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  • Stephen B. Whatley posted a photo:

    Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. 2018 by Stephen B. Whatley

    Complete in time for Valentine's Day, a portrait tribute to the Anglo-American love story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. by expressionist painter Stephen B. Whatley.

    Impressed and touched by the warmth and compassion the couple are revealing, the artist poignantly shares the same tragic history that the Prince suffered ; in that he too lost his beloved mother in a car accident as a teenager. He also has a great affection for the USA and the open spirit that former TV actress Meghan Markle is surely to bring to The Royal Family.

    So the painting is a celebration of Prince Harry having found happiness with Meghan Markle, twenty years after the tragic loss of Diana Princess of Wales.

    The Royal theme has played a major part in two high profile commissions of Stephen B. Whatley's work. In 1999 The Royal Collection commissioned to paint two views of Buckingham Palace - an exterior and interior, both painted on location at the Palace - which were reproduced on London Underground posters in 1999 and 2000.

    Then in 2000 he was commissioned to paint a series of 30 paintings for the Tower of London - all of which are permanently reproduced outside Tower Hill Station, throughout Tower Hill Underpass, as a permanent vibrant art exhibit welcoming visitors to the Tower of London.

    In 2004 Stephen B. Whatley was presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at a reception at the Tower of London, in recognition of his work.

    Happy Valentine's Day 2018

    Oil on canvas
    40 x 30in/102 x 76cm

  • AMOR A LOS RIELES | posted a photo:

    D-3301 + D-3303 | TORTOLAS

    Angloamerican de Fepasa pasando por el sector de las Chircas

  • Rodrigo yañez posted a photo:

    Por los campos Quillotanos

    Tren minero de Angloamerican cruzando por el borde de la ciudad de Quillota.

    Quillota ,Chile.
    Dic 2017

  • Rodrigo yañez posted a photo:

    Servicio nuevo.

    Tras años de problemas y atrasos el Transporte de mineral Las tortolas - Ventanas es una realidad , Con una planta en el sector de "Las blancas" en La Cumbre (KM74 FC A VALPARAISO) Este tren a comenzado su operación a diario llevando cobre concetrado hacia el puerto industrial de Ventanas.
    Dúo de locomotoras 3300 junto al nuevo tren pasando por la Estación de Colmo.

    Colmo , Puchuncaví - Chile.
    16 - DIC -2017

  • Rodrigo yañez posted a photo:

    El nuevo andino II

    El mismo servicio , ( Los andes - Ventanas) , con los nuevos contenedores ( CDA) con su particular color verde que se mimetizan junto al verde de la zona que bordea al Río Aconcagua por el sector de Colmo.

    Colmo , Puchuncaví - Chile.
    16 - DIC -2017

  • robertknight16 posted a photo:

    649 Gordon Keeble GK1 1T (1965)

    Gordon Keeble GK1/1T (1964-66) Engine 5395cc V8 OHV Production 99 (+ 1)
    Registration Number 37 TU (cherished number, now transferred to a Ferrari, originally allocated for Chester)
    GORDON KEEBLE SET[email protected]/sets/72157627063631758...
    The company John Gordon, formerly of Peerless and Jim Keeble who came together in 1959 to produce the Buuick powered Gordon GT. The car still in development was later fitted with a Chevrolet 283 V8 into a spaceframe chasis with independent front suspension and all-round disc brakes. The complete chassis was then taken to Turin, Italy, where a body made of aluminium panels designed by Giugiaro was built by Bertone.
    The car appeared on the Bertone stand in March 1960, branded simply as a Gordon, at the Geneva Motor Show., after road testing the car was shipped to Detroit were the Chevrolet management agreed to supply engines and components for a production run.
    The production ready car was altered with a glass fibre body made by Williams & Pritchard Limited. replacing the aluminium of the prototype and a larger Chevrolet 327 Ci V8 (5398cc) engine
    The luxury Grand Tourer sold for a then astronomic £2798
    Problems with suppliers occurred and before many cars were made the money ran out and the company went into liquidation after only about 90 cars had been built, the company was purchased by Harold Smith and Geoffrey West and was re-registered as Keeble Cars Ltd. with production resuming in 1966 but halted after only a few car were built, with a combine total of 99 cars constructed, a final car was produced in 1967 from factory spares.
    An attempt was made to restart production in 1968 when the rights to the car were bought by an American, John de Bruyne, but this came to nothing, although two cars badged as De Bruynes were shown at that year's New York Motor Show along with a new mid-engined coupé

    Many thanks for a fantabulous 31,488,300 views

    Shot 16.11.2014 at The National Exhibition Centre, Classic and Sportscar Show Ref 103-649.

  • Paul Saad posted a photo:

    Anglo American, Johannesburg

    My interview on CVISUALI Blog

    All Photos Are Copyright To Paul Saad, Unauthorised Use Is Not Allowed Without Prior Permission. © All rights reserved ©

    Paul Saad's Photostream

  • Fred: posted a photo:

    Illuminati Old Montreal

    Édifice McDougall & Cowans, formerly knows as Anglo-American Trust Co. Building (1929-1930).

    201 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, 02-27-2017.

  • Leonard J Matthews posted a photo:

    Brisbane skyline

    The Brisbane (Queensland) skyline from the corner of Edward and Elizabeth Street.

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    E580 KHG  1988  Ford Capri 280

    E580 KHG 1988 Ford Capri 280

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    XSU 356  1970  Chesil Speedster

    XSU 356 1970 Chesil Speedster

  • AMOR A LOS RIELES | posted a photo:

    D-3303 + D-3301 | CALAVERA

    Tren de Fepasa El Tortolas pasando por el sector La Calavera . . Para proseguir su marcha Hacia su destino en la Planta de Ventanas

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    UAE 299  1955  Ford Custom 1989cc

    UAE 299 1955 Ford Custom 1989cc

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    CSL 296  1945  GMC 353

    CSL 296 1945 GMC 353

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    WDX 771A  1963  Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

    WDX 771A 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    912 PVW  1959  Ford Squire

    912 PVW 1959 Ford Squire

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    ALO 913S  1978  Pontiac Trans AM

    ALO 913S 1978 Pontiac Trans AM

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    YXG 793  1937  Plymouth Sedan

    YXG 793 1937 Plymouth Sedan

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    TSL256  1932  Ford Model B

    TSL256 1932 Ford Model B

  • wheelsnwings2007/Mike posted a photo:

    RCA 113B  1964  Ford Thunderbird

    RCA 113B 1964 Ford Thunderbird