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  • Forbes
    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 12 Review - The End In The End (Series Finale)
    If I were the one who got to decide how to end a 12-season run of this TV show, I would certainly do things differently. I like the idea of going out on a "big bad," but with a compressed final season, there wasn't enough time to flesh out that ...
    Published on: Wed, 29 Mar 03:32:00 1 14

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    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 8 Review - The Grief And The Girl
    A body found on a beach in Newfoundland turns out to have a U.S. passport. The body is shipped to the Jeffersonian where Brennan, still grieving her father's death, goes back to work where Dr. Edison has been holding down the fort. ID is swift ...
    Published on: Wed, 22 Feb 04:47:47 3 64

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    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 11 Review -- The Day In The Life
    It's the penultimate episode of Bones, folks, and that means a great big bomb gets dropped! No, literally. The episode this week flashes back and forth within a 24-hour period, from Cam and Arastoo's wedding to the detonation of a bomb in the Jeffersonian.
    Published on: Wed, 22 Mar 04:41:28 5 63

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    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 7 Review - The Scare In The Score
    Emily Deschanel in the "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score" episode of Bones on FOX. (Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX). A woman running through the woods in a park stumbles over a dead body. Brennan and Booth get a call about it while Brennan is ...
    Published on: Wed, 15 Feb 06:00:58 44 618

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    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 4 Review: The Price For The Past
    Based on livor mortis, Saroyan estimates he has been dead for 10-12 hours. There is basically no blood left in the body. Brennan uses the mandibular rami to estimate he was male, but age-at-death is difficult: the wear on his teeth suggests he was in ...
    Published on: Wed, 25 Jan 06:28:05 14 173

  • Forbes
    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 10 Review - The Radioactive Panthers In The Party
    Of course, she did leave her job, voluntarily, for several months at the end of Season 10. But hey, academia is hard and involves long hours with low pay, so yeah, you really do have to love this job to stick with it. Aubrey took the lead on the case ...
    Published on: Wed, 15 Mar 04:17:00 25 259

  • Forbes
    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 2 Review: The Brain In The Bot
    A couple of bickering trainers at a dog show lose track of their animals, who run into the woods and start feeding on a corpse. There is evidence all over the place, as well as indications of multiple scavengers. Based on tissue decomp, Saroyan puts ...
    Published on: Wed, 11 Jan 04:50:17 38 766

  • Forbes
    'Bones' Season 12, Episode 1 Review: The Hope In The Horror
    And if you're a regular reader, you know the drill: I summarize and critique the forensics in each episode the way only a real anthropologist (and unapologetic Bones fan) can - with quite a bit of snark but also a deep appreciation for 12 years of a ...
    Published on: Wed, 04 Jan 05:12:53 3 36

  • WDRB
    BOZICH | Indiana changes quarterbacks, drops Virginia, 34-17
    He was considered one of the top backs in Ohio while playing high school ball in suburban Columbus before he suffered broken bones in his leg on two occasions. Ellison ran with power against Virginia, finishing with 47 yards on a dozen carries. Ramsey ...
    Published on: Sun, 10 Sep 00:02:00 45 888

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
    Back in the Barn: Lindsay Whalen returns with Lynx to old Gophers home
    Minneapolis Star Tribune
    Less than six weeks prior, Whalen, who had led the Gophers from nowhere to this big stage, rerouting an entire program along the way, had broken two bones in her right hand in a loss at Ohio State. The fear was her season — and her college career ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 23:50:26 50 687

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