Commuter Rail

Commuter rail

  • Public transport - Public transport is a shared passenger-transport service which is available for use by the general public, as distinct from modes such as taxicab, carpooling, hired buses, ride-sharing, and transportation network companies, which are not shared by the general public without private arrangement.
  • Commuting - Commuting is periodically recurring travel between one's place of residence and place of work, or study, and in doing so exceed the boundary of their residential community. It sometimes refers to any regular or often repeated traveling between locations, even when not work-related.
  • Cercanías, the commuter rail systems of Spain's major metropolitan areas.
  • Commuter rail in the United Kingdom - Urban rail, commuter rail, regional rail, or suburban rail plays a key role in public transport in many of the United Kingdom's major cities. Urban rail is defined as a rail service between a central business district and suburbs or other locations that draw large numbers of people on a daily basis.
  • Commuter rail in North America - Commuter rail services in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama provide common carrier passenger transportation along railway tracks, with scheduled service on fixed routes on a non-reservation basis, primarily for short-distance travel between a central business...
  • Commuter rail in Australia - Commuter rail forms a vital part of public transportation in major Australian cities. The largest, most extensive system is found in Melbourne, while the system with the highest and most dense patronage is found in Sydney.
  • Regional rail systems

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  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Fresh Powder on the Peckman Trestle

    A westbound Hoboken to Dover local crosses the Peckman River Bridge in Cedar Grove on NJ Transit's Montclair-Boonton Line after a morning winter storm blanketed the area with snow.

    NJT 1001 @ Peckman River Bridge, Cedar Grove, NJ
    NJTR GP40PH-2B 4216

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    A White Winter's Evening

    A westbound New York to High Bridge local crosses the North Branch of the Raritan River at North Branch, NJ on NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line after a morning winter storm blanketed the area with snow.

    NJT 5179 @ Raritan River Bridge, North Branch, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4509

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Polhemus Dual-Mode

    The engineer of a weekend westbound Raritan Valley Line train begins to sound the horn “two longs, a short, and a long” as it approaches the Polhemus Lane crossing in Bridgewater. This crossing sequence is rule 19b under NORAC operating rules.

    NJT 5523 @ Polhemus Lane, Bridgewater, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4504

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Bridgewater Approach

    A weekend westbound to Raritan slows for a stop as it approaches Bridgewater station.

    NJT 5521 @ Bridgewater Station, Bridgewater, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4524

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    The Weekend Commute

    A westbound Newark to Raritan local crosses the Middle Brook about 45 minutes behind schedule.

    NJT 5519 @ Middle Brook Bridge, Bridgewater, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4505

  • Erik C. Lindgren posted a photo:

    Transportation by Definition

  • milantram posted a photo:

    LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD--513 arr Jamaica OB

    EMD DM30AC leading outboud train at Jamaica. Sorry, don't know which line this train would be going to. View from the cross-passage leading to JFK AirTrain. Scan from a slide. Sept. 30, 2017. © 2017 Peter Ehrlich

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Fog on the North Branch

    Unseasonably warm temperatures and about 3 inches of rain in northern New Jersey the day of this photo led to dense fog and caused icy rivers to thaw. Waters of the Raritan River are flowing fast with ice and debris crashing into the base of the CNJ built stone arch bridge on NJ Transit’s Raritan Valley Line.

    NJT 5179 @ Raritan River Bridge, North Branch, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4509

  • milantram posted a photo:

    SMART--114 at Rohnert Park OB

    SMART's DMU trains had only begun service three weeks earlier. HDR "Painterly", originally scanned from a slide. image. Sept. 11, 2017. © 2018 Peter Ehrlich

  • CrispyBassist posted a photo:

    New Haven Hudson

    Metro-North 230 shoves an inbound Hudson Line train towards Marble Hill station. THe locomotive is wearing a paint scheme reminiscent of the New Haven Railroad, one of three predecessors to the transit agency. This line, however belonged to one of the other two: the New York Central Railroad.

  • CrispyBassist posted a photo:


    An Amtrak Empire Service train charges through Riverdale Station on the Hudson Line.

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    The Frozen Hogback

    A westbound train to Gladstone crosses the “new” Hogback Bridge. The Hogback Bridge is a through truss bridge located on NJ Transit's Gladstone Line over the North Branch of the Raritan River at Far Hills, NJ. Back in February of 2004, the new bridge was staged right next to the old one and was sitting on a ball bearing mechanism to simply slide the new bridge into place. While the project preparation took a few years, the bridge was physically cut out and replaced by iron workers overnight. Weeks of below freezing temperatures have caused the North Branch of the Raritan River to freeze over.

    NJT 419 @ Hogback Bridge, Far Hills, NJ
    NJTR Arrow III MU 1380

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    River Fog

    A thin layer of fog hovers over the frozen parts of the Delaware River as temperatures in New Jersey begin to rise for a short period of time. An NJ Transit local is seen crossing the famous stone arch bridge built by the PRR back in 1903. The train has just left NJ Transit's Morrisville Yard and is heading for the Trenton Transit Center where it will then take commuters to New York Penn Station.

    An ALP-45DP locomotive is being utilized as a cab car at the other end of the consist.

    NJT 3832 @ Trenton, NJ
    NJTR ALP-46A 4656

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Snow on the North Branch

    A layer of snow coats the ice of the frozen North Branch of the Raritan River as a westbound train to High Bridge crosses the CNJ built stone arch bridge on NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line.

    NJT 5175 @ Raritan River Bridge, North Branch, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4505

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Alstom in the Snow

    Westbound train 877 departs Morris Plains during a light snowfall with a full set of Alstom equipment.

    NJT 877 @ Morris Plains, NJ
    NJTR PL42AC 4015

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    A Rumble Through the Snow

    The cab car crisis continues on NJ Transit as GP40PH-2B 4204 leading train 660 slows for a stop at Morris Plains during a light snowfall.

    NJT 660 @ Morris Plains, NJ
    NJTR GP40PH-2B 4204

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    The Class ALP Through Convent

    NJ Transit's class unit ALP-45DP leads a train of single-level Comet commuter cars through Convent Station, NJ.

    NJT 6640 @ Convent Station, NJ
    NJTR ALP-45DP 4500

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    A Winter’s Morning on the Frozen Bayshore

    The early morning sun casts its first rays of light over Raritan Bay as an eastbound local to New York makes its way over NJ Transit's Raritan River Drawbridge. The frozen shores of Raritan Bay are results of the below freezing temperatures in New Jersey during the past few weeks.

    NJT 7212 @ River Drawbridge, Perth Amboy, NJ
    NJTR ALP-46 4623

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Morris Commuters

    An eastbound local to New York arrives Morris Plains on NJ Transit's Morristown Line.

    NJT 6926 @ Morris Plains, NJ
    NJTR ALP-46A 4637

  • Adrian Corus posted a photo:

    Arctic Ice

    Record low temperatures in the state of New Jersey have caused the waters of Raritan Bay to freeze over. These arctic temperatures did not stop NJ Transit trains from running the rails of New Jersey as a westbound North Jersey Coast Line train is seen crossing the Raritan River Drawbridge over the sheet of ice that is the south shore of Raritan Bay on a brisk January evening.

    NJT 3509 @ River Drawbridge, South Amboy, NJ
    NJTR ALP-46A 4646