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  • doop2025 posted a video:

    USA VS NORTH KOREA - Who Would Win Army - War - Military Comparison

  • Video Unit posted a photo:

    Nintendo SNES Mini vs. SNES Original / Graphics comparison

    Wie gut schlägt sich der Nintendo SNES Mini eigentlich in Sachen Bildqualität im Vergleich zur originalen Konsole? Wir haben die originale Konsole angeschlossen und zeigen euch in diesem Grafikvergleich anhand verschiedener Spiele die Unterschiede! ▶ PC Games abonnieren: Mehr von PC Games: ▶ PC Games Webseite: ▶ PC Games bei Facebook: ▶ PC Games auf Twitter: ▶ PC Games auf Instagram: #pcg #pcgames

  • Video Unit posted a photo:

    Destiny 2 - PS4 vs. PS4 Pro / Graphics comparison / Grafikvergleich

    Destiny 2 im Video-Grafikvergleich: Wir vergleichen die Bildqualität der PS4- mit der PS4-Pro-Version. Im Video seht ihr, ob mit bloßem Auge ein Unterschied feststellbar ist. ▶ PC Games abonnieren: Mehr von PC Games: ▶ PC Games Webseite: ▶ PC Games bei Facebook: ▶ PC Games auf Twitter: ▶ PC Games auf Instagram: #pcg #pcgames

  • romeosilverpersian posted a photo:

    Baloo #thenandnow #comparison #mainecoon

  • eth2cal posted a photo:


    part of the book, between the sheets plugged the USB cable, isolated on white background

  • electrikbarbarella posted a photo:

    Garden Of Joy  - 16th Anniversary Blythe

    Neo Blythe Comparison
    Release Date: September, 2017

    Face: Radiance Renew/Translucent Cream

    Garden Of Joy (GoJ)
    Allegra Champagne (AC)
    Margo Unique Girl (MUG)
    Miss Sally Rice (MSR)

  • Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott posted a photo:

    Enter the Picture (Tamron 24-70 G2)

    © 2017 Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott

    I've been getting a LOT of requests to do a review of the new Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC G2 lens, but it had been delayed in a Canon mount. Fortunately Tamron USA was able to get me one of the early copies to hit North America, and I've started my review process. This image has been processed to taste, but you can see the original and a number of other images in the gallery here: I'll be shooting my first look video later today, and will be reporting back with image quality and other aspects of my review shortly. P.S. We've finally finished and moved into our new home, and this image was taken in the woods behind us. I've got a whole new wonderland to explore, and I'm excited about it.

    Technical Information: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 | Processed in Adobe Lightroom C

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  • Tirin & Katten --- Twisted Knickers posted a photo:

    For reference

    MiniFee active line/cutie bust
    iMda 4.3 basic chest

    THe shoes are from and fit both girls. the imda foot is slightly shorter, but a bit chunkier, so the shoe stays on most of the time.

  • roll the dice posted a photo:

    Kings Cross`Civvies Location`1992-2017

    As Jason Isaacs And Eddie O'Connell Emerge From The Now Vanished Kings Cross Tube Exit/Entrance...Who Recalls Harry Enfields Divvies?...Hahaha

  • QuietYurei posted a photo:

    Dollzone Eugenia and Ivana size comparison

    Pretty significant size difference between the two heads for this 19cm line of dolls. Eugenia is much smaller. Ivana much larger with much more space for eyes inside. Both are in pink skin, Eugenia is older pink resin.

  • Rebecca Verity posted a photo:


    Shoe shopping on a budget can be an adventure into much ubiquitous window shopping. Once you have had an epiphany with not being free, until you get to the point where you have nothing to prove & aren't trying to impress anybody; shoe shopping for styles can best reflect your personality & not fashionable whims of increasingly high-priced shoe designers!

    Like lemmings, most of us are drawn into fashion statements dictated by those whom are apparently more interested in bottom line profits. As a twenty something fashionesta, i was drawn into styles that were flattering to my physical attributes (legs). Unfortunately, shoes became increasingly more expensive & becoming out of reach with my increasing salary over time! Heehee, my linear increasing salary was not keeping up with the geometric price increases with those designers selling styles i have grown to accept into my wardrobe such as Louboutin & Stuart Weitzman! Female executives drawing seven figure salaries may afford $4,000 Louboutin shoes; i not without painful sacrifices!

    Another factor in this equation, female executives that may afford such luxuries are usually established, older & becoming less interested in wearing uncomfortable sky-high stilettos (some, not all). Those matrons trapped like fashion lemmings that do buy into those lovely creations, usually have a long stay in closet space (because of ever increasing “non-social” demands for their time). So unless you are a seven figure Hollywood actress or a corporate mogul, shopping alternatives become more attractive.

    Shopping vintage can be a sensible alternative (provided you have the time meandering into shops). Internet vintage shopping can prove more advantageous, given a limited shopping demand for your time. Generally preferred alternative other than vintage research, involves shopping online through knock-off internet “shoe palaces”. One major disadvantage doing so can lead into “lead time lament”; unless you know your exact size, shipping shoes back & forth finding your exact size only works provided you have enough lead time.

    What shoes work in your wardrobe? A self-discovery epiphany is usually discovered by simple experimentation. Most twenty something’s are interested in attractive styles, or styles that captivate the opposite gender; slowly defining self-expression while evolving into your signature style. Heehee, that micro miniskirt that looked hot in your twenties, may appear ostentatious in your 40’s!

    Without being too narcissistic, i focus on legs, hair & a ballerina body type. Shoes have become my signature form of expression. Being a shy southern girl, i have noticed appearance has played a major role in conversation starting, positive first impressions & professional appearances that improve advancement.

    Starting with a basic classic high heel shoe, something to consider holding space in your closet for those occasions requiring that drop dead feminine appearances! Consider Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent Leather Point-Toe Pump:

    A classic design for over 60 years with the advent of a stiletto shoe invented by Roger Vivier in 1954. If perhaps you cannot afford the $700 price tag for one pair of So Kate, one could wait for a sale; but, run a risk of not finding So Kate in your size during said sale. Since the “set back” heel of So Kate is a signature in 2015, finding a vintage substitute may prove unsuccessful! Therefore, i would humbly suggest other internet options for that signature style. One such style could be: provided you can wait out several months of processing & mailing from China! Major advantages: spot on knock off, low $32 price tag! Major disadvantage, up to four months (or more) turnaround time obtaining a correct fitting!

    Another “China express” So Kate substitute could be Dance&Style’s similar style to So Kate: a little more expensive at over $55, at least the shoe is not entirely synthetic.

    If a turnaround of several months is not to your liking, other internet suggestions may prove more acceptable such as Madden Girl Ohnice: at ~$40 & available in other colors, Ohnice could foot the bill (Heehee, excuse pun).

    With slight deviation to style, another “set back” scalloped vamp stiletto may be considered (Shoespie Chic pointed toe stiletto): is something i could wear gracefully, even with a price tag of over $90! Shoespie Chic is not an exact knock-off for So Kate; but, something to consider for more support with vamp scalloping better holding the foot. Something to consider if you are not used to wearing such a high heel!

    So Kate has become so mainstream, Baker’s shoes has a variation (Talented) that may prove acceptable: available in many color’s & textures, a price tag of $89.95 may be appealing. Heehee, Baker’s shoes have finally come to a conclusion that business women do wear very high heels too! Especially talented women!

    Finally, my suggestion based on empirical practical experimentation is Aldo’s Stessy: since purchasing 7½M Stessy in all colors, i have determined they are not only more comfortable than So Kate, they generally run true to size! Stessy is a little more streamlined than So Kate; but still possess a very narrow (ice pick) “set back” stiletto. Although Stessy is completely synthetic with a price tag of $90, Stessy is available in five attractive patent colors! What is that old shoe-buying axiom? If the shoe fits, buy them in all the colors! Zackly what i did!

  • roll the dice posted a photo:

    St Pancras`Civvies Location`1992-2017

    As Jason Isaacs And Eddie O'Connell Dart Accross From Red Lion Passage....This Is The Best Location I Could Get!...You Can Just About See The Old German Gymnasium `Grade 2 Listed`1864...And Now Is A Restaurant...Part Of Stanly Buildings Also Still Stands....So Many Changes Round Here...Some Viewpoints Now Not Even Possible From Other Old Snaps/Frames From Round Here...

  • Nilbog Bricks posted a photo:

    Custom Swords of Sanghelios

  • Nilbog Bricks posted a photo:

    Custom Swords of Sanghelios

  • Nilbog Bricks posted a photo:

    Custom Swords of Sanghelios

  • Nilbog Bricks posted a photo:

    Custom Swords of Sanghelios

  • Nilbog Bricks posted a photo:

    Custom Swords of Sanghelios