American Online Magazines

American online magazines

  • 0-60 (magazine) 0-60 (magazine)
    0-60 is an automotive enthusiast publication based in New York City. It is owned by Harris Publications, distributed internationally. 0-60 has been published since August 2007. While initially launched as a quarterly magazine, it would be printed bimonthly for 2009.
  • 25 Magazine 25 Magazine
    25 Magazine is an urban arts, entertainment and culture magazine headquartered in Washington, D.C.
    2DOPEBOYZ is an online hip hop music review, news and criticism website launched in 2007 by Meka Udoh and Joel "Shake" Zela who were former editors at HipHopDX. In 2012, 2DOPEBOYZ was nominated in the "Best Hip Hop Online Site" category at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards.
  • Abyss & Apex Magazine
    Abyss & Apex Magazine is a long-running, semi-pro online speculative fiction magazine. The title of the zine comes from a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, "And if you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
  • Addicted to Noise
    Addicted to Noise was an online music magazine in the early days of the World Wide Web.
  • Aeon (digital magazine) Aeon (digital magazine)
    Aeon is a digital magazine of ideas, philosophy and culture. Publishing new articles every weekday, Aeon describes itself as a publication which "asks the biggest questions and finds the freshest, most original answers, provided by world-leading authorities on science, philosophy and society."
  • Airman Magazine Airman Magazine
    Airman Magazine is the official magazine of the United States Air Force and reports on information and news about and of interest to Air Force members and their families. It is published bi-monthly online by the Defense Media Activity group.
  • All About Jazz All About Jazz
    All About Jazz is a web site established by Michael Ricci in 1995. A volunteer staff publishes news, album reviews, articles, videos, and listings of concerts and other events having to do with jazz. Ricci maintains a related site, Jazz Near You.
  • All Hands All Hands
    All Hands Magazine of the U.S. Navy was a monthly published magazine of the United States Navy for its sailors. It had been published since August 1922 under different names; the recent title was established in 1945. Its last issue was published on December 2011.
  • Alternative Addiction Alternative Addiction
    Alternative Addiction is an American daily Internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interviews. Its focus is on alternative music.
  • Alt Variety
    Alt Variety was a New York City-based monthly publication dealing with alternative and subversive themes that launched online in February 2012 and closed in July 2013. Its founder was Luke Walker, who ran the magazine under the pseudonym Lee Wong.
  • Americana Exchange
    The Americana Exchange is a website for the buying, selling and collecting of rare and antiquarian books. It was founded in 2002 in San Francisco by rare book collector Bruce McKinney with the aim of offering hard to find information about book collecting to the public.
  • American Film (magazine)
    American Film is a movie magazine originally published by the American Film Institute as a print publication between 1975 and 1992. The magazine emphasized analysis and deconstructionist criticism in a format similar to Film Comment magazine.
  • American Greatness
    American Greatness is an American political blog.
  • American Journalism Review American Journalism Review
    The American Journalism Review was an American magazine covering topics in journalism. It was launched in 1977 as the Washington Journalism Review by journalist Roger Kranz. It ceased publication in 2015.
  • American Literary Review American Literary Review
    The American Literary Review is a national biannual literary magazine of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Since its Fall 2013 issue, ALR has been an online digital publication. Print publications are cataloged under.
  • American Machinist
    The American Machinist is a popular American trade magazine of the international machinery industries and most especially their machining aspects. Published since 1877, it was a McGraw-Hill title for over a century before becoming a Penton title in 1988.
  • American Metal Market American Metal Market
    American Metal Market is an online provider of industry news and metal pricing information for the U.S. steel, nonferrous and scrap markets.
  • American Thinker American Thinker
    American Thinker is a conservative daily online magazine dealing with American politics, foreign policy, national security, Israel, economics, diplomacy, culture and military strategy.
  • American Winery Guide American Winery Guide
    American Winery Guide is an online compendium of wineries in the United States. Founded by Jim Finley and Tim Donahoe in 2007, American Winery Guide catalogues and maps American wineries by state and viticultural area.
  • AnandTech AnandTech
    AnandTech is an online computer hardware magazine. It was founded in 1997 by then-14-year-old Anand Lal Shimpi, who served as CEO and editor-in-chief until August 30, 2014, with Ryan Smith replacing him as editor-in-chief.
  • Anansesem Ezine
    Anansesem, founded in Philadelphia in 2010, is an online magazine about Caribbean literature for children and young adults. It is the first publication in the English-speaking Caribbean dedicated to reviewing children's literature and young adult literature.
  • Ann Arbor Business Review
    The Ann Arbor Business Review is a weekly business journal published in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The publication, formerly distributed in a tab format but now primarily on-line, covers business news in the Washtenaw County and Livingston County areas.
  • Apex Magazine Apex Magazine
    Apex Magazine, also previously known as Apex Digest, is an American horror and science fiction magazine. This subscription webzine, Apex Magazine, contains short fiction, reviews, and interviews. It has been nominated for several awards including the Hugo Award.
  • ArchitectureWeek ArchitectureWeek
    ArchitectureWeek is an international weekly magazine covering architecture and design, published online by Artifice, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon, United States. ArchitectureWeek was founded in May 2000, with its first issue publication on May 17, 2000.
  • Argentus Argentus
    Argentus was a science fiction fanzine edited by Steven H Silver. It won the Chronic Rift Roundtable Award for Best Fanzine in 2009 and was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine three times. The magazine ended publication in 2014.
  • Armchair General (magazine)
    Armchair General was a bimonthly American military history magazine published by Weider History Group. It was in circulation between February 2004 and May 2015. The headquarters of the magazine was in Thousands Oaks, California.
  • Art Nouveau Magazine Art Nouveau Magazine
    Art Nouveau Magazine is a quarterly American visual art and design and culture magazine. The online version,, launched in 2007.
  • Ascent (journal) Ascent (journal)
    Ascent is an American literary magazine that publishes stories, poems, and essays, many of which are later reprinted in annual anthologies. The journal is based at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.
  • Aspect magazine Aspect magazine
    ASPECT Magazine is a biannual DVD magazine showcasing new media art. The magazine is headquartered in Boston, Mass.
  • Astrobiology Magazine
    Astrobiology Magazine, or Astrobiology Mag, is an American NASA-sponsored international online popular science magazine containing popular science content, which refers to articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects.
  • Atlas Obscura
    Atlas Obscura is an online magazine, led by American journalist David Plotz. It was founded in 2009 by Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras. It features pieces on a variety of topics, including travel and exploration, history, science and some news.
  • Audrey (magazine) Audrey (magazine)
    Audrey Magazine, or also known as Audrey, was an award-winning national publication covering the Asian experience, as seen from the perspective of Asian American women. Published quarterly throughout the U.S.
  • Autograph Collector Magazine Autograph Collector Magazine
    Autograph Collector Magazine is a U.S. magazine for autograph collectors. The magazine was started in 1986.
  • Autostraddle Autostraddle
    Autostraddle is an independently owned online magazine and social network for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women as well as non-binary people.
    Babble is an online magazine and blog network targeting young, educated, urban parents. Their site operated a large network of parent blogs, employing many bloggers on the subjects of parenting and child-raising.
  • Backpacking Light Magazine Backpacking Light Magazine
    Backpacking Light magazine was founded in early 2001 by Ryan Jordan. It was originally founded as an online periodical. It has articles written by scientists and engineers with an interest in dispelling myths about outdoor gear.
  • Ballot Access News Ballot Access News
    Ballot Access News is a United States-based monthly online and print newsletter edited and published by Richard Winger of California, an expert on ballot access law in the United States. Published since 1985, the newsletter advocates "fair and equitable ballot access laws."
  • BAM (magazine)
    BAM was a free bi-weekly music magazine founded and published by Dennis Erokan in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in January 1976 and continuing on for 23 years until 1999.
  • Bass Musician Bass Musician
    Bass Musician is a monthly, free online publication published in Vancouver, Washington for bass musicians and industry professionals. The magazine was founded in 2007, headed by Raul Amador and Valery Amador. The magazine was first published in August/September 2007.
  • Belt Magazine
    Belt Magazine is an online publication based in Cleveland, Ohio. It was started in 2013 and, according to the website for the magazine, covers culture and fiction from the "Rust Belt".
  • Beltway Poetry Quarterly
    Beltway Poetry Quarterly is an English-language, online literary magazine based in Washington, DC.
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies Beneath Ceaseless Skies
    Beneath Ceaseless Skies is a fantasy adventure online magazine published in the United States by Firkin Press.
  • Better Software Magazine
    Better Software magazine is a quarterly digital magazine published by TechWell Corporation. It covers topics of interest to software testers, developers, project managers, and business analysts.
  • Beyond Investigation Magazine
    Beyond Investigation Magazine is an American magazine that features Beyond Investigation, a group that investigates paranormal and conspiracy theory claims.
  • Blackbird (journal) Blackbird (journal)
    Blackbird is an online journal of literature and the arts based in the United States that posts two issues a year, May 1 and November 1. During the six-month run of an issue, additional content appears as "featured" content. Previous issues are archived online in their entirety.
  • Black Denim Lit
    Black Denim Lit is an American, web-based literary magazine and print anthology dedicated to compositions having unique and lasting artistic merit from new and established writers.
  • Blistering Blistering
    Blistering, founded in 1998, was an international online magazine dedicated to heavy metal and hard rock music. Its editor-in-chief was David E. Gehlke, an American music journalist who has written for, Metal Maniacs, and Throat Culture.
  • Bloginity Bloginity
    Bloginity is an online network of creative professionals that discover and document individuals within the fashion and art industry. comprises a number of websites with various areas of coverage. The company was founded in 2008 and is privately held.
    BNET was an online magazine dedicated to issues of business management.
  • Bodega Magazine
    Bodega Magazine is an online literary magazine that releases new issues on the first Monday of every month, featuring stories, poems, essays and interviews from a mix of emerging and established writers.
  • BookBrowse
    BookBrowse is an online magazine and website that provides book reviews, author interviews, book previews, and reading guides. The magazine is independent of publishers and does not sell books that it reviews. The site offers both free and premium content that is available by subscription.
  • Born with Style
    Born with Style is a digital lifestyle magazine. It was first published in 2013 in the United States. Also known as BWS, its content as of 2013 included articles on style, relationships, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, fashion and beauty. The magazine is published by PMI-NEWS.
  • Bowling This Month Bowling This Month
    Bowling This Month is a Ten-pin bowling magazine which was started in 1994.
  • Brain Blogger Brain Blogger
    Brain Blogger is an award winning Scientific American partner biomedical blog sponsored by the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation and edited by Shaheen Lakhan. Its byline is "a brain-themed community."
  • Brightest Young Things
    Brightest Young Things, or BYT Media Inc., is an online magazine and event production and marketing agency based in Washington, D.C. and New York City.
  • Bright Lights Film Journal Bright Lights Film Journal
    Bright Lights Film Journal is an online popular-academic film magazine, based in Oakland, California, United States. It is edited and published by Gary Morris.
  • Brio (magazine)
    Brio is an American teen magazine that ran from 1990 to 2009, and resumed in 2017. It is published by the American evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family, and it was formerly edited by Susie Shellenberger.
  • Broad Recognition
    Broad Recognition is an online undergraduate feminist magazine at Yale University. It covers politics, media, arts, and current events. Since its founding, members have been involved in notable feminist activism in the University.
  • Broadside (magazine)
    Broadside magazine was a small mimeographed publication founded in 1962 by Agnes "Sis" Cunningham and her husband, Gordon Friesen. Hugely influential in the folk-revival, it was often controversial. Issues of what is folk music, what is folk rock, and who is folk were roundly discussed and debated.
  • Buddhist Geeks Buddhist Geeks
    Buddhist Geeks is a podcast, on-line magazine and annual conference with a primary focus on American Buddhism. It was established in 2006 by Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke. Past guests have included Brad Warner, Shinzen Young, and B. Alan Wallace.
  • Buffalo Rising Buffalo Rising
    Buffalo Rising is an online magazine founded by Newell Nussbaumer in 2003 as a way to cover grassroots movements, Urban planning and development, and activism in Buffalo, New York. The format was originally a tri-annual and later a monthly printed paper with a small online blog to supplement it.
  • Business Insider Business Insider
    Business Insider is an American news website that also operates international editions in the UK, Australia, China, Germany, France, India, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nordics, Poland and Singapore.
  • Bustle (magazine)
    Bustle is an online American women's magazine founded in August 2013 by Bryan Goldberg.
  • Cadence Magazine Cadence Magazine
    Cadence Magazine is a quarterly review of jazz, blues and improvised music. The magazine covers a range of styles, from early jazz and blues to the avant-garde. Critic and historian Bob Rusch founded the magazine as a monthly in 1976, and served as publisher and coordinating editor through 2011.
  • Cairn Magazine
    Cairn Magazine is an online magazine covering Colorado's cultural landscape. It's tagline, "Colorado's Cultural Guidepost," reflects the intent of the magazine. Content is eclectic, including music, art, the outdoors, fiction pieces, book reviews, photo essays, etc.
  • Campaigns and Elections Campaigns and Elections
    Campaigns & Elections is a trade magazine covering political campaigns, focused on tools, tactics, and techniques of the political consulting profession. The magazine was founded by Stanley Foster Reed in 1980. It is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Car Design News Car Design News
    Car Design News is an online news and information service for the international automotive design community. CDN covers production and concept cars, design reviews and design development, designer interviews, major international auto shows, design competitions and student exhibitions.
  • Cashbox (magazine) Cashbox (magazine)
    Cash Box was a music industry trade magazine that was published weekly from July 1942 to November 1996. It has since been revived, as Cashbox Magazine, as an online-only weekly that occasionally publishes special print issues.
  • Cashiers du Cinemart Cashiers du Cinemart
    Cashiers du Cinemart is an American magazine and a webzine about independent film, published and edited by Mike White. The print version began in 1994 as a zine and evolved over the late 1990s into a more typical magazine format.
  • Center for Public Integrity Center for Public Integrity
    The Center for Public Integrity is an American nonprofit investigative journalism organization whose stated mission is "to reveal abuses of power, corruption and dereliction of duty by powerful public and private institutions in order to cause them to operate with honesty, integrity...
  • CEOWORLD magazine
    CEOWORLD magazine is an English-language magazine published from the United States and the United Kingdom by the CEOWORLD Magazine Limited.
  • Chief Executive (magazine) Chief Executive (magazine)
    Chief Executive is a business magazine published by Chief Executive Group, LLC.
  • Chief (magazine)
    Chief Magazine was a free, monthly online arts and culture magazine based in Brooklyn. The magazine consisted primarily of interviews with underground musicians, artists and writers and is known for its irreverent tone and use of humor.
  • China Business Review
    The China Business Review is the official online magazine of the US-China Business Council, covering business, economics, and politics in both the United States and China that affect business in China across a wide variety of industries.
  • Christopher Kimball's Milk Street
    Christopher Kimball's Milk Street is a multimedia, instructional food preparation organization created by Christopher Kimball. It is headquartered at Milk Street Kitchen near Boston Harborwalk. It is named after and located on Milk Street in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • City Limits (New York magazine) City Limits (New York magazine)
    City Limits is a nonprofit media organization based in New York City. For 36 years, City Limits published an investigative journalism magazine on civic issues affecting the city's low- and moderate-income communities, as well as analysis on national urban policy issues.
  • Clarkesworld Magazine Clarkesworld Magazine
    Clarkesworld Magazine is an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine.
  • Clear (magazine) Clear (magazine)
    Clear is a fashion, art and luxury and design magazine founded in 2001 by Emin Kadi, also a contributing photographer.
  • Cliché Magazine Cliché Magazine
    Cliché Magazine is a digital magazine, based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, that covers such topics as fashion, music, culture, and entertainment. The publication is released monthly, in virtual formats only.
  • ClickZ ClickZ
    ClickZ is an online publication that provides news, how-to articles, commentary, and stats for digital marketing and online advertising professionals.
  • Climbing (magazine)
    Climbing is a major US-based rock climbing magazine first published in 1970. In 2007, it was bought by Skram Media, the publisher of Urban Climber Magazine. The headquarters of the magazine is in Boulder, Colorado. It is published nine times a year.
  • Club Free Time
    Club Free Time is an online publication dedicated to free cultural events that take place in New York City, primarily in Manhattan. Its listings provide information about free lectures, concerts, plays, films, tours, art exhibit openings and similar cultural offerings.
  • Clutch (magazine) Clutch (magazine)
    Clutch is an online magazine and blog network whose stated target audience is "today's young, hip, progressive Black woman". The magazine was started as a print publication in 2002. It is part of Sutton Media.
  • COED (website)
    COED is an online entertainment magazine that focuses on college lifestyle. Originally a print magazine, it became a web online publication in 2007. The content is primarily targeted at college-aged men and written by college-aged writers.
  • ColorLines ColorLines
    Colorlines is an award-winning, daily news site featuring investigative reporting and news analysis from the perspective of communities of color.
  • Colossal (blog)
    Colossal is a Webby Award-nominated art and visual culture blog. Founded by Chicago-based editor Christopher Jobson in August 2010, the site covers topics ranging from art, design, and photography, to visual aspects of science and general creativity.
  • Community Chickens
    Community Chickens is a joint Mother Earth News and Grit online magazine published by Ogden Publications in Topeka, Kansas. It was created by Oscar H. Will III, Cheryl Long, Bryan Welch, and Taylor Miller in 2009.
  • Community Development Digest Community Development Digest
    Community Development Digest, a news service published by Silver Spring, MD-based CD Publications, is one of the oldest professional community development periodicals still being produced.
  • Complex (magazine) Complex (magazine)
    Complex is a New York–based media platform for youth culture which was founded as a bi-monthly magazine by fashion designer Marc Eckō. Complex reports on trends in style, pop culture, music, sports and sneakers with a focus on streetwear, sneaker culture, hip-hop, and graphic art.
  • Computer Underground Digest Computer Underground Digest
    The Computer Underground Digest was a weekly online newsletter on early Internet cultural, social, and legal issues published by Gordon Meyer and Jim Thomas from March 1990 to March 2000.
  • Computer User
    Computer User is a computer magazine that was founded in 1982, and which, after several owners and fundamental changes, is still in business today online as
  • Computerworld Computerworld
    Computerworld is a publication website and digital magazine for information technology and business technology professionals. It is published in many countries around the world under the same or similar names.
  • Core77 Core77
    Core77 is an online design magazine dedicated to the practice and produce of the field of industrial design. It serves as a resource for students, practitioners and fans of the field, as well as a venue for essays and reports on the topic of design in general.
  • Country Standard Time Country Standard Time
    Country Standard Time is a website dedicated to country music and related genres including Americana, bluegrass and rockabilly. It provides news and musical reviews pertaining to the genre.
  • Craft (magazine) Craft (magazine)
    Craft: was a quarterly magazine published by O'Reilly Media which focused on do it yourself projects involving knitting, sewing, jewelry, metalworking, woodworking and other disciplines.
  • Crunchyroll Manga
    Crunchyroll Manga is a digital shōnen manga anthology published by Crunchyroll in North America. It began distribution on October 30, 2013. The service launched with a lineup of twelve titles, with chapters released simultaneously with their Japanese release.
  • Culture+Travel
    Culture+Travel is a travel magazine based in New York City, New York. Published by Louise Blouin Media and founded by former Conde Nast editorial director James Truman, it was launched in 2006 as a bi-monthly print magazine.
  • Daily Science Fiction Daily Science Fiction
    Daily Science Fiction is an email and online magazine devoted to publishing science fiction stories that was founded in 2010. Per the title, it is a daily publication, publishing each weekday, edited by Jonathan Laden and Michele Barasso. Daily Science Fiction is a professional paying market.
  • DargonZine DargonZine
    DargonZine is a periodically published ezine or online magazine.
  • Dark Rye
    Dark Rye is an award-winning online magazine from Whole Foods Market, based in Austin, Texas. The publication focuses on multimedia storytelling through video, infographics, photos, recipes, DIY projects, and written content.
  • Datamation Datamation
    Datamation is a computer magazine that was published in print form in the United States between 1957 and 1998, and has since continued publication on the web. Today, Datamation is owned by QuinStreet and is published as an online magazine at
  • Deep Water Acres Deep Water Acres
    Deep Water Acres is a US-based independent webzine and record label dedicated to experimental music. Originally a physical magazine called Deep Water, the Internet publication features musical commentaries, reviews, artist profiles and interviews as well as Australian campfire recipes.
  • Def Pen
    Def Pen is a Brooklyn based online lifestyle magazine for music, fashion, sports and art.
  • Desert Magazine Desert Magazine
    Desert Magazine was a monthly regional publication based in the Colorado Desert published between 1937–1985. A print version bearing the same name has been revived in the Coachella Valley town of Palm Desert near Palm Springs, California.
  • Designboom Designboom
    Designboom is a daily web magazine covering the fields of industrial design, architecture, and art internationally.
  • Design Observer Design Observer
    Design Observer is a website devoted to a range of design topics including graphic design, social innovation, urbanism, popular culture, and criticism. The content of the site includes essays, articles, reviews, blog posts, and peer reviewed scholarship.
  • Diario de América Diario de América
    Diario de América is a Spanish-language opinion journal about politics, economics, culture and social issues, published in the United States.
  • Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
    The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette, founded July 4, 1996, was a pioneering online science magazine. It is arguably the first continuously published online science magazine in history. The founder-publisher was Edward Summer.
  • D-Lib Magazine D-Lib Magazine
    D-Lib Magazine is an on-line magazine dedicated to digital library research and development. Current and past issues are available free of charge. The publication is financially supported by contributions from the D-Lib Alliance.
  • Double Room Double Room
    Double Room is a web-based biannual literary publication founded in 2002 by Peter Connors and Michael Neff to explore the intersection of prose poetry with flash fiction. Double Room publishes work by popular poets and writers, as well as talented newcomers.
  • Double X Science
    Double X Science is an online science- and skepticism-oriented magazine aimed at women, established in October 2011. It describes its goal as to "bring evidence-based science stories and angles on science specifically of interest to the female-gendered audience."
  • Dragon (magazine) Dragon (magazine)
    Dragon is one of the two official magazines for source material for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game and associated products; Dungeon is the other.
  • Dunes Review
    Dunes Review is an online literary magazine of northern Michigan. It is sponsored by both Michigan Writers of Grand Traverse County, Michigan and the Glen Arbor Art Association of Leelanau County, Michigan. The Beach Bards of Glen Arbor also contribute financially for the poetry prizes.
  • Dungeon (magazine) Dungeon (magazine)
    Dungeon was one of the two official magazines targeting consumers of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game and associated products; Dragon was the other.
  • Earth Negotiations Bulletin Earth Negotiations Bulletin
    The Earth Negotiations Bulletin ' is a periodic internet news publication covering negotiations, workshops and conferences on a variety of subjects in environmental policy and international law.
  • East of Borneo (magazine)
    East of Borneo is an online art publication which documents contemporary art and its history as considered from Los Angeles. Partially funded and supported by the School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts, it was founded in 2010 by Thomas Lawson and Stacey Allan.
  • Echelon Magazine Echelon Magazine
    Echelon Magazine is an online publication in America serving the LGBT business professional. Formerly the title also included a magazine with biographical profiles of corporate executives and entrepreneurs as well as features on businesses involving the GLBT community.
  • Eclectica Magazine
    Eclectica Magazine is one of the oldest surviving online literary publications.
  • EE Times EE Times
    EE Times is an online electronics industry magazine published in the United States by AspenCore Media an Arrow Electronics company. The American print edition ceased with the December 2012 issue, but the magazine continues to produce print editions in China and Taiwan.
  • South Asian EGO Magazine
    EGO Magazine was an online magazine geared towards the Desi South Asian
    Diaspora. It published articles on culture, fashion, design, travel & entertainment. It also had sections on economic & political issues, technology and translations of Urdu and Hindi poetry.
  • eGuiders eGuiders
    EGuiders is a Hollywood-based website that aims to be the TV Guide for online video. Launched in February 2009, eGuiders features videos that are curated daily by Hollywood creators and executives such as Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, comedian Jerry Stiller, and 24 executive producer Jon Cassar.
  • Elan (Publication) Elan (Publication)
    Elan the magazine is an online lifestyle publication, focused on global youth culture, sharing the stories of remarkable young professionals empowering their communities, enlightening their peers and inspiring those around them.
  • Electronic News Electronic News
    Electronic News was a publication that covered the electronics industry, from semiconductor equipment and materials to military/aerospace electronics to supercomputers.
  • Elmore Magazine Elmore Magazine
    Elmore magazine is an American music publication founded in 2005 by Suzanne Cadgène and Arnie Goodman. With the motto, "Saving American Music," Elmore covers a wide variety of genres, including roots, rhythm and blues, jazz, rock 'n' roll, country, folk and Americana.
  • Elohi Gadugi Journal Elohi Gadugi Journal
    Elohi Gadugi Journal is an American magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, reviews, literary nonfiction, art, and multimedia with a social/environmental edge. It is published online in loosely themed quarterly issues. A print edition is to be published annually.
  • Eternal Haunted Summer
    Eternal Haunted Summer is an ezine dedicated to Pagan poetry and short fiction. It also features reviews of Pagan works and interviews with Pagan authors, as well as reviews and interviews with authors of works that might interest a Pagan audience.
  • Evergreen Review Evergreen Review
    Evergreen Review is a U.S.-based literary magazine directed by editor-in-chief Dale Peck. The Evergreen Review was founded by Barney Rosset, publisher of Grove Press. It existed in print from 1957 through 1973, and was re-launched online in 1998, and again in 2017.
  • Everyday Feminism
    Everyday Feminism is an intersectional feminist online magazine that features articles on gender, race, religion, sex, health, and class. It has a stated mission to help dismantle violence, discrimination, and marginalization.
  • Fade In
    Fade In is a movie-related website. It began as a print magazine in 1993, but is now online-only.
  • Failure Magazine
    Failure Magazine is an online magazine which features stories about failure. The magazine was established in 2000 by Jason Zasky and his cousin. It is headquartered in New York City. The magazine turned its first profit in 2005. The magazine features a column called, "This day in failure".
  • Fairways + Greens Fairways + Greens
    Fairways + Greens is a bi-monthly golf magazine published by Madavor Media in the United States.
  • Fantasy Magazine
    Fantasy Magazine was an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine. It was launched as a print edition at the 2005 World Fantasy Convention in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Feed Magazine
    Feed or was one of the earliest online magazines that relied entirely on its original content.
  • Ferrets Magazine
    Ferrets Magazine was published by BowTie Inc. from 1997 until 2008, targeted at ferret owners. The magazine is based in Mission Viejo, California and is part of the I-5 Publishing LLC. In April 2008 the magazine converted to an online-only format.
  • Filipinas (magazine)
    Filipinas was a monthly magazine that catered to the Filipino American community. The magazine's inception was in 1992 and it became a nationally-distributed magazine that served Filipinos in the United States.
  • Film Score Monthly Film Score Monthly
    Film Score Monthly is an online magazine founded by editor-in-chief and executive producer Lukas Kendall in June 1990 as The Soundtrack Correspondence List. It is dedicated to the art of film and television scoring.
  • Film Threat Film Threat
    Film Threat was an online publication and, earlier, a national magazine that focused primarily on independent film, although it also reviewed videos and DVDs of mainstream films as well as Hollywood movies in theaters.
  • Fire Chief (magazine) Fire Chief (magazine)
    Fire Chief is a magazine that was established in 1956. The magazine examines issues that are of particular importance to managers of fire departments. It was published in Chicago by Penton Media until 2013; in 2014 it was sold to Praetorian Group. The volumes for May 1968-Nov.
  • Fire & Movement Fire & Movement
    Fire & Movement: The Forum of Conflict Simulation was a magazine devoted to wargames, both traditional board wargames and computer wargames. It was founded by Rodger MacGowan in 1975, and began publication the following year.
  • Fitness (magazine) Fitness (magazine)
    Fitness is a United States-based women's magazine, focusing on health, exercise, and nutrition. It is owned and published by the Meredith Corporation. The editor-in-chief of Fitness is Betty Wong.
  • Fit Pregnancy Fit Pregnancy
    Fit Pregnancy is a Web site for pregnant women and new mothers.
  • Flak Magazine
    Flak Magazine was an early American online magazine, founded in 1998 by James Norton, Benjamin Fowler, Justin Knoll, Nicholas Coleman and others, mostly alumni and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Flash Me Magazine Flash Me Magazine
    Flash Me Magazine is one of the longest running online magazines devoted to publishing flash fiction stories. It is a quarterly publication by Winged Halo Productions. It is a paying market, accepting all genres of fiction under 1,000 words.
  • Flavorwire
    Flavorwire is a New York City-based online culture magazine. The site includes original feature articles, interviews, reviews, as well as content recycled from other sources.
  • Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine
    Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine is a free online magazine written by Russian speaking people living in the US state of Florida. The content is in the Russian and English language with original articles, photos and videos of life in Florida from the Russian speakers perspective.
  • Flurb Flurb
    Flurb was an American science fiction webzine, edited by author Rudy Rucker and launched in August 2006. In addition to short stories, Flurb featured paintings of whales discharging in Rucker. It was released biannually.
  • Flyway (magazine)
    Flyway is a prominent American literary magazine founded by Stephen Pett in 1995. It is based at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Genre editors included Sheryl St. Germain, Debra Marquart, Andie Dominick, Sam Pritchard, and Gary Whitehead.
  • Fortean Bureau Fortean Bureau
    The Fortean Bureau was an online magazine published from Laramie, Wyoming, between 2002–06 and edited by Jeremy and Sarah Tolbert. It was published monthly from July 2002 to December 2004, then quarterly in 2005, with the final issue published in April 2006. There was a total of 33 issues.
  • Founterior
    Founterior is an American-based online interior design magazine that covers the field of design. The four major subjects of the magazine are interior design, furniture, decorations, and architecture. It was established in December 2012 and updated on a daily basis.
  • FrontPage Magazine FrontPage Magazine
    FrontPage Magazine is an online right-wing political website, edited by David Horowitz and published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.
  • Gadfly Online
    Gadfly Magazine was a periodical that was created in February 1997 and launched as a full-size print publication in January 1998. The publisher is the Rutherford Institute. The magazine is based in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Game Industry Report Magazine
    The Gaming Industry Report Magazine was a subscription-based bimonthly video game trade journal that was published by GNB News Group until 2006.
  • Gapers Block Gapers Block
    Gapers Block is a Chicago-centric web publication focused on covering Chicago culture under the tag line: "Slow down and check out Chicago".
    GHLL is a literary journal published by Truman State University. Founded in 1990 by Jack Smith, a professor of English and Philosophy at North Central Missouri College as an inexpensively-produced outlet for student and faculty work, the annual quickly grew to a regional and national mission.
  • Global Oneness Project Global Oneness Project
    The Global Oneness Project is a digital, ad-free, education platform that has been publishing multicultural films, photography, and articles since 2006.
  • Global Politician Global Politician
    Global Politician was an online magazine of politics that publishes analysis of current events, as well as interviews with politicians, government officials, diplomats, book authors and terrorists. It was founded in October 2004 and is based in New York.
  • Godspy Godspy
    Godspy is a dormant English-language online magazine "for Catholics and other seekers" launched in 2003, dealing with subjects from "politics to the arts, science to the economy, sexuality to ecology," and exploring the "ideas and experiences that reveal God's presence in the world."
  • Goldsea Goldsea is a large, fully featured magazine site. The magazine was started in 1998. It is aimed at Asian Americans and publishes interviews and profiles of successful Asian Americans.
  • Golf World Golf World
    Golf World was a weekly magazine covering the game of golf published by Condé Nast. The magazine was first published in 1947. It celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2007, and was therefore the oldest golf publication in the United States.
  • Green Egg
    Green Egg is a Neopagan magazine published by the Church of All Worlds intermittently since 1968. The Encyclopedia of American Religions described it as a significant periodical.
  • Grist (magazine) Grist (magazine)
    Grist is an American non-profit online magazine that has been publishing environmental news and commentary since 1999. Grist's taglines are "Gloom and doom with a sense of humor" and "A beacon in the smog". Grist is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and has 35 writers and employees.
  • Grooves (magazine) Grooves (magazine)
    Grooves is an American electronic music magazine founded in 1999 by editor Sean Portnoy, initially concentrating on the then-burgeoning IDM music genre and expanding to its more experimental, abstract offshoots, such as microsound, microhouse and glitch, eventually encompassing a global view of...
  • Guernica (magazine) Guernica (magazine)
    Guernica / A Magazine of Art and Politics is an online site that publishes art, photography, fiction, and poetry from around the world, along with nonfiction such as letters from abroad, investigative pieces, and opinion pieces on international affairs and U.S. domestic policy.
  • Hackaday
    Hackaday is a blog which publishes several articles each day about hardware and software hacks. A hack refers to modifications of a product or software as well as the creation of something entirely new for convenience, novelty, functional or creative reasons.
  • Hardcore Gamer Hardcore Gamer
    Hardcore Gamer is an online American video game magazine published by Steve Hannley. Founded in 2005, Hardcore Gamer published 36 issues in print before switching to an online-only format.
  • Health Beauty Life
    Health Beauty Life is a lifestyle media outlet that offers print, video, online, and emerging media with content about health, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, and non-profit charity organizations, as well as other topics of interest.
  • Heeb Heeb
    Heeb is a Jewish website aimed predominantly at young Jews. The name of the publication is a variation of the ethnic slur "hebe", an abbreviation of Hebrew.
  • Her Campus Her Campus
    Her Campus is an online magazine targeted at the female college student demographic. Content is written by more than 7,000 contributors from more than 300 campus chapters located in nine countries.
  • High Voltage Magazine High Voltage Magazine
    High Voltage Magazine is a magazine that was first published in November 2003.
  • HipHopDX HipHopDX
    HipHopDX is an online magazine of hip hop music criticism and news. The website's current president and publisher is Sharath Cherian and the editor-in-chief is Trent Clark. HipHopDX is the flagship publication of Cheri Media Group.
  • HM (magazine) HM (magazine)
    HM Magazine is a monthly, digital and print on demand publication focusing on hard music and alternative culture of interest to Christians. The magazine states that its goal is to "honestly and accurately cover the current state of hard music and alternative culture from a faith-based perspective."
  • Homiletic and Pastoral Review
    Homiletic and Pastoral Review is a religious journal, the first Catholic Clergy magazine to appear in the United States and has been the leading journal of its kind for over a century. The editor emeritus is the Rev. Kenneth Baker, S.J.; current editor is the Rev.
  • HotWired
    Hotwired was the first commercial web magazine, launched on October 27, 1994. Although it was part of Wired Ventures, Hotwired was a separate entity from Wired, the print magazine, and had original content.
  • How to be a Redhead
    How to be a Redhead is a website founded by redheaded American sisters Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti in response to the ostracism they encountered in school and to serve the needs of other redheaded women.
  • Human Events Human Events
    Human Events is a conservative American political news and analysis website. Founded in 1944 as a print newspaper, Human Events became a digital-only publication in 2013.
  • Hyperallergic Hyperallergic
    Hyperallergic is a Brooklyn-based arts blogazine. Founded by the art critic Hrag Vartanian and his husband Veken Gueyikian in October 2009, the site describes itself as a "forum for serious, playful, and radical thinking."
  • ICv2
    ICv2 is an online trade magazine that covers geek culture for retailers. ICv2's main areas of focus are comic books, anime, gaming, and show business products. The site offers news, reviews, analysis, and sales information for retailers and librarians.
  • Ideas and Action
    Ideas and Action is an anarcho-syndicalist journal that was founded in 1981 as a result of numerous conferences organized by the New York Metropolitan area Libertarian Workers' Group and the Syndicalist Alliance of Milwaukee.
  • Identity Theory (webzine)
    Identity Theory is a webzine of literature and culture, founded by University of Florida graduate Matt Borondy, established in 2000. Identity Theory is a non-profit website with substantial readership and a staff of over a dozen volunteers, including Robert Birnbaum.
  • Imaginary Realities
    Imaginary Realities is an online magazine dedicated to text-based gaming, from MUD and roguelikes to interactive fiction. The original Imaginary Realities magazine was an influential MUD community online magazine running from September 1998 to December 2001.
  • Industrial Distribution Industrial Distribution
    Industrial Distribution is a website owned by Advantage Business Media. The site provides, news, feature, video, and product content geared toward distributors, wholesalers, and re-sellers of products used in the industrial manufacturing MRO marketplace.
  • InformationWeek InformationWeek
    InformationWeek is a digital magazine which conducts corresponding face-to-face events, virtual events, and research. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California and was first published in 1985 by CMP Media, later called CMP Technology.
  • InsideChips InsideChips
    InsideChips is the largest online news and analysis service covering semiconductor industry startups worldwide. It was first published online in 2000.
  • InsideClimate News InsideClimate News
    InsideClimate News is a non-profit and non-partisan news organization, focusing on environmental journalism. The publication writes that it "covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science—plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped."
  • InsideFlyer
    InsideFlyer was a monthly publication specializing in Frequent-flyer news. The magazine was founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1986 by Randy Petersen, and it provides information on earning and redeeming frequent-flyer miles and points.
  • Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed
    Inside Higher Ed is a media company and daily online publication that provides news, opinion, resources and jobs focused on college and university topics. Online access is free.
  • Insight on the News Insight on the News
    Insight on the News was an American conservative print and online news magazine.
  • InsightOut News InsightOut News
    InsightOut News was a grassroots journalism website based on the idea that news is "not entertainment nor a commodity." It grew out of covering Occupy Los Angeles and now also covers international events, particularly in the Middle East.
  • InterGalactic Medicine Show InterGalactic Medicine Show
    InterGalactic Medicine Show is an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine. It was founded in 2005 by multiple award-winning author Orson Scott Card and was edited by Edmund R. Schubert from 2006-2016, after which Scott Roberts took over.
  • International Policy Digest International Policy Digest
    International Policy Digest is an online American magazine established in 2011 by John Lyman that focuses on current events and world affairs. Its mission is to expand content and readership for international writers and advocate for non-government organizations.
  • In-Training (magazine)
    In-Training is a peer-edited online magazine for medical students.
  • Investigative Reporting Workshop Investigative Reporting Workshop
    The Investigative Reporting Workshop is a nonprofit, investigative news organization focusing on significant issues of public concern.
  • J-14 (magazine) J-14 (magazine)
    J-14 is a monthly teenage magazine marketed at preteen and teenage girls around age 11-19. It is one of the earliest teen celebrity magazines. The magazine was among the top children's magazines in the 2012 list of Forbes.
  • Jacket2 Jacket2
    Jacket2 magazine is an online poetry and poetics magazine that publishes articles, reviews, interviews, commentaries, podcasts, and reissued archival material.
  • Jacket (magazine) Jacket (magazine)
    Jacket is an online literary periodical, which was founded by the Australian poet John Tranter. The first issue was in October 1997.
  • Jet (magazine) Jet (magazine)
    Jet is a digital magazine. As an American weekly marketed toward African-American readers, it was founded in 1951 by John H. Johnson of the Johnson Publishing Company in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Jewish Ideas Daily Jewish Ideas Daily
    The Jewish Ideas Daily was a website which reported on news, culture and political issues relating to Judaism and Israel. Its mission was to be "the premier aggregator and originator of Jewish ideas on the web". It was founded in January 2010 under the editorship of Neal Kozodoy.
  • Jim Baen's Universe Jim Baen's Universe
    Jim Baen's Universe was a bimonthly online fantasy and science fiction magazine created by Jim Baen. It is recognized by the SFWA as a Qualifying Short Fiction Venue. JBU began soliciting materials in January 2006 and launched in June 2006.
  • Justice Denied
    Justice Denied is the only regularly published print magazine in the world solely devoted to issues related to wrongful convictions.
  • Keyboard (magazine) Keyboard (magazine)
    Keyboard is a magazine that originally covered electronic keyboard instruments and keyboardists, though with the advent of computer-based recording and audio technology, they have added digital music technology to their regular coverage, including those not strictly pertaining to the...
  • Kitelife
    KiteLife is an American magazine devoted to kites.
  • Kittenpants Kittenpants
    Kittenpants was an online humor magazine published monthly from 2000 to 2005 on
  • Kludge (magazine) Kludge (magazine)
    Kludge was a Los Angeles-based online music magazine devoted to long-form music journalism, album reviews, music news and interviews. It included a media section and a discussion forum.
  • LAN Times
    LAN Times was a print and online information journal dedicated to covering issues of technology and network computing, including local area network information. The publication was headquartered in San Mateo, California, and published print journals as well as online articles from 1988 to 1997.
  • LAS Magazine LAS Magazine
    LAS Magazine, also known as Lost At Sea or, is a daily online magazine founded in 1998 by Eric J Herboth. An online social group for the magazine list it in the "Entertainment & Arts - Online Media" category with a description of "Art. Bike. Music. Media. Literature.
  • Latin Beat Magazine
    The Latin Beat Magazine is a publication dedicated to all styles of Latin music, edited and published by Rudolph and Yvette Mangual. The first issue was launched on January 1, 1991. It is currently headquartered at Gardena, California, United States.
  • Latin Business Chronicle Latin Business Chronicle
    Latin Trade Business Intelligence, formerly Latin Business Chronicle is a weekly online journal on Latin American business and technology.
  • Lenny Letter
    Lenny Letter, also known as Lenny, is a weekly online feminist newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner. Lenny also has a book imprint called Lenny Books on Random House.
  • Liberty (libertarian magazine)
    Liberty is a libertarian journal, founded in 1987 by R. W. Bradford in Port Townsend, Washington, and then edited from San Diego by Stephen Cox.
  • Light (journal) Light (journal)
    Light is an online journal which bills itself as "America's oldest and best-known journal of light verse."
  • Lightspeed (magazine)
    Lightspeed is an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine edited and published by John Joseph Adams. The first issue was published in June 2010 and it has maintained a regular monthly schedule since.
  • LinuxFocus (magazine)
    LinuxFocus was a bi-monthly webzine covering Linux. It was part of the Linux Documentation Project, and a sister webzine of the Linux Gazette. Each issue was published in a number of languages.
  • Linux Gazette Linux Gazette
    The Linux Gazette was a monthly self-published Linux computing webzine, published between July 1995 and June 2011.
  • LiP magazine
    LiP: Informed Revolt was an award-winning American alternative magazine that took on various incarnations after its founding in 1996 by former Books editor Brian Awehali.
  • Literary Mama
    Literary Mama is a U.S.-based online literary magazine focused on publishing writing about motherhood in a variety of genres. The writings found in Literary Mama challenge all types of media to rethink its narrow focus of what mothers think and do.
  • Local iQ
    Local iQ was a free arts, culture, and entertainment biweekly magazine published in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It featured information about various artists, celebrities, and entertainers within New Mexico's largest city, and was distributed to subscribers across New Mexico's largest markets.
  • Locus Online Locus Online
    Locus Online is the online component of Locus Magazine. It publishes news briefs related to the science fiction, fantasy and horror publishing world, along with original reviews and feature articles, and excerpts of articles that appeared in the print edition.
  • Loggernaut
    Loggernaut Reading Series is a reading series in Portland, Oregon founded in 2005. Each reading features three readers and a prompt to which they respond. It is currently curated by Jesse Lichtenstein, Erin Ergenbright, and Pauls Toutonghi.
  • Lonny (magazine) Lonny (magazine)
    Lonny is a monthly online magazine, launched in October 2009, that focuses on lifestyle and home decor.
  • Los Angeles Review of Books Los Angeles Review of Books
    The Los Angeles Review of Books is a literary review journal covering the national and international book scenes. A preview version launched on Tumblr in April 2011, and the official website followed one year later in April 2012. A print edition premiered in May 2013.
  • Lost Treasure (magazine)
    Lost Treasure is an American magazine, found both online and in print, which describes lost treasures and different methods and items used finding them. Examples are lost mines, and valuables lost through wars, theft, or forgetfulness.
  • Loudwire Loudwire
    Loudwire is an online magazine that covers hard rock and heavy metal music. It is owned by media and entertainment business Townsquare Media.
  • Lowercase people Lowercase people
    Lowercase people is an organization that is divided into three major divisions: The lp Online Magazine, lp apparel, and the lowercase people Justice Fund. The organization was founded by the alternative rock band Switchfoot.
  • Lowestoft Chronicle Lowestoft Chronicle
    The Lowestoft Chronicle is a quarterly online magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, and artwork. An anthology of the best work is published annually. Preference is given to humorous submissions with an emphasis on travel.
  • Macteens Macteens
    Macteens was an Apple Macintosh community website and online magazine targeted towards teenage users, featuring news, reviews, and forums, established in 1998. Following a period of dormancy, the website was revived in December 2001, by Chris Saribay and Andrew Wilkinson.
  • MadameNoire
    MadameNoire is an international online magazine that is geared toward the lifestyles of African American women as well as popular culture.
  • is the official website of Wizards of the Coast to promote and offer information on their trading card game '.
  • Magzter
    Magzter is a cross-platform, self-service, global digital magazine newsstand with over 8,000 magazines from 3,400+ publishers. Girish Ramdas and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan founded Magzter in 2011. The Company headquartered in New York.
  • Manufacturing Business Technology Manufacturing Business Technology
    Manufacturing Business Technology is a website owned by Advantage Business Media. The site serves the information needs of information technology professionals involved in production, supply chain management, and operations within a manufacturing enterprise.
  • Matter (magazine)
    Matter is the online magazine published by Matter Studios, a multi-platform content studio owned by Twitter founder Ev Williams.
  • Media Life Magazine
    Media Life Magazine was an online publication that was started in May 1999 by Gene Ely. The publication covers all aspects of the media.
  • Media Whores Online
    Media Whores Online, also known as or The Horse or often just MWO, was a liberal American political webzine that operated as a media watchdog. The site operated from 2000 until early 2004, and quickly established a reputation for quotability.
  • Mental Floss
    Mental Floss is an American digital, print, and e-commerce media company focused on millennials. It is owned by Dennis Publishing and based in New York City., which presents facts, puzzles, and trivia with a humorous tone, draws 20.5 million unique users a month.
  • Mesh magazine
    Mesh Magazine is an online art + culture magazine/weekly radio show featuring individuals associated with art, music, and dining in the Jacksonville, Florida area. The magazine was created by George Akel and debuted online in February 2009. It has been defunct since 2011.
  • Mezzo Cammin
    Mezzo Cammin is a semiannual online literary journal devoted to formalist poetry by contemporary women as well as to bring attention back to work that was more famous in previous eras.
  • Microprocessor Report
    Microprocessor Report, is a publication for engineers and other industry professionals on microprocessors. The publication is accessible only to paying subscribers. To avoid bias, it does not take advertisements.
  • Microwave News Microwave News
    Microwave News reports on the health and environmental impacts of electromagnetic fields and other types of non-ionizing radiation, with special emphasis on cell phones and power lines. It also covers radar, radio and TV broadcast towers and many related topics. Its headquarters is in New York City.
  • Mi Gente Hispana Magazine Mi Gente Hispana Magazine
    Mi Gente Hispana, Inc. is a media company based in Washington, D.C., in the United States of America. Founded in 2006, Mi Gente Hispana, Inc. publishes information for and about Hispanic empowerment in the United States.
  • M Magazine
    M Magazine is an online teen-focused website and was a monthly print teen magazine. The website is owned by, and the print magazine was published, by Bauer Publishing, the United States division of the German firm Bauer Verlagsgruppe. The first issue was released in January 2000.
  • Mobile Magazine Mobile Magazine
    Mobile Magazine is an online publication which started in December 2000.
  • Mochi (magazine)
    Mochi is an online quarterly magazine and daily blog with a mission statement that aims to empower young Asian American women.
  • Modern Humorist Modern Humorist
    Modern Humorist was a United States-based humor webzine founded in 2000 by John Aboud and Michael Colton, and managed by CEO Kate Barker. Its board of directors included feature film producer Frank Marshall and comedian Jon Stewart.
  • Moondance (magazine) Moondance (magazine)
    Moondance is an online international women's literary, culture and art journal. The magazine began in 1996.
  • Mosaic (magazine)
    Mosaic is an online journal of Jewish ideas.
  • Mosaic Magazine
    Mosaic is an online journal of Jewish ideas.
  • Mothering (magazine) Mothering (magazine)
    Mothering is a magazine that promotes natural mothering practices and attachment parenting. It began publishing in 1976. The headquarters is in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Movieline Movieline
    Movieline is a website, formerly a Los Angeles–based film and entertainment magazine, started in 1985 as a local magazine, which went national in 1989. Known for its cult status and popularity among film critics, the magazine eventually was retooled and named Movieline's Hollywood Life.
  • Moviespot Moviespot
    Moviespot is a movie magazine that is totally supported by the community nonprofit project. It can be downloading in PDF Format. The magazine was founded on Internet in 2004; the project was stopped by 2005 and back in May 2006 again to publish other issues with much better design.
  • Multi-Housing News
    Multi-Housing News was a print magazine between 1966 and 2012. It became an online real estate magazine in July 2012.
  • Musical America Musical America
    Musical America is the oldest American magazine on classical music, first appearing in 1898 in print and, since 1998, online at It is published by Performing Arts Resources, LLC, of East Windsor, New Jersey.
  • Narrative Magazine Narrative Magazine
    Narrative Magazine is an American online literary magazine which has been published since 2003. The magazine has its headquarters in San Francisco.
  • National Communications Magazine
    National Communications Magazine is a subscription-based publication that covers scanner radios, citizens band radio, the General Mobile Radio Service, the Family Radio Service and the Multi-Use Radio Service. It converted from print to online PDF publication at the end of 2012.
  • National Journal National Journal
    National Journal is a research and advisory services company based in Washington, D.C. offering services in government affairs, advocacy communications and policy brands research for government and business leaders.
  • Nautilus (science magazine)
    Nautilus is an online and print science magazine that "combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story." It publishes one "issue" on a selected topic each month on its website, releasing one "chapter" each Thursday.
  • Nerve (website) Nerve (website)
    Nerve or is an American online magazine dedicated to sexual topics, relationships and culture. Founded by Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Field, it publishes articles and photography. It also hosts blogs, forums, and a section for personal advertisements. Nerve's CEO is Sean Mills.
  • New Country Star New Country Star
    New Country Star, LLC pioneered the dawn of e-zines in June 2004, breaking ground, publishing audio interviews with stars such as George Jones, Pam Tillis, and Blake Shelton.
  • New Delta Review New Delta Review
    The New Delta Review is a respected literary magazine in the United States in print since 1984 and online since 2012. The journal is published biannually with the support of Louisiana State University.
  • New Man (Christian magazine) New Man (Christian magazine)
    New Man was a prominent American Christian lifestyle men's magazine, founded in 1994, and becoming an online publication in 2008. Its stated purpose is "Helping men to develop Christ-centered perspectives that will transform their lives, their families and their worlds.
  • NewMusicBox NewMusicBox
    NewMusicBox is an e-zine launched by the American Music Center on May 1, 1999. The magazine includes interviews and articles concerning American contemporary music, composers, improvisers, and musicians.
  • Newport Seen Newport Seen
    Newport Seen, is an online magazine founded in 2009, covering social, cultural and philanthropic events in Newport, Rhode Island. The first issue went online in June 2009. The site claims to have been accessed from 187 countries.
  • New Voices New Voices
    New Voices is the only American national magazine written for and by Jewish college students. Published since 1991 by the independent, non-profit, student-run Jewish Student Press Service, New Voices is read by over 10,000 students across the United States and abroad.
  • Next Avenue
    Next Avenue is a digital platform launched by PBS that offers original and aggregated journalism aimed at baby boomers. Next Avenue is PBS' first venture to begin on the Internet rather than on broadcast television. It was conceived and developed at Twin Cities Public Television in St. Paul, MN.
  • Next City Next City
    Next City is a national urban affairs magazine and non-profit organization based in Philadelphia.
  • NiNe. magazine
    NiNe. magazine is an online publication aimed at teenage girls. The magazine is a production of Nine Media LLC. In an initial publication run, the magazine reached a circulation of 20,000 with a subscriber-base throughout 43 states, the District of Columbia, and four Canadian provinces.
  • No Compromise (magazine) No Compromise (magazine)
    No Compromise was a San Francisco, California, United States-based bi-annual animal rights magazine, first published in the winter of 1989. The magazine covered global aspects of animal rights and promoted a vegan lifestyle, which included the use of cruelty-free products.
  • No Eyed Bird No Eyed Bird
    No Eyed Bird is an online music review magazine. It features reviews of many different musical genres, including rock, metal, and electronic.
  • Northwest Mountaineering Journal Northwest Mountaineering Journal
    The Northwest Mountaineering Journal was a now defunct online magazine started in 2004 by Lowell Skoog to serve as a record of new climbs and ski descents, as well as to provide articles and stories pertinent to mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest of North America.
    NthWORD was an American quarterly online magazine for creative people. The magazine published works of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and art by established and emerging writers and artists, and mock ads.
  • Nuvein Magazine Nuvein Magazine
    Nuvein Magazine was an online magazine about fiction, poetry, and essays in existence from 1996 to 2004. It was started by Enrique D. Diaz while on board the U.S.S. New Jersey in 1982. The publication was a collection of photocopied articles and short stories written by Enrique and fellow sailors.
  • NYArts
    NY Arts or NY Arts Magazine, is both a web and a hard copy print publication founded by Abraham Lubelski in 1995. Though its focus is New York, its mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art worldwide. It provides opportunity to unknown artists, writers and editors.
  • Oceans of the Mind Oceans of the Mind
    Oceans of the Mind was a quarterly online science fiction magazine published in 2001-2006. Each themed issue focused on some aspect of the future, such as space colonization, future crime, spirituality, or the military. The magazine closed in 2006 due to a lack of subscriptions.
    OnMilwaukee is an online magazine for news and activities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The site features approximately 10-15 articles, blogs and briefs each day, focusing on dining, arts and entertainment, movies, music, and sports.
  • On the Issues (magazine) On the Issues (magazine)
    On the Issues is an online-only progressive feminist news and opinion magazine founded in 1983 as a print magazine: On the Issues: The Progressive Woman's Quarterly.
  • Orion (magazine) Orion (magazine)
    Orion is a bimonthly, advertisement-free, magazine focused on nature, culture, and place addressing environmental and societal issues.
  • Our Daily Bread Our Daily Bread
    Our Daily Bread is a devotional calendar-style booklet published by Our Daily Bread Ministries in over 55 languages.
  • Ozy (magazine)
    Ozy is an international online magazine that focuses on news, arts, culture, politics, business and sports. Ozy was launched in September 2013 by former MSNBC news anchor, journalist, and businessman Carlos Watson.
  • OZY Media
    OZY Media is an international online magazine that focuses on news, arts, culture, politics, business and sports. OZY was launched in September 2013 by former MSNBC news anchor, journalist, and businessman Carlos Watson.
  • Palate Press Palate Press
    Palate Press The Online Wine Magazine is an online wine magazine launched September 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Palate Press, LLC, by publisher David Honig and editor-in-chief W.R. Tish.
  • PA Music Scene
    PA Music Scene Magazine is a monthly online music magazine focusing on the local Pennsylvania music talent, music businesses and music venues.
  • Paradox (magazine) Paradox (magazine)
    Paradox: The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction was an award-winning literary magazine featuring original short historical fiction in all of its forms up to novella length. This includes mainstream historical fiction as well as other genre fiction with historical themes.
  • parterre box parterre box
    Parterre box is an ezine devoted to opera, about which it cultivates a campy, critical, strongly opinionated attitude with explicit gay overtones. The publication was founded by the New Yorker James Jorden in 1993 during a period of under-employment as an opera director.
  • Pasadena Now Pasadena Now
    Pasadena Now is an online magazine first published in April 2004 by James Macpherson and Candice Merrill, its co-publisher.
  • Paste (magazine) Paste (magazine)
    Paste is a monthly music and entertainment digital magazine published in the United States by Wolfgang's Vault. Its tagline is "Signs of Life in Music, Film and Culture." The magazine began as a website in 1998. It ran as a print publication from 2002 to 2010 before converting to online-only.
  • Pelican Bomb
    Launched in February 2011, Pelican Bomb is a non-profit contemporary visual arts organization based in New Orleans.
  • Perigee: Publication for the Arts Perigee: Publication for the Arts
    Perigee: Publication for the Arts is a quarterly literary journal, founded in 2003, that publishes poetry, prose, and artwork. It is based in San Diego, California, and St. Louis, Missouri. The founding editor is Robert Judge Woerheide.
  • Perihelion Science Fiction Perihelion Science Fiction
    Perihelion Science Fiction is an American online science fiction magazine specializing in hard science fiction. The first issue was published November 12, 2012, and it has maintained a regular monthly update schedule since.
  • Philanthropy Journal
    The Philanthropy Journal is an online magazine that delivers news, resources and opinion on matters relating to non-profit organizations. The journal offers a free website and email newsletters, nonprofit job postings, professional-development webinars, and resource listings.
  • Php architect
    Is a magazine dedicated to PHP programming language. It was founded in 2002 by Marco Tabini and his group The BlueParabola. phparchitect
    Began as a printed magazine, but went digital-only in 2009 due to the high cost of print media.
  • Physical Review Focus Physical Review Focus
    Physical Review Focus was an internet service of the American Physical Society that began in 1998, aiming to explain new developments in physics in a language understandable to the educated non-physicist. One or two short articles were published weekly.
  • Physics (American Physical Society magazine)
    Physics is an open access online publication containing commentaries on the best of the peer-reviewed research published in the journals of the American Physical Society. The editor-in-chief of Physics is Gene D. Sprouse.
  • Pinball (journal) Pinball (journal)
    Pinball is an American literary magazine based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that publishes fiction, essays, visual art, and comics online.
  • Pitchfork (website)
    Pitchfork is an American online magazine launched in 1995 by Ryan Schreiber, based in Chicago, Illinois and owned by Condé Nast.
  • Planet Magazine Planet Magazine
    Planet Magazine is a free American online fantasy and science fiction magazine by emerging writers and digital artists. It was one of the first illustrated SF publications on the Internet, and has been continuously published since the January–March issue of 1994.
  • Play (New York Times) Play (New York Times)
    Play Magazine was a weekly online sports magazine, associated with The New York Times. The magazine was later published quarterly. It was first published in February 2006. Mark Bryant was the editor-in-chief of the magazine which ceased publication in Fall 2008.
  • PlayTyme Magazine
    PlayTyme Magazine is a local fashion, entertainment and lifestyle publication that operates in Miami, Florida, covering South Florida.
  • Policy Innovations Policy Innovations
    Policy Innovations was an online magazine devoted to news and analysis examining local solutions to global challenges facing today's interconnected world. It covered the future of cities, education, environment, food, health, gender, and technology.
  • Pop City Pop City
    Pop City is a weekly online magazine and website with content focusing on news and features about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The content is framed around talent, innovation, diversity and environment.
  • PopMatters PopMatters
    PopMatters is an international online magazine of cultural criticism that covers many aspects of popular culture.
  • is a website published by American City Business Journals that provides news and information for small to mid-sized businesses. It was formerly the website for the monthly business magazine Condé Nast Portfolio, published by Condé Nast from 2007 to 2009.
  • Powerlifting USA Powerlifting USA
    Powerlifting USA is an American international magazine covering the sport of powerlifting. The print issue magazine was published from June 1977 until May 2012 by Mike Lambert.
  • Powerline (magazine)
    Powerline was a music magazine, covering the metal scene, published between 1985 and 1991.
  • PQ Monthly PQ Monthly
    PQ Monthly is a free monthly LGBTQ newspaper and daily online publication for Oregon and southwest Washington, published in Portland. The first issue was released on.
  • PrepStar College Recruiting
    PrepStar College Recruiting, known also as PrepStar, is an online magazine at, which was established in 1982. It provides information on the top football and basketball prospects in the United States.
  • Pulsamerica
    Pulsamerica is an online British-American magazine and think tank established in 2010 that covers Latin American national and international affairs. Its mission is to bring impartial centrist news analysis and diverse Latin American perspectives to the English language world.
  • Purple Clover
    Purple Clover is an English language news and lifestyle online magazine aimed at an audience 50 years and older. It is owned by Whalerock Industries. The website was launched in 2013.
  • Pyramid (magazine)
    Pyramid is a gaming magazine, publishing articles primarily on role-playing games, but including board games, card games, and other sorts of games.
  • Quanta Magazine
    Quanta Magazine is an editorially independent online publication of the Simons Foundation covering developments in mathematics, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science and the basic life sciences. The articles in the magazine are freely available to read online.
  • Quarterly Review of Wines Quarterly Review of Wines
    Quarterly Review of Wines, abbreviated QRW, is a U.S. quarterly publication with an emphasis on wine, food and travel. Published by Richard L. Elia, the first issue was released in 1977.
  • Quarterly West Quarterly West
    Quarterly West is a prominent American literary magazine based at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Stories that have appeared in Quarterly West have been shortlisted for the Pushcart Prize, The Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize.
  • Queerty
    Queerty is an online magazine and newspaper covering gay-oriented lifestyle and news, founded in 2005 by David Hauslaib. As of June 2015, the site had more than five million monthly unique visitors.
  • Rare Book Hub
    The Rare Book Hub is a website for the buying, selling and collecting of rare and antiquarian books. It was founded in 2002 in San Francisco by rare book collector Bruce McKinney with the aim of offering hard to find information about book collecting to the public.
  • RCR Wireless News
    RCR Wireless News is a weekly wireless telecommunications industry trade publication.
  • Reality Sandwich Reality Sandwich
    Reality Sandwich is a web magazine published by Evolver Holdings, Corp., a privately held company. It is based in New York City. The site's intent, as its tag line expresses, is "evolving consciousness, bite by bite."
  • Redefine (magazine)
    Redefine Magazine is an independent online publication which began in May 2004, and it is dedicated to music, visual art, and film, and the ways in which the disciplines merge. The magazine also has a social aspect to it, and routinely highlights non-profit and humanitarian causes.
  • Red Lightbulbs Red Lightbulbs
    Red Lightbulbs is an online literary magazine that was founded in April 2011. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the magazine publishes fiction, poetry, video art, audio works, and visual art.
  • Redstone Science Fiction Redstone Science Fiction
    Redstone Science Fiction was an online science fiction magazine. The first issue was published June 1, 2010 and maintained a regular monthly schedule until the September 1, 2012 issue.
  • (RED)Wire (RED)Wire
    Wire is an online magazine and music service created by Bono and Bobby Shriver.
  • Religion Dispatches Religion Dispatches
    Religion Dispatches is a daily non-profit online magazine covering religion, politics, and culture.
  • Road & Travel Magazine Road & Travel Magazine
    Road & Travel Magazine is an on-line publication focusing on automotive, travel and personal safety needs for upscale consumers with a slant towards women. The magazine has its headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Rock on Request Rock on Request
    Rock on Request is an American daily Internet publication owned by Lycos devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interviews. Its focus is on rock music.
  • Rookie (magazine) Rookie (magazine)
    Rookie is an American online magazine for teenage girls created by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. Rookie publishes art and writing from a wide variety of contributors, including journalists, celebrities, and the magazine's readers.
  • Sabato's Crystal Ball Sabato's Crystal Ball
    Sabato's Crystal Ball is a free, nonpartisan weekly online political newsletter and website in the United States that analyzes current American politics and predicts electoral outcomes for U.S House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, governors, and U.S. president races.
  • Salon (website) Salon (website)
    Salon is an American news and opinion website created by David Talbot in 1995. The site is owned by Salon Media Group. It focuses on U.S. politics, culture, and current events from a politically progressive or left-wing perspective.
  • Science Daily Science Daily
    Science Daily is an American website that publishes press releases and churnalism about science, similar to and Eurekalert.
  • Science News for Students
    Science News for Students is an online magazine published by the non-profit Society for Science & the Public. It was started in 2003 to provide articles and other interesting science content to students, teachers and parents. The magazine is based in Washington DC.
  • Sci Fiction Sci Fiction
    Sci Fiction was an online magazine which ran from 2000 to 2005. At one time, it was the leading online science fiction magazine. Published by Syfy and edited by Ellen Datlow, the work won multiple awards before it was discontinued.
  • SciFiDimensions SciFiDimensions
    SciFiDimensions was an online science fiction magazine published monthly between February 2000 and February 2010, when it went on hiatus. It was edited and published by John C. Snider, a long-time genre fan who lives in Roswell, Georgia.
  • SD Times SD Times
    Software Development Times, better known as SD Times, is a magazine published by BZ Media, in both a print version and an on-line electronic edition.
  • Seed (magazine) Seed (magazine)
    Seed is an online science magazine published by Seed Media Group. The magazine looks at big ideas in science, important issues at the intersection of science and society, and the people driving global science culture.
  • Self (magazine) Self (magazine)
    Self is an American magazine for women that specializes in health, wellness, beauty, and style. Part of Condé Nast, Self had a circulation of 1,515,880 and a total audience of 5,282,000 readers, according to its corporate media kit n 2013. The editor-in-chief is Carolyn Kylstra.
  • Self-Publishing Review
    Self-Publishing Review is an online book review magazine for indie authors founded in 2008 by American author Henry Baum.
  • Sentimentalist Magazine
    Sentimentalist Magazine is an American magazine of indie rock music and culture, published quarterly.
  • Sex, Etc. Sex, Etc.
    Sex, Etc. is an award-winning American magazine and web site on teens' reproductive health. It is written by teens, for teens, and published by Answer, at Rutgers University.
  • SheWired
    SheWired is an online magazine and special interest website based in Los Angeles, California. Launched by LGBT media company Here Media in 2008, the magazine primarily focuses on lesbian culture.
  • Shirzanan Shirzanan
    Shirzanan was an online weekly magazine and the first publication on Iran women's sports.
  • Six-Word Memoirs Six-Word Memoirs
    Six-Word Memoirs is a project founded by the U.S.-based online storytelling magazine Smith Magazine. Like that publication, Six-Word Memoirs seek to provide a platform for storytelling in all its forms.
  • Skiing (magazine)
    Skiing is an American magazine devoted to skiing that has been published in print since 1948. It's one of the two largest circulation magazines for skiers.
  • Slant Magazine Slant Magazine
    Slant Magazine is an American online publication that features reviews of movies, music, TV, DVDs, theater, and video games, as well as interviews with actors, directors, and musicians. The site covers various film festivals like the New York Film Festival.
  • Slate (magazine) Slate (magazine)
    Slate is an online magazine that covers current affairs, politics, and culture in the United States from a liberal perspective.
  • Small Wars Journal Small Wars Journal
    The Small Wars Journal is an online magazine focusing on intrastate conflict. Aside from its online magazine, SWJ hosts an accompanying blog and the Small Wars Council discussion board. Other site features include an online reference library, recommended reading and event listings.
  • Smith Magazine Smith Magazine
    Smith Magazine is a U.S.-based online magazine devoted to storytelling in all its forms. Smiths content is participatory in nature, and the magazine welcomes contributions from all its readers.
  • Snowboard Magazine
    Snowboard Magazine is an independent snowboarding publication. It was founded in April 2004 by Mark Sullivan and Liz Sullivan in Hailey, Idaho. Soon they were joined by Jeff Baker, Aaron Draplin, Gary Hansen and Jason "J2" Rasmus.
  • SNReview SNReview
    SNReview is a seasonal online literary magazine founded in 1999. It has published the poetry and prose of Stephen Gyllenhaal, Adrian Louis, and Steve Poleskie, among others. In the past three years, page views have risen almost sixfold with the average issue receiving more than 20,000 page views.
  • Soap Shows
    Soap Shows is an online magazine that covers American daytime soap operas. It features on-screen and off-screen news about both current and past soap operas, interviews with daytime stars, article updates about the stars' lives, storyline summaries and previews.
  • Soldier of Fortune (magazine) Soldier of Fortune (magazine)
    Soldier of Fortune, The Journal of Professional Adventurers, is a monthly U.S. periodical founded in 1975 as a mercenary magazine devoted to worldwide reporting of wars, including conventional warfare, low-intensity warfare, counter insurgency, and counter-terrorism.
  • Sound Rider! Sound Rider!
    Sound RIDER! began as a monthly online magazine about motorcycling in the Pacific Northwest. It was founded by publisher Tom Mehren in 1999. The magazine features editorial about people, places and events associated with motorcycling in the Northwest region.
  • Southcoast247 Southcoast247
    Southcoast247, a subsidiary of the SouthCoast Media Group, is an arts & entertainment magazine and online web site based in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • Southern Partisan
    Southern Partisan is a conservative political magazine which was published in Columbia, South Carolina, United States. Founded in 1979, the magazine focused on its Southern region and those states that were formerly members of the Confederate States of America. Its first editor was Thomas Fleming.
  • Spectrum Culture
    Spectrum Culture is an online music, film, food, and print media webzine that provides weekly reviews and a variety of special features in these areas. It is characterized by its in-depth and sometimes irreverent cultural criticism of both indie and mainstream cultural topics.
  • Speculations Speculations
    Speculations was a resource for writers within the science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction subgenres. Started in 1994 as a print magazine, Speculations moved online in 1999, then ceased operations in 2008. Speculations was a Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine nominee seven times.
  • Spin (magazine) Spin (magazine)
    Spin is an American music magazine founded in 1985 by publisher Bob Guccione, Jr. The magazine stopped running in print in 2012 and currently runs as a webzine.
  • Sports Climax Sports Climax
    Sports Climax is a national online sports magazine owned by Sports Climax, LLC and founded by current Senior Editor Tom Ferda in 2008. The sites slogans are, "Sports News With a Happy Ending" and "Have You Had Your Sports Climax Today?".
  • SQL Server Pro SQL Server Pro
    SQL Server Pro is a trade digital publication and website owned by Penton serving the information needs of IT Professionals in various fields including data processing, database administration, database development, computer-related consulting, and many other areas.
  • Starlog Starlog
    Starlog was a monthly science fiction magazine that was created in 1976 and focused primarily on Star Trek at its inception. Kerry O'Quinn and Norman Jacobs were its creators and it was published by Starlog Group, Inc. in August 1976.
  • State Magazine State Magazine
    State Magazine is a digital magazine published by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Human Resources.
  • Stay Free! Stay Free!
    Stay Free! is a non-profit magazine about the politics of culture based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Carrie McLaren in 1993 while working at Matador Records, it tends to focus on "the perversions of media and consumer culture."
  • Stiff Jab Stiff Jab is a boxing and MMA website founded in 2010.
  • Stock Car Racing (magazine) Stock Car Racing (magazine)
    Stock Car Racing Magazine was founded in the U.S. in May 1966 The magazine is based in Concord, North Carolina.
  • STOCKYARD Magazine STOCKYARD Magazine
    STOCKYARD was an American online cultural magazine that focused on society, art, and literature; it published fiction, poetry, social commentary, political commentary, satire, reportage, and reviews. Started in 2008, it matured into a publication relevant to its Chicagoan and international audience.
  • StorySouth StorySouth
    StorySouth is an online quarterly literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, criticism, essays, and visual artwork, with a focus on the Southern United States.
  • Strange Horizons Strange Horizons
    Strange Horizons is an online speculative fiction magazine. It also features speculative poetry in every issue.
  • Strategic Insights
    Strategic Insights was a monthly electronic journal produced by the Center for Contemporary Conflict at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.
  • Straylight Magazine Straylight Magazine
    Straylight Magazine is the literary magazine of the University of Wisconsin–Parkside, owned and edited by Dean Karpowicz as well as a staff of rotating Parkside students. It features non-genre literary works of fiction, poetry, and art. It also includes book reviews and interviews.
  • Street Fight (publication)
    Street Fight is a regularly updated online trade publication covering hyperlocal business, local commerce, mobile, location-based companies and services, advertising technology and relevant business leaders in the space.
  • Student Leader (magazine)
    Student Leader, founded in 1992 by W.H. "Butch" Oxendine, Jr., is a national college magazine that focuses on campus leaders, student governments, clubs, and organizations at American colleges and universities.
  • SubtleTea SubtleTea
    SubtleTea is a Pittsburgh-based online journal that leans toward the written word. It includes artist interviews, poetry, prose, visual art, links and resources.
  • Suburban Voice Suburban Voice
    Suburban Voice is a punk zine published by Al Quint. Originally started in 1982, it was titled Suburban Punk for the first 10 issues, and then the titled changed to Suburban Voice. Although the zine has other contributors, Quint is the primary writer for most of the material.
  • was one of the earliest ad-supported content sites on the Internet. It featured daily editorial content on a wide variety of topics, including politics and pop-culture and was targeted at Generation X. Their tagline, and mascots, were "A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun".
  • Swans Commentary
    Swans Commentary is an American online political and literary magazine, created in 1996; co-editors are Jan Baughman and the French essayist and political commentator Gilles d'Aymery, who is the magazine's publisher.
  • Swans (magazine) Swans (magazine)
    Swans Commentary is an American online political and literary magazine, created in 1996; co-editors are Jan Baughman and the French essayist and political commentator Gilles d'Aymery, who is the magazine's publisher.
  • Sylk Magazine Sylk Magazine
    Sylk Magazine is an online men's magazine launched in June 2004. Sylk features a mix of socio-political editorial combined with pictorials of scantily clad female models. Sylk Magazine was one of the first men's magazines to forsake print and embrace 100% Internet distribution.
  • Tablet (magazine)
    Tablet magazine is an American Jewish general interest online magazine sponsored by Nextbook. Launched in June 2009, it is the successor magazine to Nextbook.
  • Taki's Magazine Taki's Magazine
    Taki's Magazine, called "Takimag" for short, is an online magazine of politics and culture published by the Greek paleoconservative journalist and socialite Taki Theodoracopulos and edited by his daughter Mandolyna Theodoracopulos.
  • Talking Points Memo Talking Points Memo
    Talking Points Memo is a web-based political journalism website created and run by Josh Marshall that debuted on November 12, 2000. The name is a reference to the memo with the issues discussed by one's side in a debate or used to support a position taken on an issue.
  • Tangent Online Tangent Online
    Tangent Online is an online magazine launched in its online incarnation in 1997, though it began as a print magazine in 1993. Tangent Online is edited by Dave Truesdale, with web-hoster Eric James Stone.
  • TCS Daily
    TCS Daily was an online magazine with commentary and analysis on current news from a free-market perspective. It was active between 2000 and 2010.
  • Teen Scene (magazine)
    Teen Scene is an online magazine for teenagers and young adults by teenagers and young adults. The magazine publishes between a new themed issue per month with new content published daily.
  • Textsound journal Textsound journal
    Textsound journal is an audio online literary magazine that publishes experimental poetry and sound.
  • The American (magazine) The American (magazine)
    The American is an online magazine published by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. The magazine's primary focus is the intersection of economics and politics.
  • The Appendix The Appendix
    The Appendix is an online magazine of "narrative and experimental history." It was co-founded in fall of 2012 by Benjamin Breen, Felipe Cruz, Christopher Heaney, and Brian Jones. A stated goal of the journal is that "scholarly and popular history need to come together."
  • The Aroostook Review The Aroostook Review
    The Aroostook Review is "the online literary journal of the English Program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent." Geraldine Cannon Becker is the editor in chief of the literary journal, initiated in 2006.
  • The Arts Fuse The Arts Fuse
    The Arts Fuse is an online arts magazine covering cultural events in Greater Boston, as well as Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New York providing a next generation platform for arts and culture consumers across New England and beyond.
  • The Beachwood Reporter The Beachwood Reporter
    The Beachwood Reporter is a web publication based in Chicago, Illinois, United States that focuses on cultural criticism and critiques of Chicago's news outlets. It was launched on February 27, 2006.
  • The Bold Italic
    The Bold Italic is an online, New Journalism culture magazine based San Francisco. The magazine was founded in 2009, as a collaboration between design firm IDEO and media company Gannett, who sold the magazine to local owners in 2015.
  • The Bollard
    The Bollard is a monthly local magazine based in Portland, Maine, covering local news and arts.
  • The Bronx Times The Bronx Times
    The Bronx Times is a daily online newspaper, founded in March, 2005 by Peter Milosheff, in the Financial District of Manhattan, NY.
  • The Cafe Irreal
    The Cafe Irreal is an Internet journal dedicated to the publication and propagation of irrealist literature.
  • The California Sunday Magazine
    The California Sunday Magazine is a longform print and online magazine featuring stories about the West, Latin America and Asia.
  • The Commonline Journal The Commonline Journal
    The Commonline Journal is a literary e-journal publishing accessible poetry and discourse. The journal gained its initial reputation by publishing realist poetry from writers emerging through Web 2.0 mediums and turn of the century hyperzines.
  • The Concierge Questionnaire The Concierge Questionnaire
    The Concierge Questionnaire is an online travel magazine, launched in 2009, featuring locals with "travel answers from those who know," and inspired by the Proust Questionnaire.
  • The Contrarian Media
    The Contrarian Media is an online magazine covering a range of topics, including skeptical inquiry, politics, media policy, spirituality and metaphysics, contemporary culture and satire.
  • The Cook Political Report The Cook Political Report
    The Cook Political Report is an independent, non-partisan online newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns for the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, Governor's offices and the American Presidency. It was founded by political analyst Charlie Cook in 1984.
  • The Digital Journalist The Digital Journalist
    The Digital Journalist is a monthly online magazine about photojournalism which was launched in 1997 by Dirck Halstead, its editor and publisher.
  • The Dissolve
    The Dissolve was a film review, news, and commentary website which was operated by Pitchfork and based in Chicago, Illinois. The site was focused on reviews, commentary, interviews, and news about contemporary and classic films.
  • The DO The DO
    The DO is a monthly online magazine published by the American Osteopathic Association.
  • The Dodo
    The Dodo is an American online publisher focused on animals and animal rights issues. The website was launched in January 2014 by Izzie Lerer, the daughter of media executive Kenneth Lerer.
  • The Environmentalist The Environmentalist
    The Environmentalist is a public interest, eco-investigative journalism website that reports on the geopolitics and science of climate change, general politics, sustainable living, business impact and the history of affected regions.
  • The Escapist (magazine) The Escapist (magazine)
    The Escapist is an online magazine covering mostly video games as well as movies, comics, TV, and more.
  • The European Courier
    The European Courier is an online, opinion magazine headquartered in New York City and devoted to analysis of international relations, foreign policy of the United States and the European Union, international law and security issues.
  • The Exception Magazine
    The Exception Magazine is an online news magazine that covers Maine. It is headquartered in Portland, Maine. The Exception Magazine, which is updated daily during the week, covers Maine news, business, politics and culture.
  • TheFeature was an award-winning online magazine and community dedicated to covering the technological, cultural and business evolution of the mobile Internet and the wider mobile telecommunications industry. Sponsored by Nokia, it was launched in August 2000 and continued through June 2005.
  • The Federalist (website)
    The Federalist is an English-language online magazine that covers politics, policy, culture, and religion. The site was co-founded by Ben Domenech and Sean Davis and launched in September 2013. Domenech serves as publisher of The Federalist.
  • The Fiction Circus The Fiction Circus
    The Fiction Circus is a Brooklyn- and Austin-based online literary magazine and art collective that publishes short fiction and essays on the arts. The group also holds staged multimedia fiction readings accompanied by electronic music and incorporating visual art and theater as a frame narrative.
  • The Frisky
    The Frisky is a women's entertainment and lifestyle website which was launched in 2008. In 2011, Buzzmedia acquired The Frisky from their previous publisher Turner Broadcasting Systems.
  • The Globalist The Globalist
    The Globalist is a daily online magazine that "focuses on the economics, politics and culture" of globalization. The Globalist "aims to provide current and up-to-date news analysis and perspectives on wide-ranging global issues that touch all global citizens".
  • The Green Guide The Green Guide
    The Green Guide was a bi-monthly publication produced by the National Geographic Society as an information resource on eco-conscious and healthy living. Founded in 1994, it ceased publication in 2008, and now exists as a website only.
  • The Hard Copy Observer
    The Hard Copy Observer is a regular publication of Lyra Research based in Newtonville, Massachusetts. It is a business publication targeted at the Printing and Imaging business, and is widely considered the premier authoritative factual source for that industry.
  • The Harrow The Harrow
    The Harrow was an online magazine for fantasy and horror fiction, poetry, and reviews, launched in January 1998 by founder and editor-in-chief Dru Pagliassotti.
  • The Industry Standard
    The Industry Standard is a U.S. news web site dedicated to technology business news, part of InfoWorld, a news website covering technology in general. It is a revival of a weekly magazine based in San Francisco which was published between 1998 and 2001.
  • The Intercept
    The Intercept is an online publication launched in February 2014 by First Look Media, the news organization created and funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.
  • The Internationalist
    The Internationalist was a magazine based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in July 2004, the Internationalist grew its readership to 65,000 nationally. In 2006, the publication was awarded a Bronze Eddie Award for editorial excellence.
  • The Internet Review of Science Fiction The Internet Review of Science Fiction
    The Internet Review of Science Fiction was an American webzine devoted to science fiction criticism. It featured critical articles as well as reviews of short fiction and novels.
  • The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
    The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education is a former academic journal, now an online magazine, for African Americans working in academia in the United States.
  • The Lakeview Review The Lakeview Review
    The Lakeview Review was an American literary journal published in the Fingerlakes area of Upstate New York by founding editor Tanya Babcock. The print journal was established in 2008 and was published quarterly: January, April, July and October. The magazine is headquartered in Wayland, New York.
  • The Land Report The Land Report
    The Land Report is an American magazine with a quarterly print edition. The magazine focuses on topics of interest to those who own or seek to own or invest in land.
  • The Libertarian Enterprise
    The Libertarian Enterprise is an online publication begun in October 1995. It is published by L. Neil Smith. Currently it comes out every Sunday with a new issue. It has been edited by Ken Holder for the past few years.
  • The Minnesota Independent The Minnesota Independent
    The Minnesota Independent, formerly Minnesota Monitor, and sometimes known as MnIndy, was an independent online news website. It launched in August 2006, with a focus on coverage of political issues. The website was funded by the American Independent News Network.
  • The Monthly Aspectarian
    Published since 1979, The Monthly Aspectarian is a free print and online magazine which is based in the Chicago. The magazine is also distributed in Milwaukee region of the American Midwest.
  • The Morning News (online magazine) The Morning News (online magazine)
    The Morning News is a U.S.-based daily online magazine founded in 1999 by Rosecrans Baldwin and Andrew Womack. It began as an email newsletter and in the fall of 2000 evolved into a news-oriented weblog with a New York focus.
  • The Moving Arts Film Journal The Moving Arts Film Journal
    The Moving Arts Film Journal is an online film magazine. It is based in Wichita, Kansas, United States. It is edited and published by Eric M. Armstrong, member of the Online Film Critics Society.
  • The National Memo
    The National Memo is an American online news site and newsletter. Founded in 2011 by award-winning journalist and editor Joe Conason, features daily breaking news and commentary as well as analysis from America's top progressive thinkers.
  • The Nervous Breakdown (magazine) The Nervous Breakdown (magazine)
    The Nervous Breakdown is an online culture magazine and literary community, founded in 2006 by Brad Listi, author of the bestselling novel Attention. Deficit. Disorder. TNB is also an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction, having launched its own imprint called TNB Books in June 2010.
  • The New Formalist The New Formalist
    The New Formalist was a United States-based literary periodical published monthly in electronic form and once a year in print form. Distributed by The New Formalist Press and edited by Leo Yankevich, it published many of the leading formal poets writing in English today.
  • The New Inquiry The New Inquiry
    The New Inquiry is an online magazine of cultural and literary criticism, established by Mary Borkowski, Jennifer Bernstein, and Rachel Rosenfelt in 2009 and administered as a 501 nonprofit. The magazine's website updates daily, and every few weeks a new edition of the magazine comes out as a PDF.
  • The New Yinzer The New Yinzer
    The New Yinzer is an online literary magazine published in Pittsburgh. The primary means of publication is online, supplemented with occasional printed material. It is published triannually. The New Yinzer focuses on Pittsburgh as inspiration.
  • The Pop Manifesto The Pop Manifesto
    The Pop Manifesto is a digital magazine, based in New York City, United States but was founded in Sydney, Australia. It focuses on counter culture and innovative creatives within the fields of music, fashion and design.
  • The PracTeX Journal The PracTeX Journal
    The PracTeX Journal, or simply PracTeX, also known as TPJ, is an online journal focussing on practical use of the TeX typesetting system. It is published by the TeX Users Group and intended to be a complement to their primary print journal, TUGboat.
  • The Progressive Accountant The Progressive Accountant
    The Progressive Accountant is an ad driven online ezine oriented exclusively to the accounting industry. It is run from the Progressive Media Group's main office in Middletown, New Jersey, USA and provides news and information in real time.
  • The Reader Magazine
    The Reader Magazine is a free, printed, quarterly magazine based in Redlands, California containing public interest journalism. It has a circulation of 390,000 by mail. In 2011 the magazine was accused of plagiarism by Columbia Journalism Review, which it denied.
  • The Root (magazine) The Root (magazine)
    The Root is an English-language American online magazine of African-American culture launched on January 28, 2008, by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Donald E. Graham, and was owned by Graham Holdings Company through its online subsidiary, The Slate Group.
  • The Rumpus
    The Rumpus is an online literary magazine founded by Stephen Elliott, and launched on January 20, 2009. The site features interviews, book reviews, essays, comics, and critiques of creative culture as well as original fiction and poetry.
  • The Space Review The Space Review
    The Space Review is a free online publication, published weekly with in-depth articles, essays, commentary and reviews on space exploration and development. It was founded in February 2003 by Jeff Foust, the current editor, publisher and regular writer.
  • The SunBreak
    The SunBreak is an online magazine in Seattle, Washington, founded in September, 2009 by Michael van Baker, formerly an editor for Seattlest.
  • The Third Rail
    The Third Rail is a U.S.-based online magazine concerning itself with rapid transit topics, including history and current events. It is currently published by The Composing Stack Inc. of New York City, a software and internet services company, and the title is a registered trademark of that company.
  • The Torist
    The Torist is a literary journal first released in late 2015, published on the Tor anonymity network. It features short stories, essays and poetry.
  • The Truth About Cars The Truth About Cars
    The Truth About Cars is a website covering automobiles, automotive products and the auto industry. The site began publishing in 2002, and features a mix of automotive reviews, editorials and news.
  • The Washington Free Beacon The Washington Free Beacon
    The Washington Free Beacon is an American conservative political journalism web site launched in 2012.
  • The Winter Anthology
    The Winter Anthology, published online since 2009, is an annual collection of literature. It has a very particular, consistent editorial vision, informed by an elegiac perspective on the humanities.
  • TheWrap
    TheWrap is an entertainment and media news website founded by Sharon Waxman in 2009.
  • The Write Place At the Write Time
    The Write Place At the Write Time is an online triannual literary magazine that publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and interviews. It was first published in 2008 and is listed on websites such as Poets & Writers.
  • Three-lobed Burning Eye Three-lobed Burning Eye
    Three-lobed Burning Eye is an online magazine of speculative fiction edited by Andrew S. Fuller. First published in 1999, it features stories from the genres of horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction, as well as magical realism or slipstream. All issues are collected in an annual print anthology.
  • Tom's Hardware Tom's Hardware
    Tom's Hardware is an online publication owned by Purch Group and focused on technology. It was founded in 1996 by Thomas Pabst. It provides articles, news, price comparisons, videos and reviews on computer hardware and high technology.
  • Transportation Communications Newsletter
    Transportation Communications Newsletter is an electronic newsletter published Monday through Friday via Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. It has.
  • TravelLady
    TravelLady is a free online travel magazine with over 200 international travel writers contributing. It was started in 1994 by Madelyn Miller. It is based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Trinity Journal (webzine)
    The Trincoll Journal is a WebZine. It was produced by a student group at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, United States from 1992 until it became defunct in the spring of 2000. Most of its content is still available via the Trinity College website.
  • Triple Canopy (online magazine)
    Triple Canopy is an online magazine, which was founded in New York City in 2007. Its digital issues feature non-genre-specific work by writers and artists that resist the atomization of culture and strive to enrich the public sphere.
  • True Crime Zine
    True Crime Zine is an online magazine that reviews and critiques true-crime and fact-based books. It is also an online crime news aggregator.
  • Twist (magazine) Twist (magazine)
    Twist is an online teen-focused website and was a monthly print teen magazine. The website is owned by, and the print magazine was published, by Bauer Publishing, the United States division of the German firm Bauer Verlagsgruppe. The first issue was released in 1997.
  • Umbrella (newsletter)
    Umbrella was an art newsletter or informal magazine that ran for three decades, from 1978 to 2008. Its focus was on artist's books and related media, and it has been credited as an important factor in the emergence and visibility of artist's books from Southern California.
  • Uncanny Magazine
    Uncanny Magazine is an American science fiction and fantasy online magazine, edited and published by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas. Issues appear bimonthly, starting November 2014 after receiving funding through Kickstarter.
  • Uncle Henry's
    Uncle Henry's is an American online and printed classified adverts repository, printed in Augusta, Maine.
  • UNESCO Courier
    The UNESCO Courier is the main magazine published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.
  • Urban Honking
    Urban Honking is an American webzine and pioneering blogging collective founded in 2001 by Steve Schroeder, Jona Bechtolt and Mike Merrill. The site and the community that has grown up around it are often collectively referred to by the contraction "UrHo" or "URHO."
  • UR Chicago UR Chicago
    UR Chicago is an online magazine covering regional and national lifestyles and entertainment. It was a print magazine between 1997 and 2008.
  • U.S. News & World Report U.S. News & World Report
    U.S. News & World Report is an American media company that publishes news, opinion, consumer advice, rankings, and analysis. Founded as a newsweekly magazine in 1933, U.S. News transitioned to primarily web-based publishing in 2010.
  • Variance (magazine)
    Variance is an online music and entertainment magazine, co-founded by Jonathan Robles in 2010 and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also publishes a print magazine with past features including The Killers' Brandon Flowers, J. Cole, Ellie Goulding, Robin Thicke, Foster the People, and Ed Sheeran.
  • Velvetpark Velvetpark
    Velvetpark: Dyke Culture in Bloom is a lesbian and feminist arts and culture website that regularly features music, literature, theater, fine arts, film, television, and social activism as it impacts queer culture.
  • Vibe (magazine) Vibe (magazine)
    Vibe is an American music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly features R&B and hip hop music artists, actors and other entertainers.
  • VIBE Vixen VIBE Vixen
    VIBE Vixen was a magazine geared towards female readers of Vibe Magazine that covered fashion, beauty, dating, entertainment, sex, and societal issues for "urban minded females".
  • Virtual Sky
    Virtual Sky, is a Virtual Aviation online magazine, published monthly by the International Virtual Aviation Organisation, on
  • VIVmag
    VIVmag is one of the earliest exclusively digital, interactive women's lifestyle magazines. Launched in 2006 and backed by Canadian industrialist David Harrison Gilmour, the bimonthly magazine is distributed by Zinio Systems, Inc. The first issue appeared in January-February 2007.
  • Volutions Magazine
    Volutions Magazine is a hypermedia online artistic enterprise founded in 2005 by artists and intellectuals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The inaugural edition included poetry, prose, music, painting and photography.
  • VroomGirls
    VroomGirls is an American online automobile magazine targeting the female auto buyer.
  • Weekly Shonen Jump (magazine) Weekly Shonen Jump (magazine)
    Weekly Shonen Jump is a digital shōnen manga anthology published in North America by Viz Media, and the successor to their monthly print anthology Shonen Jump. It began serialization on January 30, 2012 as Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, with two free preview issues released in the buildup to its launch.
  • What Weekly What Weekly
    What Weekly is an online magazine published in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, focusing on the visual art, popular culture, humor and writing. According to its tagline, What Weekly focuses on the beautiful in creative culture and beyond. It is produced by the creative agency What Works Studio.
  • Wheelhouse Magazine Wheelhouse Magazine
    Wheelhouse Magazine is an online progressive arts and politics magazine, run by members of the Wheelhouse Arts Collective.
  • Who What Wear
    Who What Wear is the leading online destination for aspirational yet accessible fashion content that is elevated, serviceable, and 100% shoppable. Through trend reports, celebrity style guides, wardrobe how-tos, and the latest in fashion news, Who What Wear is your one-stop style resource.
  • Who, What, Wear
    Who What Wear is the leading online destination for aspirational yet accessible fashion content that is elevated, serviceable, and 100% shoppable. Through trend reports, celebrity style guides, wardrobe how-tos, and the latest in fashion news, Who What Wear is your one-stop style resource.
  • Wilderness House Literary Review
    The Wilderness House Literary Review is an American quarterly online literary magazine, based in Littleton, Massachusetts. The magazine was launched in 2006.
  • Wild River Review Wild River Review
    Wild River Review is an online magazine that publishes in-depth reporting, works of literature, art, visual art, reviews, interviews, and columns by and about contemporary artists, photographers, and writers.
  • Wimpkiller Wimpkiller
    Wimpkiller is a zine published by Michael Rice and Dave Rupert. Founded in a Houston suburb some time between 1989 and 2002 as a self-published print zine, Wimpkillers popularity quickly spread beyond Houston to develop reader bases in Austin, TX, Durham, NC, Europe and Japan.
  • Winding Road (magazine) Winding Road (magazine)
    Winding Road is a digital automotive enthusiast magazine owned by NextScreen LLC, of Austin, Texas, which also publishes various consumer electronics related titles digitally and in print. Winding Roads monthly digital magazine focuses on enthusiast-oriented vehicles, and passionate drivers.
  • Windows IT Pro Windows IT Pro
    Windows IT Pro is a trade publication and web site owned by Penton serving the information needs of IT professionals working with the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • WireTap (magazine) WireTap (magazine)
    Wiretap is a progressive/liberal English language online news and culture website that emerged from the youth-oriented project of AlterNet and became an independent, self-sustaining publication.
  • WMB 3D: World's Most Beautiful WMB 3D: World's Most Beautiful
    WMB 3D: World's Most Beautiful is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Los Angeles.
  • Wonkette Wonkette
    Wonkette is an American online magazine of topical satire and political gossip, established in 2004 by Gawker Media and founding editor Ana Marie Cox, edited by Ken Layne from 2006 to 2012, and owned and edited by Rebecca Schoenkopf since 2012.
  • Word Magazine
    Word Magazine was an influential online magazine.
  • Word Riot Word Riot
    Word Riot was an American online magazine that publishes poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novel excerpts, creative nonfiction, reviews, and interviews.
  • Words Without Borders
    Words Without Borders is an international magazine opened to international exchange through translation, publication, and promotion of the world's best writing and authors who are not easily accessible to English-speaking readers.
  • World and I
    World and I was a monthly magazine owned by News World Communications, an international news media corporation founded by Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon. World and I started as a full-color glossy magazine in 1986 as a print magazine published by The Washington Times.
  • Writ (website)
    Writ is a legal commentary website on the topic of the law of the United States hosted by FindLaw. The website is no longer adding content, having published its last entry in August 2011.
    XLR8R is a magazine and website that covers music, culture, style, and technology.
  • XoJane XoJane
    XoJane is an American online magazine geared toward women and founded by Jane Pratt, founding editor of Sassy and Jane magazines.
  • Yaldah magazine Yaldah magazine
    Yaldah magazine is a magazine that was published 10 times a year, but due to costs, they stopped producing the magazine altogether. There is a website that girls still write articles on.
  • Yen Plus Yen Plus
    Yen Plus was an American monthly anthology magazine of Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and Original English-language manga published by Yen Press.
  • YFS Magazine YFS Magazine
    YFS Magazine, which stands for Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed, is a small business news website and online magazine founded by American business woman, serial entrepreneur, and syndicated columnist Erica Nicole.
  • Zester Daily Zester Daily
    Zester Daily is a food and wine online magazine, published by a team led by Corie Brown, a former writer and editor for the Los Angeles Times.
  • ZIP Beep
    ZIP Beep was a humor magazine created by J Charles Strinz. It was published monthly from September 1984 to 1989 and was syndicated to over 150 Bulletin Board Systems around the world through BBS Press Service, making it the first ever online humor magazine, and one of the first online magazines.
  • Zygote in My Coffee Zygote in My Coffee
    Zygote in My Coffee was a popular underground independent print and online magazine that ran from December 31, 2003 until May 30, 2010, which dealt mostly in experimental and "street" poetry, though it also published content such as short fiction, social commentary, political rants, one-act plays...
  • ZYX (magazine)
    Zyx is a literary newsletter, or zine, edited by Arnold Skemer and published regularly since 1990 by Phygrian Press in New York City.

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    Richmond American Opens Two Virginia Communities
    Builder Magazine
    Richmond American Homes of Virginia, Inc., a subsidiary of M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MDC), late Thursday announced the opening of two communities in northern Virginia: Twin Lakes Overlook and Mountain Brook Estates. Model homes will open for ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 12:52:46 2 42

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    In Southern Magazines, Easy Pleasures and Hard Questions
    New York Times
    From the outside, the American South of 2017 may seem stuck in a one-note loop of grim historical disputation, with fights over the Confederate flag and monuments interrupted only by meteorological disaster. But Mr. Reece's online magazine is engaged ...
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  • American Libraries (blog)
    Latino Cultures Platform a New Library Resource
    American Libraries (blog)
    The platform brings more than 2,500 Latino cultural artifacts online and—through immersive storytelling, 360-degree virtual tours, ultra-high-resolution imagery, and visual field trips—offers first-hand knowledge about the Latino experience in America.
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 15:59:34 1 10

  • OZY
    The Online Journals Giving a Voice to Africa's New Writers
    When Dami Ajayi and Emmanuel Iduma were students at Nigeria's Obafemi Awolowo University, they used to send each other their writing samples, going back and forth, sharing rejection slips from literary magazines in North America. Frustrated, Ajayi, a ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 04:05:25 0 18

  • New York Times
    Americans Are Confronting an Alarming Question: Are Many of Our Fellow Citizens 'Nazis?'
    New York Times
    One morning in mid-August, Americans woke up in what felt, to some, like an altered country. The week's most notable political event had begun with hundreds of Americans carrying torches while chanting “Sieg heil” and “Jews will not replace us.
    Published on: Tue, 05 Sep 09:00:34 3 156
  • Hurricane Harvey and Libraries
    American Libraries (blog)
    Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a Category 4 storm near Rockport the night of August 25. Although soon downgraded to a tropical storm the following afternoon, Harvey was responsible for more than 60 deaths and up to $180 billion in damage, ...
    Published on: Wed, 06 Sep 18:44:11 2 345

  • Infosecurity Magazine
    Americans More Likely to Use VPNs
    Infosecurity Magazine
    Have you registered for Infosecurity North America taking place in Boston, 04-05 October 2017? For the full agenda, speaker list and more information, please visit ...
    Published on: Tue, 05 Sep 19:48:59 11 280

  • The American Prospect
    Steve Bannon, Unrepentant
    The American Prospect
    Robert Kuttner, the co-founder and co-editor of this magazine, never expected a phone call from Bannon; the Prospect, after all, is a proudly liberal and defiantly anti-Trump journal. Nonetheless .... He's probably the most media-savvy person in America.
    Published on: Wed, 16 Aug 21:54:51 28 393
  • Bathing suit beauty! Khloe Kardashian shows off toned figure in BTS shots of Good American shoot... after revealing ...
    Daily Mail
    And Khloe Kardashian showcased the fruits of her labor as she slipped into a strappy black bathing suit to promote her Good American clothing line on Thursday. The reality star, 33, posted a series of behind-the-scenes images of her latest photo shoot ...
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  • Vanity Fair
    Meghan Markle, Wild About Harry!
    Vanity Fair
    Meghan Markle was going to London. She had a week's hiatus before returning to Toronto to film the 100th episode of Suits, a surprise-hit series on the USA Network, now in its seventh season. On a rainy afternoon in June, Markle came to her front door ...
    Published on: Tue, 05 Sep 11:01:32 2 28

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