25th Amendment

Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

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  • RT @EntheosShines: The Globalist Plan To Remove @POTUS Using The #25thAmendment Claiming He Has "Dementia/Unstable" Was Hatched Many Moons…
    EntheosShines, Intel/Tips Made Drudge 103+ Times at Fri, 23 Feb 02:41:17
  • RT @TrudeauMacron: I'm just gonna leave this right here. #ImpeachTrump #25thAmendment #Trump #PhoenixRally #NotFakeNews #Resist #Retweet…
    PaulReneLeyva2, Riverside,ca at Fri, 23 Feb 02:04:30
  • RT @TurtleWoman777: #DontTrust_Tillerson toasting w/Putin+Sechin Exxon #PutinsPlan #TrumpRussia #25thAmendment #EnforceRussianSanctions ht…
    TurtleWoman777, USA at Fri, 23 Feb 01:52:40
  • RT @TurtleWoman777: DontTrust_Tillerson toasting w/Putin+Sechin #Exxon #PutinsPlan #TrumpRussia #25thAmendment #EnforceRussianSanctions ht…
    TurtleWoman777, USA at Fri, 23 Feb 01:52:23
  • RT @TrudeauMacron: I'm just gonna leave this right here. #ImpeachTrump #25thAmendment #Trump #PhoenixRally #NotFakeNews #Resist #Retweet…
    WordVendetta, Arizona, USA at Fri, 23 Feb 01:37:59
  • Not many immigrate to Russia. So most excellent, as we try to emulate the "parent regime". Putin is proud of the tR… https://t.co/sGYcW4QEec
    WILLIAMSKY12341, at Fri, 23 Feb 01:06:41
  • @realDonaldTrump @guncrib @WhiteHouse Hypocrisy, thy name is Trump. #resist #impeach #25thAmendment #GOP #Trump
    robertjunebug, Texas, USA at Fri, 23 Feb 00:58:36
  • @realDonaldTrump Do you have a single thought that is your own or are you always a vocal puppet for whoever sticks… https://t.co/gcaklPhPo5
    CallingOutBS4U, at Fri, 23 Feb 00:49:58
  • @keithboykin @MtinaMorgan Recreational S&M bondage gone bad! Bummer... Reminds me of the orange-haired guy! Maybe… https://t.co/0aqrw09604
    robertjunebug, Texas, USA at Fri, 23 Feb 00:30:13
  • @SaysHummingbird 45 is another type of assault weapon. His tweets and the crude nature of what comes out of his mou… https://t.co/tfF6aWLRB1
    Theresa144, at Fri, 23 Feb 00:04:10
  • RT @thepilks61: @funder And @realDonaldTrump you ain't nothing but next.! #IMPEACH45 #IQ45 #FAKEPRESIDENT #25THAMENDMENT #TRUMPSANIDIOT #TR…
    russ30327, Missouri at Fri, 23 Feb 00:00:03
  • @funder And @realDonaldTrump you ain't nothing but next.! #IMPEACH45 #IQ45 #FAKEPRESIDENT #25THAMENDMENT… https://t.co/l0KBLPIzcE
    thepilks61, at Thu, 22 Feb 23:56:16
  • #MASA #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #TreasonWeasel #SCROTUS #GunContolNow #GunReformNow #NEVERAGAIN #ImpeachTrump… https://t.co/qWbc4gJ6t7
    TheFuckingNurse, Reality at Thu, 22 Feb 23:49:41
  • @realDonaldTrump @CNN @nbc I wonder if any of your rich friends own stock in a gun manufacturer or gun training com… https://t.co/PWwrVEph5V
    DaveMetzgyver, at Thu, 22 Feb 23:48:16
  • If dumb fuck 45 has his way, he’ll arm fetuses too! #25thAmendment
    PflugerMan64, Texas, USA at Thu, 22 Feb 23:37:46
  • @DrDenaGrayson Is it time to discuss the #25thAmendment on the simple grounds that #TeamTrump appears infested with… https://t.co/CU8Z6Skwqs
    DonaldFart2017, The Washington Kremlin at Thu, 22 Feb 23:24:52
  • @RealDonad_Trump too bad you keep proving how “bigly” unqualified you are to be president! #25thAmendment
    PflugerMan64, Texas, USA at Thu, 22 Feb 23:10:43
  • Putin's girfriend's brother a candidate for the job? @vp @ gop @realdonaldtrump #impeachpence #impeachtrump… https://t.co/PBBeQUK0CK
    WILLIAMSKY12341, at Thu, 22 Feb 22:54:58
  • Things previously thought ridiculous: 1. Reality star wins GOP nomination 2. Reality star elected President 3.… https://t.co/gH7ZLTyvqU
    kimksavesworld, Free on Kindle Unlimited at Thu, 22 Feb 22:54:06
  • @CNN Unfit to the extreme. #25thAmendment
    UncleResisto, Colorado at Thu, 22 Feb 21:07:06

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  • TRUMP MEMES LIBRARY posted a photo:

    Democrat Impeachment Delusions Meme

  • kirstiecat posted a photo:


    What will we tell our children to explain Donald Trump ten years from now when some of them will be ready to vote....

    Or will they never actually be able to vote because we'll be unable to get America's democracy back again.

    What can we tell them now to explain the behavior of a President who bullies and acts more childish than most Kindergarteners? How do we explain that behavior we would never find acceptable in them is being demonstrated by the actual President of the country?

    Here's an article worth a read: America, the Diminished:


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  • TRUMP MEMES LIBRARY posted a photo:

    Trump 25th Amendment Meme

  • MovieTVTechGeeksNews2016 posted a photo:

    Donald Trump unscathed as voters blame Congress for his problems

    Donald Trump may not be delivering the good he promised to his voters, but that doesn't matter to them. They are continuing to blindly follow him


  • HELLO CHICAGO posted a photo:

    It's time to enact the 25th amendment

    Trump is disabled -- maybe early dementia like his old man.

  • Thomas Dimson posted a photo:

    Dump Obama?

    Needless to say, I didn't stay to hear the spiel.

  • Penfold the Hamster posted a photo:

    Larry Conrad

    Grave of Larry Allyn Conrad in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana Secretary of State Larry Conrad wrote the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. This amendment sets up the succession order to the US President.

    Born: 8 February 1935
    Died: 7 July 1990