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    Chilean Seabass, Mushroom-Bacon Ragout, Truffle Yuzu Butter Sauce

    Dinner @ "VENUE By Sebastian".

    One of the signature dish of the spot.
    The fish was prepared perfectly - juicy, tender and moist....I can certainly taste the sweetness of the ocean BUT I can hardly smell the fish, as the truffle drowned out everything.

    As a sauce, the truffle-yuzu butter sauce was rich, savoury, tangy and moreish with lovely bits of bacon and mushroom and it actually lends much needed richness to compliment the gentle taste of the fish....but pity about the truffle aroma overwhelming the actual star.

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    Baked bacon with a bit of augmentation. All purpose snack, or whatever.

    Basting liquid = brown sugar, black pepper, maple syrup, splash of vinegar.

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    Sure do hope my eyebrow grows back before my preacher substitution class. shh! I aint kiddin. Looky here you lil sumbitch.... . . #texasbutter #grilled #shrimp #diablo #shrimpedasparagus #boudin #cottonmouth #713atme #pasadenatx #freshcrackedfreshpacked #

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    Petit déjeuner - 19 août 2017

    Mulhouse - France

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    Chris P Bacon

    There he is the flesh...yum! Because some people love their food porn...LOL
    ©Christine A. Evans 9.6.17
    I really appreciate your comments and faves. I'm not a hoarder of contacts, but enjoy real-life, honest people. You are much more likely to get my comments and faves in return if you fit the latter description. Just sayin. :oD
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    Originally published via Twitter on September 2nd, 2017.

    Kick off #BaconDay with our recipe for a bagel sandwich, featuring eggs, pesto and bacon!

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    Initialement publié via Twitter le 2 septembre 2017.

    Commencez la #journéedubacon avec notre recette de sandwich bagel aux oeufs et au pesto avec bacon!

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    Tied off a plate under my chin to prevent new shirt ruin. Works great until you ROTFLMAO me. hahahahaha!, crap...😒 . . #texasbutter #grilled #fajita #tacos #dawgsbark #sowflakes #texasbbq #madeintexas #713atme #pasadenatx #freshcrackedfreshpacked

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    Bacon Egg and Cheese

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    Stacey Clark, Cathedral Room, Blue Spring Cave, White County, Tennessee 1

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    diary of a goth176

    drc doing another video diary

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    Breakfast at the Mallyan Spout Hotel

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    diary of a goth175

    drc doing another video diary

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    Cauliflower soup with bacon.

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    Zucchini, bacon and cheese clafoutis / Clafoutis de abobrinha, queijo e bacon

    Recipe on my blog
    Receita em português aqui

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    International Bacon Day is Coming! Let’s Get Ready!

    Learn2Serve Blog by Michelle Roebuck via @Learn2Serve

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    Vegan Pierogies

    Vegan pierogies I got from Earth's General Store in Edmonton, Alberta!

    Why veganism:

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    Sausages, Pierogies, Cucumbers, and Mac & Cheese (Vegan)

    Our Easter dinner last spring!
    Field Roast apple sage sausages, cucumber slices, potato & cheese pierogies, coconut bacon & potato pierogies, and macaroni & cheese! All vegan and delicious!

    Why veganism:

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    Swiney's hiney on gluten's buns. Then on down to my Kardashion... amirite? . . #texasbutter #porkporn #smoked #slaw #iamopeningacoffeeshop #stat #rust #sowflakes #texasbbq #madeintexas #713atme #pasadenatx #freshcrackedfreshpacked #stalewenot

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