Boxers From Oregon

Boxers from Oregon

  • Denny Moyer
    Denny Moyer was an American boxer who held the world light middleweight title between 1962 and 1963. He finished his career with a 97–38–4 record.
  • Derrell Dixon
    Derrell Dixon was a US American Heavyweight boxer.
  • Don Owen (wrestling) Don Owen (wrestling)
    Don Owen was an American professional wrestling promoter. For several decades, he owned and operated the highly successful Pacific Northwest Wrestling under his parent company, Don Owen Sports, which was based out of Portland, Oregon.
  • Mike Wilson (boxer)
    Mike Wilson is a US-American pro boxer. He is a former two-time amateur super heavyweight champion. He is 6-3 tall, weighs 210 pounds.
  • Oscar Gardner
    Oscar Gardner was a famous American fighter and boxer known as "the Omaha Kid". He was known for his solid blows and it was noted that Gardner killed a man in the ring. "The Omaha Kid" was a top contender for the Featherweight Championship of the World and the Featherweight Champion of America.
  • Ray Lampkin
    Ray Lampkin, Jr. is a retired professional boxer who lost the 1975 World Boxing Association lightweight title fight against Roberto Durán in Panama. He won the North American Boxing Federation lightweight title fight but later lost it against Esteban de Jesús at the Felt Forum in New York City.
  • Steve Forbes (boxer)
    Stephen Felipe "Stevie" Forbes is an American professional boxer. He is a former IBF and USBA super featherweight champion. Forbes' nickname of "2 Pounds" was in recognition of the fact that he was born weighing only 2 pounds.
  • Thad Spencer
    Thad Spencer was an American heavyweight boxer.
  • Tom Moyer
    Thomas P. Moyer was an American movie theater chain magnate, real estate developer, and philanthropist from the U.S. state of Oregon.
  • Tonya Harding Tonya Harding
    Tonya Maxene Harding is a former American figure skater. She is the 1991 U.S. champion and 1991 World Championship silver medallist. Harding was also a two-time Olympian and a two-time Skate America Champion.

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