• The Closer The Closer An American television police procedural, starring Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Leigh Johnson, a...
  • Closer (Joy Division album) Closer (Joy Division album)The second and final studio album by English rock band Joy Division.
  • Closer (2004 film)A 2004 U.S. melodrama film written by Patrick Marber, based on his award-winning 1997 play of the...

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  • rondoudou87 posted a photo:



  • kzzzkc posted a photo:


    This Boston Red Sox lobster throws fire to a Yankee batter.

  • kzzzkc posted a photo:


    Craig Kimbrel does his impression of a lobster at Fenway Park, Boston.

  • salsol - Sham'C ♈ posted a photo:

    I never have taken a picture I've intended, they're always better or worse. ◔◔ღ #dublin

    Andra & Mara - Sweet Dreams (Radio Killer Remix).

  • Tanja-Milfoil posted a photo:

    Cat Eyes

  • Can Tunçer posted a photo:

    A Closer Look at a Super-Macro Project: Peacock Feather

    Thank you very much to Fstoppers for supporting the project which i work very hard.

  • J.M.J. Photography posted a photo:


    One of my favorites, Shot with the 5DS 85mm 1.2II

  • Tanja-Milfoil posted a photo:

    Sempervivum - Hauswurz

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    “americas got talent” 2017 winner prediction: closer to the prize now! advertisement

    Best Mattress under $200: Best mattress under $300: Best Mattress Under $500: Best mattress under $1000: “americas got talent” 2017 winner prediction: closer to the prize now! advertisement ----------Read more -------------- Photo Fernando Leon Stringer Getty Images Advertisement America’s Got Talent has always been a very entertaining show, and this season, the talent came in boatloads This year, we saw the game change w...

  • adr1682305408 posted a photo:

    Raven & adam are closer than ever after 'bachelor in paradise'

    Best Mattress under $200: Best mattress under $300: Best Mattress Under $500: Best mattress under $1000: Raven & adam are closer than ever after 'bachelor in paradise' ----------Read more -------------- With so much talk about Derek and Taylors relationship this season, some fans may have forgotten about the other couple who have managed to last the entire season with just a hiccup or two along the way. And now theyve confirmed that theyre still together, will Raven and Adam get married after Bachelor in Paradise? According to him, its a very real possibility. Throughout the season, there were a few contestants who kind of got in the way of Raven and Adam, like Robby and then Sarah, but clearly...

  • Pirata Larios posted a photo:

    Espejo del alma

  • Christian Chene Tahiti posted a photo:

    141031 Plumeria de charme, Pirae, Tahiti

    J'ai toujours plaisir à visiter le jardin caché de JPQ, situé sur les hauteurs de Pirae, surtout lorsque ses plants de Tipanier sont en période de floraison. C'est alors un plaisir pour les yeux avec les belles couleurs que leurs fleurs proposent. Les narines prennent un coup avec le doux parfum discret et sucré qu’elles diffusent.

  • tim_gagliano01 posted a photo:

    Come Closer--H.A.M

    (Photographer Collaboration)

    Song: Nine Inch Nails - Closer Remix


  • Christian Chene Tahiti posted a photo:

    170827 Orchidée Dendrobium Aphyllum, Pirae, Tahiti

    Dans le jardin de JPQ, bien accrochés sur le tronc d'un pied de Pua, ses pieds d’orchidées de la famille Dendrobium Aphyllum ont donné beaucoup de petites fleurs et il est bien content de me les présenter. Celle-ci de couleur rose mauve pastel et au cœur violet est magnifique.

  • marinarodriguezibarra posted a photo:

    Encuentro Cercano

    Momento increible..!!!

  • rondoudou87 posted a photo:

    Macro Mondays Rust

    The theme for September 11th is Rust

    une boîte de conserve et un mini escargot , taille de la photo environ 4cm / 2.6cm

  • Fuyuhiko posted a photo:

    Closer shot of ramen topped with sliced char siu and leak from Minmin @ Nishi Hachioji

    about 900 yen Overall 7.5/10


  • Christian Chene Tahiti posted a photo:

    140411 Collier de coquillages, Paea, Tahiti

    Ce collier de coquillages fait partie de ma collection personnelle de colliers datant des années 70. Un vrai trésor que je conserve minutieusement car on aurait du mal à en trouver dans le commerce à notre époque. Du travail minutieux et bien fait.

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    USA National Parks 17

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    Ansgar Artwork - Photography Project.2017 - Closer &