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  • 荒木飛呂彦先生は何者なのかッ?
    tsugihagi_6251, 愛知 at Sat, 24 Feb 01:39:10
  • @Rinka_6251 リコールしか覚えてなかった、、、やばい
    U_nn_, at Sat, 24 Feb 01:33:42
  • 先生はルネッサンス期から生きる波紋使いかはてまた吸血鬼か
    tsugihagi_6251, 愛知 at Sat, 24 Feb 01:32:40
  • なんというか…その…フフ
    tsugihagi_6251, 愛知 at Sat, 24 Feb 01:32:00
  • @tsugihagi_6251 ほんとだー荒木先生だー
    Jrpotepote, at Sat, 24 Feb 01:25:00
  • 熱海のトリックアート迷宮館にて荒木先生発見 https://t.co/b7bXXxrnqv
    tsugihagi_6251, 愛知 at Sat, 24 Feb 01:24:00
  • @CamelCaseTest test mention two : ec1fb8e3-6251-4924-90af-843ebaab5f86
    test5f1798, Alsace, France at Sat, 24 Feb 01:11:33
  • Y ahora le tienen que pagar salarios caídos?,con esa platica se compra otra casita https://t.co/z5bJ0PGsNd
    JChoperena_6251, barranquilla at Sat, 24 Feb 01:06:24
  • 6251 1/2 Randi Avenue, Unit https://t.co/nblKq5RYa8
    everylotla, Los Angeles, CA at Sat, 24 Feb 00:45:10
  • 6251 Randi Avenue https://t.co/vqm1LiADFa
    everylotla, Los Angeles, CA at Sat, 24 Feb 00:25:10
  • RT @SHATO: 3月6日発売の「kotoba 2018年春号」(1440円)に掲載との事。「ブレードランナー」特集号に脚本家や渡辺信一郎、荒木飛呂彦のインタビュー掲載 - 映画ナタリー https://t.co/pYBF7M0E35
    tsugihagi_6251, 愛知 at Sat, 24 Feb 00:24:15
  • 망이가 말리서 날 보고있ㅅ어,,,, https://t.co/5md8y9V6aG
    torri_6251, at Sat, 24 Feb 00:14:27
  • https://t.co/X8E4SIv4UR
    pottichen_yesen, Baton Rouge, LA at Sat, 24 Feb 00:12:04
  • RT @GLOBISJP: 教科書ピックアップ>>グラフや表に込められた「悪意」を見逃していませんか? https://t.co/NunqobNW66 @TYS_Shimada #数字力 #資料 #読み解く #MBA
    Ken_Yamamura, Toyota, Aichi (Japan) at Sat, 24 Feb 00:10:25
  • 교류회 가고싶다
    torri_6251, at Sat, 24 Feb 00:09:07
  • 서울ㄹ간다!!! https://t.co/zHngPXEFPh
    torri_6251, at Sat, 24 Feb 00:09:06
  • RT @elpce: El PCE valora de éxito incontestable y rotundo las movilizaciones convocadas ayer día 22 de febrero por la Coordinadora Estatal…
    miguealc, Huelva, Andalucía, República Española at Fri, 23 Feb 23:51:15
  • RT @elpce: El PCE valora de éxito incontestable y rotundo las movilizaciones convocadas ayer día 22 de febrero por la Coordinadora Estatal…
    Pepesapo1, at Fri, 23 Feb 23:41:58
  • タイムサービス実施中ですので 是非ご利用下さい!! 詳細:11:00~17:00 パルココース60分通常¥10,000をなんと!! ¥8,000でご案内致します。 Parco TEL 098-862-6251
    esteparco, 沖縄県那覇市 at Fri, 23 Feb 23:40:14
  • 【動画】【ドラゴンボールファイターズ】ストーリームービー敵戦士編 #2 DRAGON BALL FighterZ STORY MOVIE【FullHD】 ⇒ https://t.co/TQ6tdGPpgO https://t.co/uT3sd2RwCX
    nekomusume__2, at Fri, 23 Feb 23:24:23

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  • Chuck Zeiler posted a photo:

    BN SD24 6251

    Burlington Northern Railroad GP20 2059 and SD24 6251 at Clyde, Illinois on an unknown day in April 1980, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Number 2059 was built as CB&Q GP20 923 in March 1961 ( c/n 26594 ) on EMD Order 7597, became BN 2059, was rebuilt to GP20C 2000 in September 1988, then wrecked and retired in July 1991. Number 6251 was built as CB&Q SD24 511 in May 1959 ( c/n 25208 ) on EMD Order 5598, became BN 6251 and was retired in June 1982.

  • Missabe Road posted a photo:

    Proctor Party

    A pair of IC Death Stars (6252/6251) head to their ore empties on the adjacent track while DM&IR 215 works the E-Lead switch assignment. In the distance a Proctor PRS sets out a loaded quad while GEs wait to head north with Minntac stone. In the upper left power for A-439 is just coming out of the house and will join this party shortly.

  • Khang Lu posted a photo:

    IC 6251- Death Stars Along Highway 7

    A pair of IC "Death Stars" and a DM&IR tunnel motor leads a loaded pellet train to Proctor along Highway 7.

  • edV™ posted a photo:



  • Rep001 posted a photo:

    Carrot Juice

    Weston-super-Mare's £300,000 Bus Shelter named the 'Carrot' enjoys the early morning light. Hey, we may not have any money for Buses, but we have a great Shelter!

    Colour version 500px.com/photo/226525501/carrot-juice-by-simon?ctx_page=...


  • BravoDelta1999 posted a photo:

    That's No Moon...

    IC SD40-3s #6252, #6251, a DMIR (CN) SD40T-3, and a CN SD40u lead a train loaded with fresh taconite pellets off the Minntac lead at Wolf towards the Iron Range cutoff at Iron Junction.

  • BravoDelta1999 posted a photo:

    It's A Space Station

    IC SD40-3s #6252 and #6251 lead a loaded taconite train from Minntac past Biwabik, once a yard facility and a crew change point on the Missabe's Iron Range line. Today, this train was supposed to meet a northbound empty in the siding, but mechanical issues forced the northbound to stop further down the line.

  • Andreas Eriksson - VstPic posted a photo:

    EC-LZD Airbus A320-214(WL) Evelop Airlines

    Evelop 6251 from Las Palmas.

  • maurocrepaldibz posted a photo:

    73 80 20-95 625-1 Bpmbz295 a München HBF.

  • Vicki's Nature posted a photo:

    Slender baskettail (Epitheca costalis)

    Slender baskettails have been a fun treat this month. It's been raining here so may have to wait a few days to find more odes.

    >> female Slender baskettail, at the wetlands, N. Georgia

  • PeepeT posted a photo:

    VR Sm1 6251

    Finnish Railways VR class Sm1 electric multiple unit 6251

  • Nick Dean1 posted a photo:

    Drepana arcuata (Arched Hooktip) Hodges # 6251 - WA, USA

    Pinehurst housing development, South Everett WA USA

  • GC_Dean posted a photo:

    West Road

    South Central Avenue
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • the incredible how (intermitten.t) posted a photo:

    kingfisher hide

    a ringed robin came it - was it the same one seen in the previous hide? the martins flew in the sky watched them in the water. I have seen a kingfisher from this hide. There was a photographer in there who also had - he said there is a bittern about.
    There is a goose's nest in the middle on back edge of water

  • GLC 392 posted a photo:

    Heading for Two Harbors

    Dynamics Howl as the 4 SD40's bring their train down to 10mph to take the wye and head for Two Harbors.

  • GLC 392 posted a photo:

    Leaving Mintac

    A loaded Mintac train snakes out of the load out and down the branch to the Mainline. Mintac can seen off in the distance.

  • GLC 392 posted a photo:

    Waiting in Biwabik

    The loaded Mintac train is second of two southbound loads waiting for MOW to clear and for a northbound to pass before heading to Two Harbors.

  • Papa Razzi1 posted a photo:

    At the wrapshop.

    The two gentlemen working on the front gives you a bit perspective on how large this MB really is.

  • Nick Dean1 posted a photo:

    Drepana arcuata (Arched Hooktip Moth) Hodges # 6251

    Pinehurst housing development, South Everett WA USA

  • Conrail1978 posted a photo:

    NS 8431 C40-8W ex CR 6251

    with NS 9696 C44-9W & NS 7559 ES44DC heading east through Duncannon/ Cove, PA.