• Bipolar Affective Disorder Bipolar Affective DisorderA mental disorder that causes periods of depression and periods of elevated mood.
  • Bad (album) Bad (album)The seventh studio album by American singer and songwriter Michael Jackson, released on August 31...
  • Bad (Michael Jackson song) "Bad" (Michael Jackson song)A song by an American artist Michael Jackson.
  • evil evilThe absence or opposite of that which is described as being good.
  • erroneous erroneousAn action which is inaccurate or incorrect.

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  • The Atlantic
    The Bad Science Behind Campus Response to Sexual Assault
    The Atlantic
    The Bad Science Behind Campus Response to Sexual Assault. Assertions about how trauma physiologically impedes the ability to resist or coherently remember assault have greatly undermined defense against assault allegations. But science offers little ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 14:30:59 0 58

    Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great. Too Bad They'll Never ...
    Opinion: The power of platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter has prompted a call for decentralized social networks. Good luck with that.
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 15:02:09 0 12

  • Hollywood Reporter
    Lady Gaga performs haunting version of 'Bad Romance' at documentary premiere (blog)
    The singer-songwriter took the stage Friday evening at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, belting a stripped, piano-driven version of her 2009 hit “Bad Romance” before the world premiere of the film, directed by Chris Moukarbel, made a solid ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 02:46:38 1 33

  • New York Magazine
    How Bad Could Irma Be for Miami?
    New York Magazine
    Hurricane Irma is coming and it's going to be a beast. That much we know. But there's still plenty about the massive storm that is unclear, including its path, when it will make landfill and how the areas likely to be hardest hit will respond. Right ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 17:54:56 10 113

  • Popular Science
    Your social security number probably got leaked and that's very, very bad
    Popular Science
    What can you do to prevent this from going bad? As penance for its screw-up, Equifax is offering a year of credit monitoring and fraud alerts, which is something you should really be doing already anyway, and it shouldn't stop after just a year. The ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 23:11:37 0 10

  • Forbes
    Amazon's Dual Headquarters Is Bad News For Investors
    I am not an investor in Amazon shares and after learning about its plans for dual headquarters, it made me feel bad for those who are. That's because operating out of two headquarters locations is bound to create confusion when it comes to making ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 12:51:15 1 10

  • New York Times
    Dreamers, Liars and Bad Economics
    New York Times
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions justified the administration's decision for ending the DACA program in part by making economic claims. Credit Tom Brenner/The New York Times. Does it matter that Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, tried to justify ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 07:25:13 6 166
  • Game Journalists Defend Being Bad At Games
    The Daily Caller
    It's not too much to ask for a professional to be competent at his or her job. Game journalists, for example, are expected to be familiar with the medium and have a modicum of skill in playing them. Just as sports journalists don't have to be ...
    Published on: Sat, 09 Sep 03:13:00 5 119

    Kristen Bell talks 'Bad Moms 2' and what she tells her kids about Santa
    If you've watched the trailers for "A Bad Moms Christmas," you know that Kristen Bell and her co-stars, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn, let loose for the holiday season. Really loose. They drink, they cuss, and they do all sorts of other things that are ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 13:28:11 0 10

  • The Guardian
    John le Carré on Trump: 'Something seriously bad is happening ...
    The Guardian
    Author draws parallels between Donald Trump and rise of 1930s fascism, in rare public appearance at Royal Festival Hall.
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 22:31:52 42 421

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