African American Muslims

African-American Muslims

  • Hispanic and Latino American Muslims - Hispanic and Latino American Muslims are Hispanic and Latino Americans who are of the Islamic faith. Hispanic and Latino Americans are an ethnolinguistic group of citizens of the United States with origins in the countries of Latin America or the Iberian peninsula.
  • Islam in the United States - Islam is the third largest religion in the United States after Christianity and Judaism. According to a 2010 study, it is followed by 0.9% of the population, compared with 70.6% who follow Christianity, 22.8% unaffiliated, 1.9% Judaism, 0.7% Buddhism, and 0.7% Hinduism.
  • Religion in Black America - Religion in Black America refers to the religious and spiritual practices of blacks and people of African descent in the United States. Historians generally agree that the religious life of Black Americans "forms the foundation of their community life."
  • African-American Islam
  • Ethnoreligious groups in the United States

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