• Brazil BrazilThe largest country in both South America and Latin America.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana Baton Rouge, LouisianaThe capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana and its second-largest city.
  • Bromine BromineA chemical element with symbol Br and atomic number 35.

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  • jbp274 posted a photo:

    Star Alliance (EVA Air) Boeing 777-300ER B-16715

    When I first photographed EVA Air, they still sometimes flew passenger 747-400s to LAX. The same day I took this, they retired their last one, with EVA's widebody passenger fleet now composed entirely of the 777 and A330.

  • guto83 posted a photo:

    Casamento Jessica

  • Gustavo Aguiar posted a photo:

    Pole Dance


  • cmc_1987 posted a photo:

    66056 6O42 Acton Bridge

    Still retaining full EWS livery, DB Cargo 'Shed' 66056 eases through Acton Bridge with the 6O42 Halewood Jaguar to Southampton Docks loaded auto. The locomotive features an additional headlight (in addition to other modifications) on the front for Lickey Banker duties.

  • Don Gatehouse posted a photo:

    By-Pass Construction

    Work was underway to construct the Penmaenmawr By-Pass as part of the A55 North Wales Expressway Project when this view of Class 47/4 47463 was recorded. The train was the 1D34 07:40 Manchester Victoria to Bangor.

    All images on this site are exclusive property and may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, transmitted, manipulated or used in any way without expressed written permission of the photographer. All rights reserved – Copyright Don Gatehouse

  • S. Owens88 posted a photo:

    44 KN 37075

    UK: Norfolk, King's Lynn, Class 37 diesel loco, 37075, in the rain, in the late 70's.

    © S. Owens
    All Rights Reserved

  • Faversham 2009 posted a photo:

    Rail Europ Senior Citizen Railcard issued at Bradford Interchange, 1984


  • Faversham 2009 posted a photo:

    Rail Europ Senior Citizen Railcard issued at Bradford Interchange, 1984 (back cover)


  • posted a photo:

    Düsseldorf-Hammer Eisenbahnbrücke

    Düsseldorf · 02.08.2017

  • Klaus Z. posted a photo:

    145 042 mit Autozug in Herbrum

    Am 26.04.2017 befindet sich 145 042 der DB mit einem vollen Autozug bei Herbrum auf Südkurs

  • Klaus Z. posted a photo:

    225 071 mit Autoleerzug in Bremen

    Am 2.Juni 2017 ist 225 071 mit einem leeren auttransportzug im Bremer Hauptbahnhof vor einem roten Signal zum Stehen gekommen.

  • Calum Hepplewhite posted a photo:

    60103 - Didcot - 28th August 2017

    The early morning sun lights up 60103 "Flying Scotsman" as it stands on Didcot shed. Taken on a morning shoot by Timeline Events.

  • British Rail 1980s and 1990s posted a photo:

    33207 33025 1Z21 Skipton

    33207 + 33025 approaching Skipton on 'The Scarborough Spa Express' 1Z21 08:18 Carnforth - Scarborough on 07/09/17.

  • gicol posted a photo:

    a form that accomodates the mess

    To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.
    [Samuel Beckett]

  • John Hague posted a photo:

    British Rail Reflections

  • 37190 "Dalzell" posted a photo:

    GB Railfreight Class 66/7, 66779 "Evening Star"

    Getting perhaps less attention than its GM built successor, Colas Rail Freight orange, yellow and black liveried Class 56, No, 56049 shares a siding with GB Railfreight owned British Railways Green liveried Class 66/7, No. 66779 "Evening Star" at the Od Oak Common depot open day, on the 2nd September 2017.

  • 37190 "Dalzell" posted a photo:

    GB Railfreight Class 66/7, 66779 "Evening Star"

    Last built of the General Motors locomotives for the British rail market, GB Railfreight Class 66/7, No. 66779 "Evening Star" was an unsurprising guest locomotive at the Old Oak Common 'Legends of the Great Western Railway' open day, on the 2nd September 2017.
    Perhaps not positioned in the best of places, but then the loco doesn't actually have any ties with the depot. Other locos certainly did have more of a link to the depot, and therefore better positions on the depot.

  • Lion de Belfort posted a photo:

    Du rouge

  • Enilton Kirchhof posted a photo:

    Ipê branco - Brasília-DF

  • Natty France posted a photo:

    Nissan 370Z Nismo

    Balneário Camboriú/SC.