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  • HarborIndiana posted a photo:

    1967 Ford Thunderbird Sedan with 1932  Dubonnet Xenia #1 proportions .

    Another quick cross country slop-chop by Tyler Linner and me.

    I noticed the c-pillar door cut on the first Dubonette Xenia was a close match to that of the 67 Thunderbird sedan's. My friend and One-of-The-Big -Three-designer and Modeler , Tyler Linner suggested we try to apply Xenia #1's proportions to the Bird.

    A flurry of e-mails and evolving jpegs ensued.

    The most striking feature is Tyler's nifty bobbed tail and wind-line.

    Lengthening the front --plus a wee bit of channeling and chopping produced this odd but compelling duck.

  • tomtotom1 posted a photo:

    bone spur

  • Northcoast Footcare posted a photo:


    Haglund's deformity is an enlargement of the bone on the back of the heel, also called a pump bump.

  • ieightitall posted a photo:

    MRI showing bone spur pressing on spinal cord.

    Does this picture look like an old tire tread?

  • petebeck posted a photo:

    Paco's Knee

    we adopted Paco knowing that he had a bum knee that would need repair. it's a genetic defect that's common in small dogs -- especially Chihuahuas. this morning we met the orthopedist that will do his surgery. Paco's now scheduled to go under the knife two weeks from today.

    i know he needs this done, as right now he can't run without picking that hind leg up and skipping along on three legs. and as this xray shows, he's already starting to develop bone spurs that will just get worse over time without surgery. but now that the date has been set i'm just feeling down.