Bisectors Medians And Altitudes

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  • EurekAlert (press release)
    New book on participatory approach to modern geometry caters to non-math majors
    EurekAlert (press release)
    This is then applied to studying "the world within a triangle" in which the meeting points of angle bisectors, altitudes, medians, and perpendicular bisectors meet at points associated with the triangle. Congruent triangles enter by giving the student ...
    Published on: Wed, 14 Jan 14:30:26 1 18

  • Times of India
    When Nana Patekar taught chemistry
    Times of India
    Some time ago, Shetty's students decided to return the favour when they infused the otherwise-colourless points of concurrence of things in a triangle — like median (MC), altitude (Ao), angle bisector (ABI), perpendicular bisector (PB) and ...
    Published on: Sun, 19 Mar 04:26:59 9 191

  • NASA/JPL Edu News (press release) (blog)
    Stomp Rockets
    NASA/JPL Edu News (press release) (blog)
    Work individually or in teams of two to construct and launch paper rockets using a teacher-built PVC-pipe launcher. Following the flight of their rocket, calculate the altitude their rocket achieved. Based on the flight performance of their rockets ...
    Published on: Sat, 24 Sep 05:15:00 31 319

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