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  • Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
    CORNELL CLOSE-UPS | Professor Shares Beauty of Math with Students Traumatized by Subject
    Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
    “In French class, they would be asking us to conjugate verbs, and I would be thinking about the angle bisectors.” Furthermore, his teacher, Mr. Johnson, who first posed the problem to his entire precalculus class, had admitted that he himself did not ...
    Published on: Thu, 30 Mar 03:47:23 1 44

  • EurekAlert (press release)
    New book on participatory approach to modern geometry caters to non-math majors
    EurekAlert (press release)
    This is then applied to studying "the world within a triangle" in which the meeting points of angle bisectors, altitudes, medians, and perpendicular bisectors meet at points associated with the triangle. Congruent triangles enter by giving the student ...
    Published on: Wed, 14 Jan 14:30:26 2 127

  • FiveThirtyEight
    How Long Will You Be Stuck Playing This Bar Game?
    Welcome to The Riddler. Every week, I offer up a problem related to the things we hold dear around here: math, logic and probability. These problems, puzzles and riddles come from lots of top-notch puzzle folks around the world — including you! You'll ...
    Published on: Fri, 15 Jul 12:00:17 41 913

  • urbanmilwaukee
    The Story of Washington Park
    Some of the Washington Park neighborhood residents have lived there for three, four or five decades. One says both of her grandfathers lived there since before Milwaukee became a city. Others, including renters, are newer residents. They are all oral ...
    Published on: Tue, 11 Oct 21:28:53 4 48

  • Exclaim!
    You Will Never Be One of Us
    exclamation of "In Pain," serve as creative bisectors and add to each track's uniqueness. Closer "They Come Crawling Back" embodies the aforementioned confidence, as the refrain assures that those who leave will come back on their hands and knees ...
    Published on: Wed, 15 Jun 16:07:03 1 10

  • Big Think (blog)
    Geometry homework: Is this cheating?
    Big Think (blog)
    Let's say that my daughter's taking Geometry and the homework assignment from her textbook asks her to prove that the three perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle are concurrent (i.e., they intersect in a single point). She tries. She's ...
    Published on: Fri, 06 May 14:44:44 3 29

  • PR Web (press release)
    Brilliantly Original New iOS App “Euclidea” from HORIS International Ltd. Makes Creating Euclidian Constructions Fun ...
    PR Web (press release)
    Here's how the app works: users must solve interesting challenges by building geometric constructions – such as angle bisectors, perpendiculars, parallel lines, inscribed figures, and so on -- with a straightedge and compass. Users who design the most ...
    Published on: Thu, 04 Jun 19:13:53 43 756

  • Times of India
    Spectacular meteor shower to light up skies this week: NASA
    Times of India
    Perpendicular bisectors are equal in a triangle. -------Ashim Dutta''s theorem.Ashim Dutta. At that speed, even a smidgen of dust makes a vivid streak of light when it collides with Earth's atmosphere. Peak temperatures can reach anywhere from 1,600 to ...
    Published on: Mon, 08 Aug 11:43:33 1 22
  • SWTOR 3.1 Conflict on Rishi – Full Patch Notes
    The Oceanic Gamer
    New Legacy Unlock – Improved Mounting! You can now summon any vehicle or creature mount while moving! Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: the Relics of the Gree Event is back and now ...
    Published on: Fri, 13 Feb 17:37:30 39 814

  • The University of Alabama Crimson White
    Tuscaloosa must improve road infrastructure to meet needs of increasing student population
    The University of Alabama Crimson White
    In a more long-term approach, attention must be given to rail crossings, particularly those on Hackberry Lane and 10th Avenue.. Alongside the university and railroad management, the City of Tuscaloosa should research the development of better crossing ...
    Published on: Thu, 31 Mar 15:41:53 3 37

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