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  • ACT (test) ACT (test)A standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States...
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  • Wichita Eagle
    Kansas ACT scores, college readiness indicators drop
    Wichita Eagle
    The percentage of Kansas high school graduates who took the ACT and scored at the college-ready benchmark on all four subjects (English, math, reading and science) dropped to 29 percent in 2017, down from 32 percent in 2013 and the lowest since 2012.
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 14:06:00 0 51

  • Inside Higher Ed
    ACT Called Off at Some International Testing Centers
    Inside Higher Ed
    Dear [recipient obscured], This notice serves to inform you that ACT is canceling This Saturday's ACT has been called off at some international testing centers. An ACT spokesman said that the action was "due to a verified breach of the test materials ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 07:04:37 33 558

  • Gazettextra
    Janesville School District sees higher composite ACT scores
    JANESVILLE—The Janesville School District's Class of 2017 earned higher composite scores on the ACT college entrance exam than the Class of 2016. This year's graduates had an overall composite average of 19.3, while 2016 graduates averaged 19.1, ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 11:57:05 20 617

  • CoinDesk
    Lightning's Next Act: Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining?
    Developer Chris Belcher has an idea for how to fix bitcoin mining – and it notably takes its inspiration from the network's much-discussed Lightning Network proposal. The idea is notable in that it showcases both the evolving nature of bitcoin as a ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 08:29:43 34 846
  • 'Fun and engaging' a capella group to take ACT stage Saturday
    Daily Republic
    Cat Erickson, vice president the Mitchell ACT board, has never seen Tonic Sol-Fa before, but she's been waiting to see the group for "a long time." While it will be entertaining for other like-minded fans, she said it will also be good for Mitchell's ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 13:10:00 47 556

  • HuffPost
    Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Promised Her He'd Sign The Dream Act
    Trump has said he wants to work with Congress, including Democrats, to pass a bill that addresses DACA recipients before that time. He called Pelosi earlier Thursday and made the comment about the Dream Act then, as well as in a meeting on Wednesday, ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 15:48:22 18 407

  • Washington Examiner
    Byron York: Crime and immigration: What's in the Dream Act
    Washington Examiner
    With the Dream Act of 2017, Graham, Flake, Durbin, and Schumer have adopted much of the existing Obama-era criteria about crime, but in a way that would allow Department of Homeland Security officials to be more generous with newly legalized DACA ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 04:03:45 26 311

  • Washington Post
    Security breach forces ACT test cancellation in Asia — and weather causes some in US
    Washington Post
    A security breach forced the widespread cancellation across Asia of Saturday's administration of the ACT college admissions exam — the first of the new academic year — while testing has been postponed at numerous sites in U.S. states because of ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 18:20:22 0 11

  • Chicago Tribune
    Illinois ACT scores improve as number of test takers drops
    Chicago Tribune
    Both private and public school students in Illinois are included in ACT results for graduating classes, which include 2017 graduates who took the ACT as sophomores, juniors or seniors. In the past, it was the pivotal group of public high school juniors ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 10:50:00 43 445

  • Reuters
    ACT cancels some college entrance exams after test leak - Reuters
    ACT Inc, the maker of the United States' most popular college entrance exam, said on Thursday it has canceled the ACT exam scheduled for Saturday at some ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 16:10:08 0 121

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    Hartenhof - Efteling (Netherlands)

    Hartenhof | Symbolica 18/08/2017 18h22
    Lackey O.J. Punctuel (played by Jeroen Verheij, since 1997 one of the designers in De Efteling) in front of Symbolica. Photo taken during the summer night opening on Friday and Saturday evening.
    Lackey O.J. (Olivier Jujubes) Punctuel is the secretary of King Pardulfus's secretary at the Palace of Phantasy. He is the head of the court and responsible for a proper course of revenue and other official occasions. Around the palace of Symbolica, O.J. Punctuel informed the public of the etiquette inside the palaice in preparation for an Audience at King Carando Domerano Pardulfus.

    Symbolica is a trackless dark ride in the Efteling theme park in the Netherlands, which opened the 1st of July 2017.
    Originally, an attraction called Hartenhof would be constructed on the site of Symbolica. The project was postponed multiple times, until it was renamed Symbolica. Consturction started January 11th 2016.
    The story is of Symbolica is all about visiting king Pardulfus, who lives in Hartenhof (court of hearts). While the visitors await their audience with the king, a character called Pardoes appears. Pardoes then guides the visitors through hidden parts of the castle.
    Before the visitors can enter their Fantasievaarders, there is a pre-show with two animatronics. A staircase magically opens and the visitors are directed to the boarding station. Here, they can choose one of three different routes: Heldentour (Hero tour), Muziektour (Music tour) and Schattentour (Treasure tour). The castle consists of eleven scenes, where each of the three routes attends nine scenes.

    Attraction type: Trackless darkride
    Date of opening: 01/07/2017
    Cost: € 35,000,000
    Manufacturer: ETF Ride Systems
    Capacity: 1400 per hour riders per hour
    Vehicles: Fantasievaarders (fantasy farers)
    Riders per vehicle: 6 (2 rows with 3 riders)
    Duration: 7 minutes

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    ‘agt’ recap: darci lynne shocks judges with amazing ‘natural woman’ ventriloquist act

    Best Mattress under $200: Best mattress under $300: Best Mattress Under $500: Best mattress under $1000: ‘agt’ recap: darci lynne shocks judges with amazing ‘natural woman’ ventriloquist act ----------Read more -------------- Eleven perform and only five go through to the next round We’re in America’s Got Talent‘s first round of semifinals. Follow along for live commentary on performers like Yoli Mayor, Preacher Lawson, Darci Lynne more Yoli Mayor was saved in the first live shows, but received some criticism from Simon Cowell, who wanted her to strip back her performance and show her raw talent. Yoli did just that, appearing on stage in casual garb and dimmed lights, singing “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. F...

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    Watch one america's got talent act give an exciting fire-filled performance with a wtf ending

    Best Mattress under $200: Best mattress under $300: Best Mattress Under $500: Best mattress under $1000: Watch one america's got talent act give an exciting fire-filled performance with a wtf ending ----------Read more -------------- Americas Got Talent has seen a lot of death defying acts over the years, and one of the shows most recent such acts delivered a performance tonight that shocked the audience and the judges by the time it came to a close. Take a look. Um, OK, Im sorry, but...WHAT. THE. FUCK. Like, really, is this what people in England actually do for fun in their downtime? Theyre not just drinking tea? Theyre flinging their sisters around and then throwing them off stages? I would say that this performance is ma...

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    Focus on the boys

    Canon FD TS35 f/2.8 on Leica M240

    (File: L1002047)

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    Canberra Glassworks

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    Glass working

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    Canberra Glassworks

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    Boots 'n' Brushes in Focus

    Canon FD TS35 f/2.8 on Leica M240

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    Harriet Schwarzrock glassware

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    Plane of focus

    Canon FD TS35 f/2.8 on Leica M240

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    Clock Ticking on Speedy ObamaCare Repeal

    Time is running out for Republicans to pass an ObamaCare repeal bill with a simple-majority vote. Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has ruled that September 30, the end of fiscal 2017, is the deadline for passing such a bill, according to Democrats on the Senate Budget...

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    Selective focus fun using sway

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    Crimson Rosella

    Diverting from the outback for a moment for this typical Canberra Spring day last Monday - bitterly cold, windy and little hail. First pic trying out new camera; I'm up to page 126 of the 600 page manual.