• Beer Beer The world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink; it is the third most popular...
  • Beer–Lambert law An equation describing the absorption of light.
  • Beer, Devon Beer, DevonA village and civil parish in the East Devon district of Devon, England.

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  • Fox News
    Something called 'table beer' is becoming very popular
    Fox News
    Theoretically, any beer could be a “table beer.” From the sound of things, the qualifications are pretty straightforward. It has to be a beer. And you have to put it on a table. Table beer. Done. That was a great article. Glad you guys took the time to ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 10:02:59 5 74

  • Thrillist
    The 19 Types of Beer Snobs, Ranked by Obnoxiousness
    As craft beer has grown from a scrappy upstart confined to a few regions to a huge industry with a major presence in every state, beer snobbery has grown up along with it. However, not all forms of snobbery are created equal -- some are mildly amusing, ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 02:26:15 2 64

    Beer Baron: 'State of Craft Beer' a heavyweight peek into and beyond Wisconsin's breweries
    The photography, mainly, and loose narrative style tell the story of dozens of brewers and other brewery employees but also others touched by the Wisconsin craft beer industry: hop and barley growers, welders, artists, chemists, bartenders, dairy ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 14:01:45 27 614

  • VinePair
    The 10 Most Popular Beer Brands in the World
    Beer news may be dominated with the newest cool craft beer releases and rebel brewers sticking it to the man, but for the majority of the world, beer means macro beer. As such, a handful of brands owned by just a few parent companies make up the ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 11:01:00 4 208

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Mike Sullivan's secret weapons: golf, beer and cigars
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    After all, Sullivan is a firm believer that meetings are one thing, but sometimes your best conversations — and most honest — happen over a beer and a cigar. He wanted to take advantage of that and also let those guys working in Wheeling and Wilkes ...
    Published on: Sun, 10 Sep 15:48:05 1 27

    Beer calendar: Fat Head's hop festival, Oktoberfest at Hofbrauhaus, New Albion Ale cans, more
    2:30 p.m.: Stein-hoisting competition for men and women, $15, includes stein and beer. 6-8 p.m.: Music by Anthony Culkar. 6:30 p.m.: Oktoberfest costume contest. 7 p.m.: Stein-hoisting competition. Sibling Revelry is at 29305 Clemens Road, Westlake.
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 14:31:15 19 251

  • DeKalb Daily Chronicle
    Residents celebrate 3rd annual Volksfest Craft Beer and Wine Festival in Genoa
    DeKalb Daily Chronicle
    Brasseur was one of hundreds of folks who packed the tent at David Carroll Memorial Park to enjoy beer from local breweries, wine from Genoa's Prairie State Winery and food from local vendors. “I just saw a neighbor I hadn't seen in a year,” Brasseur said.
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 04:58:37 6 250

  • Kansas City Star (blog)
    Like whiskey? This new Boulevard Brewing Co. beer is for you
    Kansas City Star (blog)
    The brew is aged in fresh whiskey barrels from a variety of distillers, then blended two to one with fresh beer before it's bottled or kegged. Whiskey Barrel Stout might taste a bit like whiskey, but at 11.8 percent alcohol, it's not as strong as the ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 13:32:00 3 131

  • Rochester Business Journal
    Tap It Forward gives back to beer community
    Rochester Business Journal
    On a crisp September evening, a crowd of hundreds mingled around a litany of makeshift bars in the parking lot of the Genesee Brew House. The scent of hops, malt and poutine rose through the air as the lively folk styling of Genesee Rising echoed ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 13:56:05 11 297
  • Beer and Yoga Unite at O'so Brewing
    Stevens Point City Times News
    Events combining the ancient, meditative stretching-style exercise and cold suds have grown popular around the country since their emergence on social media in recent years. The O'so Brewing Company has played host to four beer and yoga events since ...
    Published on: Mon, 11 Sep 15:09:07 1 115

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  • abhishesh_01 posted a photo:

    Indica IPA ! Lightroom Edited

  • diemulus posted a photo:

    Brahma Chopp - (269 ml) - Beer -  Brazil - 2017

  • diemulus posted a photo:

    Amstel Lager Beer - Cerveja das Libertadores - Brazil - 2017

  • encoreunebière posted a photo:

    161 Ambrée de La Trop. Très bonne ambrée, déjà primée, brassée sur la côte d’Azur (Hyères) avec une combinaison de 3 malts (d’orge, de blé et d’avoine).

    via Tumblr

  • canadianlookin posted a photo:

    Cold drink on a hot day

  • Nobo Sprits posted a photo:


  • Casey Hugelfink posted a photo:

    is no ned ozapft

  • Paul Leader - Not Planes posted a photo:

    2006 Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter FN 14.0

    - M7 Motorway Northbound
    - Horsley Park NSW

  • Agustin Peña (raspakan32) Fotero posted a photo:


  • rowchester posted a photo:

    beer J W Lees Moonraker DSC02006

  • rowchester posted a photo:

    beer Moorhouse Pride of Pendle DSC02007

  • rowchester posted a photo:

    beer Greene King Abbot Ale DSC02003

  • Biff_Brown posted a photo:


    Now we have the Southville Hop (6.5%) from the Bristol Beer Factory. An Amercan inspired IPA, powerfully hopped with Cascade, Centenial and Simcoe hops, packing it with tropical fruit aromas and flavours. An attractive amber colour, this is a big strong beer to balance all those hops.

  • Biff_Brown posted a photo:


    Look what I found hidden in a cupboard! Brought back from my last trip to North Yorkshire, Two Chefs Honey Beer (4.0%), from the Great Yorkshire Brewery at Cropton. A lovely golden beer, brewed with Yorkshire Honey and (a pinch of) Lemon Thyme. Malts are Pale, Caramalt, Crystal 150 and Oatmalt, and hopped with First Gold, Challenger and Fuggles. Lovely golden colour, with the bitter/sweet taste of honey.

  • Biff_Brown posted a photo:


    It's Organic, it must be good for me! Made with organically grown Optic malted barley and 1st Golding hops, this is a superb, refreshing full-bodied bitter.

  • Biff_Brown posted a photo:


    Now, this IS a nice one! Cocoa Wonderland (6.8%) from the Thornbridge Brewery in the Peak District. A full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours. Brewed with six different malts which complement the decadent additions of real cocoa beans to the maturation process. Magnum hops used throughout the process complete the beer.

  • Biff_Brown posted a photo:


    Jakehead (6.3%) from the Wylam Brewey of Newcastle. A supercharged India Pale Ale. It is rich and bright with an amber, bronze colour. Huge amounts of hops bring about loads of big American hop aroma. It is distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

  • Biff_Brown posted a photo:


    This is one I bought when canoeing in Norfolk. Reedham Gold (3.6%), from the Humpty Dumpty Brewery in Reedham. A very pale and hoppy session ale with American Cascade and Summit hops. Very nice!

  • AmirsCamera posted a photo:

    the truth

    New York. April, 2017.

    Instagram: @amirscamera

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