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  • HuffPost
    'Shithole' Nations Aren't Born, They're Made
    Of the many blood-pressure raising moments in life under the Trump regime, the “shithole” debacle, in which the president reportedly denigrated immigrants from black and brown countries, has done the most to expose, in all its crass audacity, the ...
    Published on: Tue, 13 Feb 11:01:45 9 269

    Did Elon Musk Call Donald Trump a 'Dumbass'?
    Trump's alleged description of certain parts of the developing world as “shithole countries” has also brought into focus the contributions that immigrants make to American society, culture and in particular, scientific research and innovation. In ...
    Published on: Tue, 13 Feb 15:41:54 12 284

  • Breitbart News
    Blue State Blues: How Not to Become a 'Shithole Country'
    Breitbart News
    South Africa's biggest challenge remains violent crime, which the ANC government has lacked the political will to confront. It also has trouble controlling illegal immigration from other African countries — and sees occasional flare-ups of xenophobic ...
    Published on: Fri, 02 Feb 17:59:05 0 12

  • Slate Magazine
    Olympics Jerk Watch: The Vice President of the United States of America
    Slate Magazine
    He is also there for diplomatic purposes—a tough task, given that he is the representative of a president who recently deemed Haiti and several African nationsshithole countries.” How has that been going? Well, Pence reportedly arrived late to a ...
    Published on: Sat, 10 Feb 05:11:34 0 364

    Trump mulls pulling immigration agents from California
    "We have made our biggest impact, by arresting and incarcerating individuals who engage in violent crime and not the general deportation of the residents they victimize." Nicole Nishida, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County sheriff's department ...
    Published on: Thu, 22 Feb 22:46:21 40 577

  • Harvard Crimson
    My Favorite 'Shithole'
    Harvard Crimson
    But, the U.S.'s biggest headlines involving El Salvador are extremely narrow in scope. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited in July to meet with Salvadoran law enforcement officials about gang violence. It's the country to which politicians claim ...
    Published on: Fri, 02 Feb 05:28:48 26 627

  • WFLA
    Nigerian bobsledders balance their heritages
    PyeongChang, South Korea — Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, Akuoma Omeoga was raised on Nigerian food, language and culture. Next week, the 25-year-old will represent her parents' homeland in the Winter Games, hurtling down the bobsled track with ...
    Published on: Wed, 14 Feb 16:03:02 2 33

  • W*USA 9
    'New generation of Nigerians' make history in Olympic bobsled debut
    W*USA 9
    Omeoga and fellow brakeman Ngozi Owumere, along with driver Seun Adigun, are all Americans of Nigerian descent who will represent the African nation in its Winter Olympics debut. The country is one of eight African nations competing in South Korea as ...
    Published on: Fri, 16 Feb 15:42:00 0 20

  • Detroit Free Press
    Why 'Black Panther' will be the biggest pop culture moment of 2018
    Detroit Free Press
    The irony is obvious of glorious Wakanda arriving just weeks after Trump's reported comment on “shithole countries” (which was directed at Africa, Haiti and El Salvador), another news event that sparked debate on lingering racism in America. Detroit's ...
    Published on: Sun, 11 Feb 11:02:35 2 18

  • The Inquisitr
    Maxine Waters Preps Democrats For Impeachment, According To 'The Hill'
    The Inquisitr
    Maxine Waters first called for the president's impeachment after reports emerged that he called several nationsshithole countries.” According to The Hill, the congresswoman has been keeping the heat on the president over Russia and his “attempt to ...
    Published on: Sun, 25 Feb 07:05:00 3 135

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