (singer-songwriter)
    Carlos Victoriano Varela Cerezo is a singer-songwriter of nueva trova from Havana, Cuba. In the 1980s, he joined the Nueva Trova musical movement, a political and poetic musical genre.
  • Celeste Mendoza
    Celeste Mendoza, was a Cuban singer.
  • Celina González
    Celina González Zamora was a Cuban singer-songwriter, who specialized in "música campesina", traditional music of the Cuban countryside. She is best known for co-authoring A Santa Bárbara with her partner Reutilio Domínguez. Her recording of it was a hit, as was Celia Cruz's version.
  • Celio González
    Celio González was a Cuban musician. He was a notable singer from the Sonora Matancera.
  • César Pedroso César Pedroso
    César "Pupy" Pedroso is a Cuban pianist who became famous with Orquesta Revé and then as a founding member of Los Van Van. For many years, Pedroso wrote some of Van Van's most important songs such as "Calla Calla", "Tranquilo, Mota", "Seis Semanas", "El buenagente" and many others.
  • Changuito Changuito
    Changuito is a Cuban percussionist.
  • Chico Álvarez (singer)
    Ernesto "Chico" Álvarez Peraza is a Cuban North American artist of Latin American music. He was born in New York City but grew up in Cuba and currently lives in the state of New Jersey.
  • Cucu Diamantes
    Cucu Diamantes is a Grammy nominated Cuban-American singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. Her 2009 debut album Cuculand received a Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Alternative Song, "Mas Fuerte".
  • Dave Lombardo Dave Lombardo
    David "Dave" Lombardo is a three-time nominated, two time Grammy Award-winning Cuban American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of American thrash metal band Slayer.
  • David Calzado
    David Calzado is the bandleader, music director, arranger, and lead vocalist of 16-piece musical ensemble, Charanga Habanera. David Calzado has played an essential role in the evolution of modern Cuban music, although he was forced to reorganize his music group in 1997.
  • Daymé Arocena
    Daymé Arocena is an award-winning Afro-Cuban jazz singer from Havana, who has been described as Cuba's "finest young female singer." She won the 2015 Juno Award for the best jazz album, as a member of the jazz band Maqueque performing with Canadian musician Jane Bunnett.
  • Diana López Moyal Diana López Moyal
    Miami based Cuban flutist Diana López Moyal. Cuban musician, performer and teacher.
  • Don Azpiazú
    Justo Ángel Azpiazú, better known as Don Azpiazú, was a leading Cuban orchestral director in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes
    Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes was a Cuban composer, and an author of books on the history of Cuban folk music.
  • Efraín Amador
    Efraín Amador Piñero is a Cuban guitarist, lutist, composer and professor. He has conducted extensive investigations about the "Cuban lute" and "tres" performance styles, and has created several methods of study and numerous compositions for those instruments.
  • Efraín Loyola
    Efrain Loyola was a Cuban flautist from Cienfuegos, who had the distinction of being one of the oldest active flautists in the world, had a career that spanned over 7 decades and for a period, was a captain in the Cuban militia and fought in the War against the Bandits.
  • Elena Burke
    Elena Burke was a revered and popular Cuban singer of boleros and romantic ballads.
  • Elías Barreiro
    Elías Barreiro is a distinguished Cuban guitarist and professor.
  • Emilio Estefan Emilio Estefan
    Emilio Estefan Gómez is a Cuban-American musician and producer who has won 19 Grammy Awards. Estefan first came to prominence as a member of the Miami Sound Machine. He is the husband of singer Gloria Estefan and the uncle of Spanish-language television personality Lili Estefan.
  • Guy Cuevas
    Guy Cuevas is a Cuban-born writer, musician, and legendary Paris disc jockey. Born Guillermo Cuevas Carrión, he worked the turntables and the crowds at Club Sept, and Le Palace before becoming the artistic director, first of Les Bains Douches, then the Barrio Latino.
  • Héctor García (guitarist)
    Hector Garcia is a Cuban-American classical guitarist and composer.
  • Humberto Ríos Labrada
    Humberto Ríos Labrada is a Cuban folk musician, agricultural scientist and environmentalist. He was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2010, for his work for biodiversity and sustainable development of Cuban agriculture.
  • Ibeyi
    Ibeyi is a French-Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz.
  • Ibrahim Ferrer Ibrahim Ferrer
    Ibrahim Ferrer was a popular Afro-Cuban singer and musician in Cuba. He performed with many musical groups including the Conjunto Sorpresa, Orquesta Chepin-Choven and Afro-Cuban All Stars. Later in life, Ferrer became a member of the internationally successful Buena Vista Social Club.
  • Isolina Carrillo
    Isolina Carrillo was a Cuban composer, singer and pianist. She was a member of the vocal group Conjunto Siboney.
  • Israel Kantor
    Israel Kantor, also known as Israel Sardinas, Wilfredo Israel Sardinas, and Wilfredo Israel Sardiñas Domínguez, was a Cuban-born musician and composer who later lived and worked in the United States.
  • Issac Delgado
    Issac Delgado is one of the founders of the band NG La Banda and is a popular salsa and timba performer.
  • Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos
    Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos is a Cuban trombonist and musical director. He has been a member of various ensembles, including Estrellas de Areito, Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars.
  • Jorge Cordero
    Jorge Luis Jomarron Cordero is a Cuban singer, guitarist and percussionist, known by his artistic name of Jorge Cordero.
  • Jose Tillan
    José Tillán is a media executive and professional musician, composer and producer whose career has primarily been focused on the Latin music industry.
  • Juana Bacallao
    Juana Bacallao, also known as Juana la Cubana, is a Cuban singer and musician. She started her professional singing career under the aegis of Obdulio Morales, who composed the famous guaracha "Juana Bacallao", which became her stage name.
  • Juan Blanco Juan Blanco
    Juan Blanco was the first Cuban composer to utilize electroacoustics, spatial music and multimedia.
  • Juan Carlos Bersague Juan Carlos Bersague
    Juan Carlos Bersague Chacón is a Choral Conductor and Conducting Professor in Venezuela, born at Havana, Cuba in 1963.
  • Juan de Marcos González Juan de Marcos González
    Juan de Marcos González is a Cuban bandleader and musician, best known for his work with the Buena Vista Social Club.
  • Juan Formell
    Juan Formell was a Cuban bassist, composer, and arranger, best known as the director of Los Van Van. He was a creator of popular danceable music and credited with bringing electronic instrumentation into the Cuban musical form.
  • Juan Nepomucino Goetz
    Juan Nepomucino Goetz was an Austrian Catholic priest whose arrival in Cuba led to two extraordinary controversies.
  • Juan París
    Juan París was a priest and composer in Spanish Cuba.
  • Juan Piñera Juan Piñera
    Juan Piñera is a Cuban musician who during his long career has covered a wide professional spectrum as performer, composer, professor and musical adviser.
  • Julio Roloff Julio Roloff
    Julio Roloff is a Cuban composer that has collaborated with the Laboratorio Nacional de Música Electroacústica founded by composer Juan Blanco, where he created numerous electroacoustic pieces.
  • Julito Collazo
    Julio "Julito" Collazo was a master percussionist.
  • Kelvis Ochoa
    Kelvis Ochoa is an author-composer-singer.
  • Lázaro Ros
    Lázaro Ros was an Afro-Cuban singer. His music borrowed much from Africa, as he performed music of the Lucumí culture, of the Yoruba people from modern-day Nigeria, and of the Arará culture of the Dahomeyan people from modern-day Benin.
  • Louis Franz Aguirre
    Louis Franz Aguirre is a Cuban composer and conductor that has achieved international recognition.
  • Louis Loizides Louis Loizides
    Louis "El Maravilloso" Loizides is one of the founders of the bachata movement in the Dominican Republic. Several of the island's most popular bachata musicians, such as Luis Vargas and Antony Santos, have labeled Louis the father of Bachata music.
  • Luis Marquetti
    Luis Marquetti was a Cuban songwriter and composer. He was born in the town of Alquízar.
  • Machito Machito
    Machito was an influential Latin jazz musician who helped refine Afro-Cuban jazz and create both Cubop and salsa music. He was raised in Havana alongside the singer Graciela, his foster sister.
  • Manolín "El Médico de la salsa"
    Manuel "Manolín" González Hernández, is a Cuban timba and salsa songwriter, singer, and band leader. Manolín was an amateur songwriter, when NG La Banda's leader José Luis "El Tosco" Cortés discovered him at medical school and famously dubbed him "El Médico de la Salsa".
  • Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal
    Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal is a Cuban trumpeter, best known for his work with the Buena Vista Social Club.
  • Manuel Saumell Manuel Saumell
    Manuel Saumell Robredo, was a Cuban composer known for his invention and development of genuinely creolized forms of music.
  • Marcelino Guerra
    Marcelino Guerra, also known as "Rapindey" was a Cuban singer and songwriter who spent much of his life in the United States. His primary role was as a segunda voz, or harmony, singer.
  • Marco Rizo Marco Rizo
    Marco Rizo Ayala was a Cuban-born pianist, composer, and arranger. He mastered the 19th Century works of composers Manuel Saumell and Ignacio Cervantes.
  • Marlon Fernández Marlon Fernández
    Marlon is a Cuban singer, better known as the winner of the third season of Objetivo Fama, a Puerto Rican reality-show -singing talent contest broadcast by Univision Puerto Rico, and Telefutura network in the United States.
  • Mey Vidal
    Mey Vidal, in the city of Palma Soriano in the province of Santiago de Cuba. She is a Cuban Reggae en Español, Dance hall, and Reggaeton singer and composer. She was one of the first to represent the female genre in the Reggaeton movement.
  • Miguel "Angá" Díaz
    Miguel "Angá" Díaz was a Cuban percussionist of Yoruba descent. He was a well-known conguero who also played the cajón, güiro and timbales.
  • Miguel Bonachea
    Miguel Bonachea is a Cuban guitarist and professor.
  • Miguel Villafruela
    Miguel VIllafruela is a Cuban saxophonist.
  • Minerva Herrera
    Minerva Herrera was a popular Cuban folk singer, who performed as part of the duo Martín y Minerva. She is perhaps best known as the mother of Albita, the Grammy-winning Cuban-American singer, producer and composer.
  • Nicasio Jiménez
    Nicasio Jiménez was a Cuban violin-cellist. He was the son of violinist Jose Julian Jiménez and brother of pianist and composer Lico Jiménez. His sisters Inés and Arcadia Jiménez were singers. His grandfather Francisco Nicasio Jiménez was an orchestra and band leader.
  • Olga Guillot Olga Guillot
    Olga Guillot was a Cuban singer who was known as the 'queen of bolero'. She was a native of the Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba.
  • Orlando "Cachaíto" López
    Candelario Orlando López Vergara, better known as Cachaíto, was a Cuban bassist and composer, who gained international fame after his involvement in the Buena Vista Social Club recordings.
  • Orlando "Puntilla" Ríos
    Orlando "Puntilla" Ríos was a percussionist/vocalist well known in Cuba and the Americas as a master of the many Cuban musical folkloric forms.
  • Osvaldo Rodríguez (musician)
    Osvaldo Rodríguez is a Cuban musician.
  • Pablo Herrera (musician)
    Pablo D. Herrera Veitia is a Cuban hip hop music producer. Herrera served his country in the education system as a teacher at Havana University. Herrera has written a thesis on African-American expression and also has degrees in both English and Russian translation.
  • Pacho Alonso
    Pacho Alonso was a Cuban singer and bandleader from Santiago de Cuba who is attributed with creating the musical form Pilón.
  • Pancho Amat
    Francisco "Pancho" Amat is a Cuban musician specialized in tres, a plucked instrument. He founded the group Manguaré in 1971 and elevated tres-playing to a new level by applying theory and technique gleaned from jazz. Currently, he is the band leader of "El cabildo del son".
  • Paulito FG
    Paulito FG is one of the original innovators of timba and is a popular salsa and timba performer.
  • Pedrito Martinez
    Pedrito Martinez is a Cuban-American percussionist, vocalist, songwriter, and bandleader.
  • Perucho Figueredo Perucho Figueredo
    Pedro Felipe Figueredo, mostly known as Perucho was a Cuban poet, musician, and freedom fighter of the 19th century. In the 1860s, he was active in the planning of the Cuban uprising against the Spanish known as the Ten Years' War.
  • Pío Leyva
    Pío Leyva was a Cuban singer and the author of the well-known guaracha El Mentiroso. Leyva was part of the Buena Vista Social Club, and composed some of Cuba's best known standards.
  • Polito Ibañez
    Polito Ibáñez is a Cuban singer and composer who is among the generation of contemporary artists in Cuba known as troubadors. He graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte ingresó and joined the Nueva Trova musical movement in 1985.
  • Pupi Campo
    Pupi Campo was a Cuban entertainer, dancer, and band leader. He was born Jacinto Campillo to Jacinto and Delores Trujillo Campillo.
  • Raimundo Valenzuela Raimundo Valenzuela
    Raimundo Valenzuela de Leon was a leading Cuban trombonist, composer and bandleader.
  • Raúl Paz
    Raúl Paz in the province of Pinar del Río, in the west of Cuba. Commonly nicknamed the "French Cuban", he is known for having revolutionized the 21st century Cuban music.
  • Ray Martínez
    Ray Martínez is an American dance music icon, who was a musician, songwriter, and singer in the late 1970s and 1980s, and later became a record producer, engineer, and record label owner/executive.
  • René Touzet René Touzet
    René Touzet y Monte was a Cuban-born American composer, pianist and bandleader.
  • Rey Ruiz Rey Ruiz
    Rey Ruiz is a salsa singer from Cuba. Ruiz reached international fame across Latin America, Europe and among Hispanic music fans in the United States.
  • Rico Rodriguez (musician)
    Emmanuel "Rico" Rodriguez MBE, also known as simply Rico, Reco or El Reco, was a Cuban-born Jamaican ska and reggae trombonist. He recorded with many producers, including Karl Pitterson, Prince Buster, and Lloyd "Matador" Daley.
  • Rik Castillo
    Rik Castillo is a Cuban-American jazz guitarist and composer within the Bebop, Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban & mainstream jazz idioms. He is one of the student of the legendary guitarist Pat Martino, and he is noted for the beauty and complexity of his compositions.
  • Roberto Torres Roberto Torres
    Roberto Torres Born 10 February 1940; is a Cuban musician from Güines most famous for his interpretation of Simón Díaz's Caballo Viejo. He is considered to be one of the highest authorities in the history of the Cuban music.
  • Roberto Valera
    Roberto Valera Chamizo is a Cuban composer and pedagogue that has a made a substantial contribution to the development of music in Cuba.
  • Santa Fe (group) Santa Fe (group)
    Santa Fé is a Cuban musical trio.
  • Tony Cortes Tony Cortes
    Antonio de Jesus Cortez Espina is an actor in theater, film and television producer and host of controversial television shows. He resides in Miami, Florida.
  • Trova Trova
    Trova is one of the great roots of the Cuban music tree. In the 19th century a group of itinerant musicians known as trovadores moved around Oriente, especially Santiago de Cuba, earning their living by singing and playing the guitar.
  • Vocal Tempo Vocal Tempo
    Vocal Tempo is a Cuban vocal group that won in 2008 the second series of Factor X, the Spanish version of The X Factor. The music contest was broadcast on the Spanish Cuatro television station.
  • Walfredo de los Reyes
    Walfredo de los Reyes Sr. is a Cuban percussionist, timbalero, and educator, in the fields of session recording, live performance, and clinics. He is the father of famed percussionists, Walfredo Reyes Jr. and Daniel de los Reyes, and of actor, Kamar de los Reyes.
  • Walfredo Reyes Jr.
    Walfredo "Wally" Reyes Jr. is a Cuban American expert in drum set and auxiliary percussion, a music educator, and a clinician. He has performed with many jazz, Latin, World music, World fusion, Afro-Cuban, and rock bands as a touring, session recording, and full-time player.
  • X-Alfonso X-Alfonso
    X-Alfonso is a Cuban hip hop and afro-rock musician, who played with Audioslave in a concert in Havana on May 7, 2005 in "Tribuna Anti-imperialista".
  • Xavier Cugat Xavier Cugat
    Xavier Cugat was a Spanish-American bandleader and native of Spain who spent his formative years in Havana, Cuba. A trained violinist and arranger, he was a leading figure in the spread of Latin music in United States popular music.
  • Xiomara Laugart
    Xiomara Laugart Sanchez is a Cuban singer currently based in Massachusetts. Before emigrating to the United States, Laugart had an extensive career performing nueva trova music in Cuba and she has recorded over 17 albums.
  • Yusa Yusa
    Yusa is a Cuban singer and songwriter, born in the Buena Vista district of Havana, Cuba. Her music is recognised worldwide : in 2003, she was nominated at the prestigious BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards in two categories.

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