American Emigrants To Brazil

American emigrants to Brazil

  • Bob Falkenburg
    Robert Falkenburg is a former American amateur tennis player and entrepreneur. He is best known for winning the Men's Singles at the 1948 Wimbledon Championships and for introducing soft ice cream and American fast food to Brazil in 1952. He is the founder of the Brazilian fast food chain "Bob's."
  • Bruno Dubeux
    Bruno Dubeux de Andrade, best known as Bruno Dubeux, is an American-born Brazilian actor and doctor.
  • Camila Mendes
    Camila Carraro Mendes is an American actress. She portrays Veronica Lodge on The CW television series Riverdale.
  • Charles Paraventi
    Charles Paraventi is an American-born Brazilian actor.
  • Christine Fernandes Christine Fernandes
    Christine Fernandes Alves is an American-born Brazilian actress and presenter.
  • Confederate colonies Confederate colonies
    Confederate colonies were made up of refugees from the Confederate States of America who fled the United States after the Union won the American Civil War. They settled in many Latin American countries like Brazil and Mexico.
  • Daniel Everett Daniel Everett
    Daniel Leonard Everett is an American linguist and author best known for his study of the Amazon Basin's Pirahã people and their language.
  • Darrell A. Posey
    Darrell Addison Posey was an American anthropologist and biologist who vitalized the study of traditional knowledge of indigenous and folk populations in Brazil and other countries.
  • David Bohm David Bohm
    David Joseph Bohm FRS was an American scientist who has been described as one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century and who contributed unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology and the philosophy of mind.
  • David Fleischer
    David Verge Fleischer is an American born Brazilian social scientist and professor.
  • David Neeleman David Neeleman
    David G. Neeleman is a Brazilian-American entrepreneur who has founded four commercial airlines, Morris Air, Westjet, JetBlue Airways and Azul Brazilian Airlines. He is also the co-owner of another commercial airline in Europe, TAP Air Portugal, along with Humberto Pedrosa.
  • Dionne Warwick Dionne Warwick
    Dionne Warwick is an American singer, actress and television show host, who became a United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization, and a United States Ambassador of Health.
  • Dorothy Stang Dorothy Stang
    Sister Dorothy Mae Stang, S.N.D., was an American-born, Brazilian member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur community in 1948 and professed final vows in 1956.
  • Eduardo Dougherty
    Fr. Edward John Dougherty, SJ is an American-Brazilian Jesuit priest, educator, communicator and religious leader of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement in Brazil.
  • Elizabeth Bishop Elizabeth Bishop
    Elizabeth Bishop was an American poet and short-story writer. She was Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1949 to 1950, the Pulitzer Prize winner for Poetry in 1956, the National Book Award winner in 1970, and the recipient of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature in 1976.
  • Eric Ehrmann
    Eric Wayne Ehrmann is an author and columnist who has covered sports, politics and proliferation issues in Latin America for 30 years.
  • Gabriel Ferrari
    Gabriel Enzo Ferrari is a former American soccer player.
  • Henry Sobel Henry Sobel
    Henry Isaac Sobel is a Brazilian-American reform rabbi, and was president of the Congregação Israelita Paulista, the second largest Jewish congregation in Latin America, in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Jim Jones Jim Jones
    James Warren Jones was an American religious cult leader who initiated and was responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in Jonestown, Guyana. He believed Socialism was the correct social order in compliance with God's will.
  • Leonora Armstrong
    Leonora Stirling Holsapple Armstrong was the first Bahá'í to live in Brazil.
  • Lewis Joel Greene
    Lewis Joel Greene is an American Brazilian biochemist, scientist, university professor and editor of the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research.
  • Norman Gall
    Norman Gall is an American reporter and commentator on Latin American affairs. He has contributed to such periodicals as Forbes, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal, and since 1987 has been the executive director of the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics, based in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Orville Adalbert Derby Orville Adalbert Derby
    Orville Adalbert Derby was an American geologist who worked in Brazil.
  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso is an American actor, producer, internet personality, comedian, musician and singer most notable for his comedic videos on YouTube and previously on Vine.
  • Sérgio Hondjakoff
    Sérgio Francisco Hondjakoff Mendonça is a Brazilian American actor and singer. He gained prominence for the role of Artur Malta, the Cabeção, for 6 seasons in Malhação. It is still remembered today by those who follow the teen soap operas.
  • Tamara Taxman
    Tamara de Braga Taxman is a Brazilian American actress, television presenter and writer.
  • Thomas Canty (judge)
    John Thomas Canty was an American jurist.
  • Timothy Mulholland Timothy Mulholland
    Timothy Martin Mulholland is a Brazilian-American professor. He is a Psychology graduate from Westmont College and obtained Master's and Doctoral degrees in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Tomás Valdemar Hintnaus
    Tomás Valdemar "Tom" Hintnaus is a retired Brazilian-born pole vaulter. Although he is an American citizen, he represented his native country, Brazil, in the Olympic Games following the American boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
  • Victor Civita
    Victor Civita was an Italian-Brazilian journalist and publisher. His family emigrated from Italy to New York in 1938 following passage of the Race Law.
  • William Hutchinson Norris
    William Hutchinson Norris was the founder of the city of Americana and a settlement in Santa Bárbara d'Oeste. He was a significant figure in the history of the Confederados.
  • Zoltan Paulinyi Zoltan Paulinyi
    Zoltan Paulinyi, a son of parents of Hungarian origin. Born as Zoltán Paulínyi Körmendy, in 1981 he moved to Belo Horizonte - Brazil, Brazilian composer, modern and baroque violinist, one of the founders of Musicoop String Orchestra.

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