American Directors

American directors

  • Alan Gelfant
    Alan Gelfant is an American film actor.
  • Alan Rowe Kelly
    Alan Rowe Kelly is an American independent film actor, director, writer and producer, specializing in horror movies.
  • Alessandro Carloni
    Alessandro Carloni is an Italian film director, animator, and art director, best known for his work with DreamWorks Animation in general, particularly the Kung Fu Panda films.
  • Alexander Olch
    Alexander Olch is an American writer, director, and designer.
  • Alex Goyette Alex Goyette
    Alex Goyette is an American film director, writer, producer, actor, and YouTube personality. He is the writer/director of Expelled, a teen comedy which ranked #1 worldwide on iTunes during its December release.
  • Allen Clements Allen Clements
    Allen J. Clements is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based, filmmaker and Marketing Director at Second Fiction, LLC. He was also co-founder of Animation/VFX firm Postage, Inc. A native to Lafayette, LA and a 2003 graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he's known for his participation as a...
  • Allen Estrin
    Allen Estrin is a screenwriter, producer, and director working in television, film, and radio.
  • Amy Hoff
    Amy Hoff is an American gender-fluid writer, director, Scottish historian, and folklorist specializing in monster legends. She is also an actress and model.
  • Amy Winfrey Amy Winfrey
    Amy Winfrey is an American animator, screenwriter, songwriter, director and voice actress. She is best known for creating the web series Making Fiends that was later picked up by Nickelodeon in 2008.
  • Amy York Rubin
    Amy York Rubin is an American director, writer, producer and web series creator.
  • Andrew Coats (director)
    Andrew Coats is an American director, writer and animator at Pixar.
  • Andrew Thomas Huang
    Andrew Thomas Huang is a Chinese-American artist and director.
  • Andy Bellin
    Andy Bellin is a director and screenwriter, whose credits include the 2013 film Lovelace and the 2011 Clive Owen film Trust. He is the son of model Countess Christina Bellin and plastic surgeon Dr. Howard Bellin.
  • Andy Sandberg Andy Sandberg
    Andy Sandberg is an American director, writer, actor, and Tony Award winning producer. A 2006 graduate of Yale College, he is best known as a producer of the Broadway and West End revivals of the musical Hair.
  • Angela Garcia Combs
    Angela Joy Garcia Combs is an American writer and director. She studied theatre and film with a minor in women's studies at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Garcia Combs has directed theater, shorts and feature film.
  • Antonio Campos (director)
    Antonio Campos is an American film director, screenwriter and film producer. He is most known for directing Afterschool, Simon Killer and Christine.
  • Antonio Fini
    Antonio Fini, also known as Antonio Pio Fini, is an Italian born modern dancer, choreographer, and director. He is a principal dancer with Michael Mao Dance and the founder and artistic director of Fini Dance Festival and the Italian International Dance Award.
  • Art Ellison
    Arthur Wayland "Art" Ellison was an actor and director who worked for the Kansas City Power and Light Company for forty-eight years before becoming a professional actor. Prior to that, he had appeared in scores of amateur stage productions in the Kansas City area.
  • Austin McCormick
    Austin McCormick is an American director and choreographer.
  • Ayoka Chenzira
    Ayoka Chenzira is an independent African-American producer, director, animator, writer, and experimental film and transmedia storyteller. She is the first African American woman animator and one of a handful of black experimental filmmakers working since the late 1970s.
  • Ben Rekhi
    Ben Rekhi is an American director, producer, and screenwriter. He is known for Waterborne, Fun Size Horror: Volume One, and The Ashram.
  • Beth Harrington
    Beth Harrington is a film director/producer based in Vancouver, Washington. She was born in Boston and received her master's degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston.
  • Bill Berry (director)
    Bill Berry is the American Producing Director for The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Berry served as associate producing artistic director and casting director from 2002 through 2009.
  • B. Jeffrey Madoff
    B. Jeffrey Madoff is an American director, producer, photographer, writer and professor living in New York City. He is the founder and CEO of Madoff Productions. His film and video work includes commercials, web content, music videos and documentaries for clients.
  • Bobcat Goldthwait Bobcat Goldthwait
    Robert Francis "Bobcat" Goldthwait is an American comedian, filmmaker, actor and voice artist, known for his acerbic black comedy, delivered through an energetic stage persona with an unusual gruff and high-pitched voice.
  • Brett Morgen
    Brett D. Morgen is an American documentary film director, producer and social commentator.
  • Brian Ronalds Brian Ronalds
    Brian Ronalds is an American actor turned producer/director/publicist/writer and is the other half of "The Ronalds Brothers".
  • Carl Gilliard Carl Gilliard
    Carl Rousseau Gilliard is an American actor, director, and producer. Gilliard started his career working as a radio newscaster at WGPR in Detroit. He moved to Los Angeles in 1985, where he appeared in over 2 dozen plays.
  • Charlie Adler
    Charles Michael Adler is an American voice actor and voice director. He is known for voicing Buster Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures, Cow, Chicken, and The Red Guy in Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel, Starscream in the Transformers film series and Ickis in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.
  • Chase Coleman Chase Coleman
    Chase Coleman is an American actor, director, and musician. Coleman is best known for portraying the character of Billy Winslow in the HBO TV series Boardwalk Empire as well as his role of the werewolf, Oliver, on the CW hit spin-off series, The Originals.
  • Chris Brandt Chris Brandt
    Chris Brandt is an American filmmaker and cartoonist, director of the documentary "Independents".
  • Christopher J. Scott
    Christopher J. Scott is a television, film and theater producer in New York City.
  • Christopher Schaap
    Christopher Schaap is an American actor, director and writer.
  • Colette Burson
    Colette Burson is an American television writer, screenwriter, producer and director. She is the creator, executive producer and showrunner of the HBO television show, Hung. She also wrote for The Riches and is the writer and director of the 2017 film Permanent.
  • C. Post Mason
    C. Post Mason, Charles Post Mason, real name Charles Post Doutney, was an American director, singer and manager. He was born in Vermont and then became a vaudeville singer. He moved to England and then in 1904 emigrated to Australia.
  • Cyrus Sutton
    Cyrus Sutton is an American director and professional surfer.
  • Dan Cortese
    Daniel James "Dan" Cortese is an American actor. He played Perry Rollins on Veronica's Closet and Vic Meladeo on What I Like About You.
  • Dan Eckman Dan Eckman
    Dan Eckman is an American director, writer, and producer. Eckman first came to attention for his work in the sketch group Derrick Comedy.
  • Daniel Boyd (filmmaker)
    Daniel Boyd is an American filmmaker, author, and communications professor. He currently teaches at West Virginia State University, has hosted writing workshops, and received a Fulbright Fellowship in 1998.
  • Daniel Kaufman (director)
    Daniel Kaufman is an American director, producer and screenwriter from New York. Before graduating from UCLA he worked as an Actor and Photographer. Simon & Schuster published a collection of Kaufman's photography titled To Be A Man in 1994.
  • Daniel Kramer
    Daniel Kramer is an American-born theatre, opera and dance director. He was appointed Artistic Director of the English National Opera in April 2016.
  • Dan Krauss
    Dan Krauss is an American film director and cinematographer.
  • D'Arcy Drollinger
    D'Arcy Drollinger is an American actor, writer, musician, director & choreographer known for his high-camp / vaudeville-style stage productions that combine slapstick, farce and often drag. He was a founding member of the post-punk art band Enrique.
  • Dave Schwep Dave Schwep
    Dave Schwep is an American cinematographer, director, and producer.
  • David N. Donihue
    David N. Donihue is an American writer, director and actor. His writing has been mentioned by IndieWire Variety and as a director he is frequently interview by the magazines including 1.4 and Movie Maker Magazine.
  • Dennis Courtney
    Denis Beaulne, better known by his stage name Dennis Courtney, is an American stage director, choreographer, actor and teacher of master classes in auditioning for the theatre.
  • Deondray Gossett
    Deondray Earl Gossett is an American producer, director, screenwriter, and actor. Gossett was part of the creative team that brought the short-lived GLAAD-award-winning series The DL Chronicles to cable TV in 2007.
  • DJ Dust DJ Dust
    DJ Dust is the DJ and producer for the underground hip-hop groups Mars ILL and Deepspace5. His real name is Nathan Corrona. DJ Dust is known for his hard hitting "boom bap" style of production, often mixing samples from obscure 1960s and 1970s guitar and drum driven records.
  • Don Hartman
    Samuel Donald Hartman was an American writer and director. He was nominated for an Academy Award for The Gay Deception.
  • Duncan Birmingham
    Duncan Birmingham is a writer, director and actor living in Los Angeles. He is currently a consultant and writer on Maron on IFC and a writer and co-executive producer on Blunt Talk.
  • Dwayne Boyd
    George Dwayne Boyd is an American actor, director, film producer, writer, acting coach, and photographer. He is best known for his role as Oscar in The Gospel, soccer referee in Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and as a self-absorbed swindler, Omar in 4 Minutes.
  • Ed Gardner Ed Gardner
    Edward Francis 'Ed' Gardner was an American comic actor, writer and director, best remembered as the creator and star of the radio's popular Duffy's Tavern comedy series.
  • Elizabeth Deane
    Elizabeth Deane is a writer, producer and director of documentary films for PBS, specializing in American history. She is based primarily at WGBH-TV in Boston with work ranging from presidential politics to biographies and musical history.
  • Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren
    Elizabeth Ann Warren is an American politician, academic, and author. A member of the Democratic Party since 1996, she currently serves as the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, a seat she was elected to in 2012.
  • Eric Kelso
    Eric Victor Kelso is an American voice actor, narrator, director and producer currently based in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Ethan Higbee
    Ethan Higbee is an American filmmaker, music producer and gallerist living in Ojai, California. He is most known for his films Red Apples Falling and The Upsetter, a documentary about Lee Scratch Perry.
  • Ethan Minsker
    Ethan Hart Minsker is an American writer, filmmaker, artist, fanzine publisher and founding member of the Antagonist Movement. His work has received a feature in the French-edition of Vice magazine.
  • Faraz Javed
    Faraz Javed is a director and producer who has worked in the United States and United Arab Emirates for broadcasters including MTV Networks, part of Viacom Media Networks and Dubai One, Dubai Media Incorporated.
  • Frankie Shaw
    Rachel Frances "Frankie" Shaw is an American actress, writer, director and producer.
  • Garry Simpson
    Garry Chalmers Simpson was an American director, writer, and producer for more than 30 years.
  • Gene Wolande Gene Wolande
    Gene Wolande is an American character actor, writer, and director who has appeared in many mainstream film and television projects. He is best known as Ray Pinker in the Academy Award winning film L.A. Confidential and also for his recurring role in the acclaimed HBO series Carnivàle.
  • George Crone
    George Crone, also known as George J. Crone, was an American director and editor, whose career spanned both the silent and sound film eras. He began his career cutting the silent film Let's Be Fashionable in 1920.
  • Glen Scantlebury
    Glen Scantlebury is an American film editor, director, and screenwriter. He has edited major studio feature films such as Con Air and Transformers, and has worked primarily in the action and horror film genres.
  • Huston Huddleston
    Huston Huddleston is an American writer and director, known for "The Greatest Show Ever" and "Six Chicks and a Dead Guy". He is also the founder of the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum in 2012, and the Hollywood Horror Museum in 2015.
  • Ira Skutch
    Ira Skutch was an American television director, producer, and, in his later years, an author. In the early days of television he produced and directed episodes of Kraft Television Theatre and The Philco Television Playhouse.
  • Ivan Pavletic
    Ivan Pavletic is a Croatian American actor, director, and writer.
  • Ivan Rogers (actor)
    Ivan Rogers was an independent film actor, director and producer. He was also a musician. He appeared to be following in the footsteps of his mentor, fellow Indiana native, Fred Williamson.
  • Jack Sher
    Jack Sher was an American director, writer and producer. He wrote a number of films for Audie Murphy.
  • Jacqulyn Buglisi Jacqulyn Buglisi
    Jacqulyn Buglisi is an American choreographer, artistic director, dancer, educator, and founder or co-founder of multiple dance institutions. Buglisi, with Terese Capucilli, Christine Dakin and Donlin Foreman, founded Buglisi Dance Theatre in 1993/94.
  • James Murray (puppeteer)
    James Murray is an American actor, puppeteer, voice actor, writer, producer, director, and singer.
  • James Ward Byrkit
    James Ward Byrkit is an American film director and writer, known for the science fiction thriller Coherence and the Academy Award-winning film Rango.
  • Jamie Ryan Scott Brooks
    Jamie Ryan Scott Brooks is an American director, writer, and visual effects artist. He is best known for the short-form psychological thriller Devil Has My Ear, in which he won Best Director at the Lone Star Emmy Awards of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
  • Jan Nickman
    Jan Nickman is a multiple award-winning American film and television director, producer, cinematographer and writer. As the co-founder of Miramar Images, Inc. and Sacred Earth Pictures, Nickman's career in film and television spans three decades.
  • Jay Curtis (writer)
    Joseph Curtis is an American author, producer, writer, director and actor.
  • Jean-Louis Rodrigue Jean-Louis Rodrigue
    Jean-Louis Rodrigue is an internationally recognized acting coach, movement director, and teacher of the Alexander Technique, and a pioneer in its application to film and theater.
  • Jeff Pinilla
    Jeff Pinilla is a writer, producer, director, and editor. Since graduating from Full Sail University in 2009, he has been nominated for 11 Emmy awards, has won 5 Promax Gold Awards, and was awarded the "Ron Scalera Rocket Award" at the PromaxBDA 2012 Awards.
  • Jeff Zinn Jeff Zinn
    Jeff Zinn is an American director and actor.
  • Jerrold Freedman
    Katherine Woodville, born Rosemary Henn Woodville Mason, also known as Catherine Woodville and Kate Woodville, was an English film and television actress.
  • Jerry Fleck
    Gerald "Jerry" R. Fleck was an American assistant director best known for his work on the Star Trek franchise across eleven years.
  • Jessica Sonneborn
    Jessica Sonneborn is an American actress, writer, director and stunt double, who is known for starring roles in Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and Dorothy and the Witches of Oz.
  • Jimi Petulla Jimi Petulla
    Jimi Petula is an American filmmaker, entrepreneur and educator who is known for his Mentor/Apprentice approach to learning. He is the founder and CEO of RRF, Inc., which offers mentor based courses in film, recording, and radio.
  • Joe DeRosa (comedian) Joe DeRosa (comedian)
    Joe Derosa is an American stand-up comedian, author, musician, actor, producer, director, editor, television writer, and podcast host.
  • Joe Maggard
    Joseph "Joe" Maggard is an American actor and former deputy sheriff who has appeared in various different films and television shows.
  • John Besmehn
    John Charles Besmehn from San Jose, California, is a writer, director, and producer of animated and live action shows, and a developer of toys and entertainment properties.
  • John C. Schulte
    John Christopher Schulte is an American writer, director, and producer of animation, toys and entertainment properties. He has developed many iconic intellectual properties from the 1980s, 1990s and on into the 21st-century.
  • John de Lancie John de Lancie
    Jonathan de Lancie is an American actor, director, producer, writer, singer, musician, and voice artist, best known for his role as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager and the voice of Discord in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • John Kennedy McCray John Kennedy McCray
    John Kennedy McCray is an American artist, actor, author, screenwriter, director and film/stage producer. He was instrumental in creating and/or co-founding several cultural enrichment enterprises and businesses that fostered human services and utilized his unique multi-talented gifts.
  • John McIntyre (cartoonist)
    John McIntyre is an American animated series writer, director, and artist.
  • John Michael Ferrari John Michael Ferrari
    John Michael Ferrari, is an American entertainment journalist, film director, cinematographer, still photographer, film producer, composer, writer, and author.
  • John Roche (actor)
    John Roche was an American actor of the stage and screen.
  • Jonathan Liebesman Jonathan Liebesman
    Jonathan Liebesman is a South African film director and writer.
  • Joshua White (artist)
    Joshua White is an American artist, video maker and broadcast television director.
  • Joya Powell
    Joya Powell, also known as Joya Powell-Goldstein, is a Bessie Award-winning choreographer, educator, and activist. As the founding artistic director of Movement of the People Dance Company, she is known for creating politically scorching dance-theatre that confronts issues of race and justice.
  • Kahane Cooperman
    Kahane Cooperman is an American documentary filmmaker and television producer.
  • Kris Moyes Kris Moyes
    Kris Moyes is an Australian-born director and producer and founder of KMOYES PICTURES. He is perhaps best known for his innovative music videos.
  • Ky Dickens
    Ky Dickens is a filmmaker and writer, best known for her 2009 LGBT documentary Fish out of Water.
  • Kyle Newacheck Kyle Newacheck
    Kyle Newacheck is an American television writer, director, producer and actor. He is best known as one of the creators of the Comedy Central show Workaholics, in which he also co-stars.
  • Lazlow Jones Lazlow Jones
    Jeffrey Crawford "Lazlow" Jones is an American writer, producer, director and talk show host based in New York City. He was the host of Technofile, a radio show syndicated on more than 100 radio stations in America and as well as Sirius XM Satellite Radio.
  • Leila Roosevelt
    Leila Roosevelt was an American-born producer, director and screenwriter. She was the daughter of André Roosevelt and was married to Armand Denis with whom she had 4 children.
  • Lewis Hallam
    Lewis Hallam was an English-born actor and theatre director in the colonial United States.
  • Liam Kyle Sullivan Liam Kyle Sullivan
    Liam Kyle Sullivan is an American comedian, actor, and director. Sullivan has made several guest appearances on television programs—including Gilmore Girls, 8 Simple Rules, and Alias—but is best known for his internet videos.
  • Logan Sandler
    Logan Sandler is an American writer and director who is best known for his first feature film Live Cargo.
  • Lou Hamou-Lhadj
    Lou Hamou-Lhadj is an American director, animator and writer at Pixar.
  • Marcia Haufrecht Marcia Haufrecht
    Marcia Haufrecht is an American actress, playwright and director, as well as a noted acting teacher and coach.
  • Marc Santo
    Marc Santo is a writer, film and television producer, and director. His work includes off beat travel guides, music videos, documentaries and profiles on notable chefs, artists and musicians for clients that include MTV, Tribeca Productions and Wieden & Kennedy.
  • Marishka S. Phillips
    Marishka S. Phillips is a Broadway actress, accomplished director, and thespian guru, Marishka S. Phillips is an actor's actor with an extraordinary wealth of talent.
  • Marlin Darrah Marlin Darrah
    Marlin Darrah is the executive director of International Film & Video, a production company based in the United States. Darrah is one of the most widely traveled filmmakers in the world.
  • Matt Carmody
    Matt Carmody is an American actor, writer, director, and producer. He is known for his television appearances on shows including Ponderosa, JAG, NCIS, ', and CSI New York, as well as for his leading role in the horror film Carver.
  • Matthew Akers
    Matthew Akers is an American film director, producer, cinematographer, and photographer. He is best known for the critically acclaimed documentary Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present, for which he won a Peabody and Emmy Award.
  • Matt Mercer (actor)
    Matt Mercer is an American actor and filmmaker and voice-actor, best known for his acting roles in Contracted, ', The Mind's Eye, and Beyond the Gates,.
  • Max Cole Max Cole
    Max Cole is an American filmmaker.
  • Meiyin Wang
    Meiyin Wang is an American theatre director, playwright and producer. She is the Co-Director of the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival and Symposium in New York.
  • Mervyn Nelson
    Mervyn Nelson was a stage actor, writer, director and producer. At the age of five, he started acting in vaudeville theatre, and then performed in Broadway theatre shows during the 1940s and 1950s. His stage performances were well reviewed in Billboard.
  • Michael Alan Lerner
    Michael Alan Lerner is a French-American screenwriter, director, and journalist.
  • Michael J. O'Connor
    Michael J. O'Connor was an American animator, best known for being a layout artist for The Simpsons in the first season.
  • Michael Mao
    Michael Mao is an American modern dance choreographer and educator. He is the artistic director of Michael Mao Dance.
  • Michael Murray (director)
    Michael Murray is an American stage director, producer and educator. He is one of the early leaders of the Regional Theatre Movement. Murray was co-founder of the Charles Playhouse in Boston, MA. and served as its Artistic Director for eleven years.
  • Michael Shapiro (actor) Michael Shapiro (actor)
    Michael David Shapiro is an American actor, voice actor and theatre director.
  • Miriam Leah Droz
    Miriam Leah Gamliel is an American Orthodox Jewish actress, singer, and activist. A baalat teshuva with a background in musical theatre, she is the founder of the Arts and Torah Association for Religious Artists, an organization promoting Orthodox women in the arts.
  • Miwa Matreyek
    Miwa Matreyek is an animator, director, designer and performer living and working in Los Angeles, California. She received her MFA for Experimental Animation and Integrated Media at CalArts in 2007.
  • Monty Oum Monty Oum
    Monyreak "Monty" Oum was an American web-based animator and writer. A self-taught animator, he scripted and produced several crossover fighting video series, drawing the attention of internet production company Rooster Teeth, who hired him.
  • Nar Williams Nar Williams
    Nar Williams is an American film, television, and new media writer and director.
  • Otis B. Thayer
    Otis B. Thayer "Obie," was an American actor, director, film producer and owner of silent era film production companies. Before his film career he was a stage actor and operatic comedian. By 1910 he piloted the Chicago based Selig Polyscope Company filming westerns on locations at Canon City.
  • Pasquale J. D'Amuro
    Pasquale J. D'Amuro is an American terrorism authority, former intelligence agent and television analyst. In a career of 26 years he rose to the third position of the FBI. Since then he continues his career in business and education.
  • Pearl Bowser
    Pearl Bowser is an award-winning author, television director, film director, producer, and film archivist. She is the author of a book on the first ten years of the career of Oscar Micheaux, an African-American who directed 40 "race pictures" between 1918 and 1940.
  • Peggy Feury
    Peggy Feury was an actress on Broadway, in films, and on television. She became a highly regarded acting teacher in New York and then in Los Angeles.
  • Philip Burton Jr.
    Philip Burton Jr. was a documentary filmmaker whose subjects included African-Americans and American government.
  • Phillip J. Roth
    Phillip J. Roth is an American film producer, director and screenwriter who is known for making low-budget films, some for Unified Film Organization, LLC which has released various action and science fiction films for television and home video markets.
  • Radio Silence Productions Radio Silence Productions
    Radio Silence is a trio of filmmakers based in Los Angeles. The group is known for V/H/S, Devil's Due, and Southbound, as well as their previous work together as Chad, Matt & Rob.
  • Raj Date Raj Date
    Rajeev V. Date was the first deputy director of the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He had previously served in a variety of leadership positions at the Bureau, including several months as the startup agency's leader, as the Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Raphaela Neihausen
    Raphaela Neihausen is an American filmmaker and producer.
  • Raymond Cannon (actor)
    Raymond Cannon was an American actor, film director, screenwriter, journalist, and author known for his work with D. W. Griffith and Buster Keaton.
  • Rebecca Adamson
    Rebecca Adamson is an American Cherokee businessperson and advocate. She is former director, former president, and founder of First Nations Development Institute and the founder of First Peoples Worldwide.
  • Rebecca Blumhagen
    Rebecca Blumhagen is an American actress and filmmaker from New York. She has played Samantha in the HBO / Cinemax breakout series The Girl's Guide to Depravity, where she is also a cowriter for season 2.
  • Reggie Hayes Reggie Hayes
    Reginald "Reggie" C. Hayes is an American actor, screenwriter, and director. He is best known for his role as William Dent on the UPN/CW show, Girlfriends.
  • Richard Cotovsky
    Richard Cotovsky is an American character actor of film, stage, and television. He is also a director of stage.
  • Richard Montoya
    Richard Montoya is a Chicano actor, director, producer, screenwriter, playwright, comedian, and co-founding member of the San Francisco based performance troupe Culture Clash.
  • Robert Earl Sawyer Robert Earl Sawyer
    Robert Earl Sawyer was an African-American playwright, director and actor.
  • Ron Butler Ron Butler
    Ronald "Ron/Ronnie" Butler, Jr. is a Bahamian-born American television actor, director and comedian who is best known for portraying Oscar, the clever receptionist, on the television series True Jackson, VP, from 2008 to 2011. He often portrays former President Barack Obama in comedy sketches.
  • Russ Emanuel
    Russell "Russ" Emanuel is an American director, producer, and independent filmmaker.
  • Ryan Staake
    Ryan Staake is an American director. He was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally trained in graphic and user interface design, Staake now works across multiple mediums, including video, interactive, virtual reality, and print.
  • Sam Esmail
    Sam Esmail is an American screenwriter, film and television director, and television producer. He is best known as the creator of the television series Mr. Robot.
  • San Banarje San Banarje
    San Banarje is a multiple award-winning American independent filmmaker, cinematographer, producer, screenwriter, editor, photographer and an actor. He was born in Kolkata, India to an orthodox Hindu Brahmin family but as he grew older, he stopped practicing religion.
  • Sandy Grossman
    Sanford Morton "Sandy" Grossman was an American sports television director. He directed television broadcasts of 10 Super Bowls, 18 NBA Finals, 5 Stanley Cup finals and Olympic hockey matches. He won eight Emmy Awards for his directing.
  • Sara Radle
    Sara I. Radle is an American filmmaker/musician and former member of the band The Rentals, fronted by ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. Radle was a member of the Rentals for three years, starting in 2005.
  • Saul Elkins
    Saul Elkins was an American writer, producer and director in the film industry.
  • Sean Donohue
    Sean Donohue is an American horror movie director, actor, and producer. He will frequently appear in his films via cameo performances.
  • Sean Hanish
    Sean Hanish is an American film writer, producer and director best known for Return to Zero and Sister Cities. He is also a multi-award-winning commercial director and the President of Cannonball Productions.
  • Seymour Felix
    Seymour Felix was an American director, performer, and choreographer best known for his work in early Broadway musicals.
  • Shane Dawson Shane Dawson
    Shane Lee Yaw, known professionally as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTube personality, actor, author, sketch comedian, singer, songwriter and film director.
  • Spencer Averick
    Spencer Averick is an American film editor and producer.
  • Stephen Marro
    Stephen Marro is a film director, writer, producer based in New York. He is best known for being the producer and director of the 2012 feature film, Broadway's Finest.
  • Stephen Ohl
    Stephen Ohl is an American actor and director. He is best known for his role as Peter in horror film Hooked Up, the first film shot entirely on an iPhone.
  • Steve Latshaw
    Steve Latshaw is an American screenwriter, producer and director. He has written a number of films for Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray.
  • Steven Bernstein (cinematographer)
    Steven Bernstein, ASC, DGA, is an American cinematographer, director and writer. In 1992 he won the Best Artistic Contribution Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival for Like Water for Chocolate alongside Emmanuel Lubezki. He also won the Cannes Golden Lion for his work in commercials.
  • Steven Bernstein (filmmaker)
    Steven Bernstein, ASC, DGA, is an American cinematographer, director screenwriter and author. In 1992 he won the Best Artistic Contribution Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival for Like Water for Chocolate alongside Emmanuel Lubezki.
  • Steve Witting
    Steve Witting is an American actor and director. He first found fame while starring in the 1980s comedy series Valerie. He has since gone on to star in several other TV series and films, including Batman Returns, Hoffa and Shutter Island.
  • Stuart Gilmore
    Stuart Gilmore was an American film editor who had over 45 editing credits along with 10 directing credits. He was nominated for three Academy Awards with the last nomination being posthumous.
  • Suzanne Luna
    Suzanne Luna is an Emmy Award-winning American producer and director best known for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • Tamara Garfield
    Tamara Garfield is an American actress, voice-over artist, comedian, director and screenwriter.
  • Tennyson Bardwell
    Tennyson Bardwell is an American film and TV commercial director and screenwriter.
  • Thomas Cobb (director)
    Thomas Cobb is an American director, editor, compositor, and cinematographer who directed the opening credit sequence for "Orange Is the New Black.
  • Thomas Verrette Thomas Verrette
    Thomas Patrick Verrette is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, director, producer, editor, and composer. He is the founder of Skylight Cinema, Inc., an independent film production company located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Timothy Greenberg
    Timothy Greenberg is an American writer, director and producer based in New York City. He served as an Executive Producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he won two Emmy Awards.
  • Timothy Reckart Timothy Reckart
    Timothy Reckart is an American animator and director based in Los Angeles, specializing in puppet stop motion. He is best known for his 2012 film Head Over Heels, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2013.
  • Tom Abrams
    Tom Abrams is an American screenwriter and director whose work has been recognized in both the United States and Europe.
  • Tommy Demenkoff
    Tommy Demenkoff is an American stage, television and film actor, director and musician who has worked in New York, Los Angeles, South America, and Europe. He is an award-winning teacher, Outreach Director, and Arts Education Activist.
  • Tyler Bunch Tyler Bunch
    Tyler T. Bunch is an American puppeteer, puppet designer, director, and actor. In addition to his work for the Jim Henson Company, Bunch has created and performed puppets for PBS, Nickelodeon and Disney's The Muppets Studio.
  • Tyler Shields Tyler Shields
    Tyler Shields is an American photographer, screenwriter, director, and former professional inline skater known for provocative photography. Shields gained additional notoriety in June 2017 for a photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a prop that looked like Donald Trump's decapitated head.
  • Tyler Stableford
    Tyler Stableford is an American commercial director, cinematographer, and photographer, best known for filming outdoor-lifestyle brand anthems and shooting adventure sports images. He is the owner of Tyler Stableford Productions in Carbondale, Colorado.
  • Valerie Alexander
    Valerie Alexander is an American author, speaker, screenwriter and director. She is also a writer for The Huffington Post.
  • Vicki Escarra
    Vicki Escarra is an American business person and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Vicki Escarra LLC, and is primarily known for her tenure as CMO of Delta Air Lines, CEO of Feeding America, and Global CEO of Opportunity International.
  • Victor French Victor French
    Victor Edwin French was an American actor and director. He is remembered for roles on the television programs Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven and Carter Country.
  • Victor Moore Victor Moore
    Victor Frederick Moore was an American actor of stage and screen, as well as a comedian, writer, and director, most significantly a major Broadway star from the late 1920s through the 1930s.
  • Vincent Laforet Vincent Laforet
    Vincent Laforet is a Swiss-American director and photographer.
  • Well Wishes
    Well Wishes is a 2015 American independent comedy film written and directed by Anderson Boyd, starring Shane Callahan, Anna Stromberg, Cullen Moss and Don Henderson Baker.
  • Whitney Dow
    Whitney Dow, born in 1961, is a documentary filmmaker, producer, and director.
  • William De Los Santos William De Los Santos
    William De Los Santos is a Hawaiian/Irish-American author, poet, screenwriter and film director. He is best known for having written and produced the 2003 film Spun, which starred Jason Schwartzman, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy, Mena Suvari and John Leguizamo.
  • William F. Aldinger III
    William F. Aldinger III is an American businessman.
  • William Hall (actor) William Hall (actor)
    William Hall is an actor, director, trainer and mask maker in San Francisco, California. He is the editor of The Playbook, Improv Games for Performers.
  • Will Kindrick
    Will Kindrick is an American filmmaker, commercial, music video director who has written and directed works for Ice Cube, Brian Wilson, She & Him, Mates of State, Postino among others. He is also known for his work on the Nick Jr series Yo Gabba Gabba!.
  • Will Payne (television producer)
    William "Will" Payne is a producer, writer, and director for television and documentary film. His creative credits include Ten Years of Tomb Raider: A GameTap Retrospective, an expansive look at one of the most successful franchises in videogame history, shot in a dozen cities across five countries.
  • Yaron Zilberman
    Yaron Zilberman is an Israeli-American director, screenwriter and producer.

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  • The Daily Breeze
    Former USC All-American Ronnie Lott named to CFP selection committee
    The Daily Breeze
    Former USC All-American Ronnie Lott is one of six new members for the College Football Playoff selection committee, it was announced Wednesday. Lott, a safety for the Trojans from 1978-80, joins former Arizona Republic columnist Paola Boivin, Oklahoma ...
    Published on: Wed, 17 Jan 23:28:00 13 339
  • US Soccer board of directors sanctions MLS, NWSL and USL for 2018
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  • Like ASAM, many ethnic studies programs are fighting for support at Penn
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    Longtime director of the Asian American Studies program Grace Kao left for Yale University last January, and ASAM faculty and students have been demanding more administrative support and funding through petitions and protests. One year since Kao's ...
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    Guillermo del Toro Is Racking Up Nominations For Every Award Possible for 'The Shape of Water'
    Remezcla (blog)
    The Directors Guild of America (DGA) awards released their nominees today which includes director Guillermo del Toro who's nominated in the Feature Film category for his fantasy romance, The Shape of Water. Shockingly, this marks the first time the ...
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    Auburn identifies choice for athletics director
    AUBURN, Alabama — Buffalo athletics director Allen Greene has emerged as Auburn's choice to replace Jay Jacobs as athletics director, Auburn Undercover has learned. Greene's hiring must still be cleared by the Auburn Board of Trustees. Greene is set ...
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  • Filmmaker Magazine
    Time's Up for the War on Stories
    Filmmaker Magazine
    It also shows that when our industry thinks “director,” we think straight white male. Despite all the talks and panels and initiatives, over the last decade the percentage of women directors remains firmly stuck at 4% — the percentage for women ...
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    Matt Smith in Talks to Play Charles Manson in 'American Psycho' Director's 'The Family'
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    We initially reported back in early 2016 that American Psycho director Mary Harron and screenwriter Guinevere Turner were reuniting for The Family, “An examination of the infamous Manson Family murders through the eyes of graduate student Karlene Faith ...
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    League of Historic American Theatres visits St. George Theatre
    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The St. George Theatre welcomed very special guests recently when they hosted the board of directors of the League of Historic American Theatres (LHAT) for lunch and a tour. The St. George Theatre has been a member of LHAT for ...
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    Here's What the Directors Guild Award Nominations Mean for the Oscar Race
    It's Nolan's fourth DGA nomination (if he gets an Oscar directing nod, it will be his first); Mexican Del Toro beat out British McDonagh, British Nolan, DGA-snubbed British Ridley Scott (“All the Money in the World”) and American Steven Spielberg (“The ...
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  • Jackson County Times-Journal
    Top directors for Tecumseh!, Sleepy Hollow
    Jackson County Times-Journal
    The Scioto Society, Inc, producers of the Outdoor Drama Tecumseh!, are pleased to announce and introduce its director for the 2018 season of Tecumseh, Brent Gibbs, as well as a Sleepy Hollow Experience At Haunted Mountain Artistic Director, Brian ...
    Published on: Wed, 17 Jan 19:13:09 27 406

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