• Choice Choice involves decision making. It can include judging the merits of multiple s and ing one...
  • Axiom of choice Axiom of choiceAn axiom of set theory equivalent to the statement that the Cartesian product of a collection of...
  • Choice Hotels Choice HotelsChoice Hotels International, Inc. is an American hospitality holding corporation based in...

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  • highlandreiver posted a photo:

    PO15KTK  The Travellers Choice, Carnforth

    M6, Wreay

  • highlandreiver posted a photo:

    4FXS  The Travellers Choice, Carnforth

    M6, Wreay

  • highlandreiver posted a photo:

    4122YG  The Travellers Choice, Carnforth

    M6, Wreay

  • HotDuckZ posted a photo:

    Shoes Retail  For Sale Store Market Market Stall Choice Indoors  Seafood Food And Drink Consumerism No People Fish Market Large Group Of Objects Food Healthy Eating Freshness Close-up Day

  • danmanderfield1 posted a photo:


    In the colourful streets of Kalkan, Turkey

  • trainings24x7 posted a photo:

    PMP Certification Training

    Join Our Upcoming Batch For #PMP #Certification #Training:

  • Petra U. posted a photo:

    " The Choice of 16 Steps "

  • lreis_naturalist posted a photo:

    honey mushrooms (Armillaria mellea) in Winneshiek Co. IA  854A4522

    A few days ago I posted a photo of aborted entoloma mushrooms, and said they got that way after being attacked by honey mushrooms. Well, here are those bully honey mushrooms! I like them best at this button cap stage since they still stay nice and firm when cooked. This is also the perfect time to pick them for pickling, an art that is still common in the "Old Country" but not so much in America.

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Aeromania 2017 on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    天路 on Ratno Wistu's Flickr


  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Paradise beach wedding portrait on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

    This was taken at a wedding on the main island in Seychelles, Mahe. It was rainy with a cyclone in the region. The winds were very strong and the tide so high, we could not shoot on the paradise beaches, but improvised.

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Starry Night Bromo on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Staring down Fall on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

  • rimanurmala posted a photo:


    Bestseller warranty, red and gold label

  • Photosightfaces posted a photo:

    The Decision

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Hang out with Monet No.2 on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

    Shoot in home yard

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    The black and white suit on Ratno Wistu's Flickr


  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Two Brothers, Coney Island on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

    New York, 2017

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    老来乐 on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

  • Wistu posted a photo:

    Thunder in Venezia on Ratno Wistu's Flickr

    Amazing thunder in Venezia. No photoshop, Lightroom only.