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    Four The Herds


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    Four Letter Words 1


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    Four Letter Words 2

    Beautiful Light: 4 LETTER WORD MACHINE



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    The Internet and Google are amazing things. I saw this work while walking through the Arsenale. It looked interesting, so I took a shot without bothering to see who the artist was. But since I was going to post this, and since I don't want to seem like an idiot, and since people may want to look at the description for more information, I decided to take a stab.

    I went to Google's image search and entered "Biennale Arsenale HULA LEDA KULA DEAL" and now I can tell you that the artist is named Newell Harry and here's his gallerist's web page for him -http://www.roslynoxley9.com.au/artists/219/Newell_Harry/profile/

    Without any understanding of what is intended here, let me point out the each hanging consists of 4 four letter words. In most cases (save the second from the left), there is a relationship between the letters of the first and third words and between the second and fourth words. On the one exception, there is a relationship between the first and second words, and between the third and fourth words.

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    332/365 - 4 letter words

    "7 Days of Shooting" "Week #6" "The Number 4" "Black and White Wednesday"

    Found my old fridge magnets and sorted out all of the 4 letter words and tried to incorporate them all in some way. Not the 4 letter words that we all think of when we hear that phrase though.

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    WTJ - Page for Four-Letter Words

    Put a note around your favorite word(s).

    Put a note around your least favorite word(s).

    - I tried not to put many words that were negative words. Because I am trying to surround myself with positive words.

    - I tried not to double any words but I accidentally doubled a few. I may fix this later.

    - There are no hidden messages on this page.

    - This may or may not be completed (probably not completed.)

    - I am a little OCD and I have been cutting words out of magazines since I was a teenager. I have thousands of words.

    - I will try to get a better pic(s) of this at some point, since it is hard to read all the words.

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    Pure XXX Canadian

    More From the Window series..

    Warning swear words when View On Black

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    In Use