21st Century Israeli Actresses

21st-century Israeli actresses

  • Adi Bielski Adi Bielski
    Adi Bielski is an Israeli theatre and movie actress. She was born in Jerusalem and raised in Ra'anana.
  • Agam Rodberg
    Agam Rudberg is an Israeli actress and model.
  • Agam Rudberg
    Agam Rudberg is an Israeli actress and model.
  • Ania Bukstein
    Ania Bukstein is a Russian-born Israeli singer-songwriter, actress, pianist, song writer and voice actress, performing in Hebrew, Russian, French and English.
  • Ayelet Zurer Ayelet Zurer
    Ayelet Zurer is an Israeli actress. She was nominated for awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Israeli Academy Awards and the Israeli Television Academy Awards. She won Best Actress awards for her roles in the Israeli film Nina's Tragedies and Betipul.
  • Bar Paly Bar Paly
    Varvara Alexandrovna "Bar" Paly is a USSR-born Israeli-American model and actress.
  • Bar Refaeli Bar Refaeli
    Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model, television host, actress, and businesswoman.
  • Clara Khoury Clara Khoury
    Clara Khoury is a Christian Arab Israeli actress. She works in film, television and theater.
  • Dafna Rechter
    Dafna Rechter is an Israeli actress and singer. She is a two-time winner of the Ophir Award for Best Actress.
  • Dana Ivgy Dana Ivgy
    Dana Ivgy is an Israeli actress and the daughter of actor Moshe Ivgy.
  • Daniella Kertesz
    Daniella Kertesz is an Israeli actress.
  • Eden Harel Eden Harel
    Eden Harel is an Israeli actress and TV Host She was an MTV Europe VJ during the 1990s.
  • Gal Gadot
    Gal Gadot-Varsano is an Israeli actress and model. Gadot is primarily known for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, continuing again in 2017 as the lead in Wonder Woman and will reprise the role in Justice League.
  • Hadas Yaron Hadas Yaron
    Hadas Yaron is an Israeli actress. She began acting as a child and made her film debut as a supporting actress in the 2006 film, Out of Sight. Yaron is best known for her second role in the 2012 Israeli drama film, Fill the Void, as lead character Shira Mendelman.
  • Hani Furstenberg
    Hani Furstenberg is an Israeli-American actress perhaps best known in Israel for her work in the films Yossi & Jagger and Campfire and in America for her role starring alongside Gael Garcia Bernal in The Loneliest Planet.
  • Keren Mor Keren Mor
    Keren Mor is an Israeli actress and comedian.
  • Leem Lubany
    Leem Lubany is a palestinian actress best known for role of Nadia in Hany Abu-Assad's film Omar.
  • Mili Avital
    Mili Avital is an Israeli-American actress. Avital built an international career, starting in her native Israel, starring on stage, film and television, winning the Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1992, and nominated for Best Actress in 1994.
  • Ninet Tayeb Ninet Tayeb
    Ninet Tayeb, commonly known as Ninet, is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter, composer, DJ, model and actress.
  • Orna Salinger
    False Flag is an Israeli television thriller drama series.
  • Rinat Matatov
    Rinat Matatov is an Israeli actress. Winner of the Theatre Academy Award. Matatov was born in Kokand, Uzbekistan, to a father who worked as an engineer and a mother who worked as a nurse. In 1990, the Matatov family immigrated to Israel and has been living in the center of the country ever since.
  • Rita (Israeli singer) Rita (Israeli singer)
    Rita Yahan-Farouz, known as Rita, is an Israeli pop singer and actress.
  • Rivka Neumann Rivka Neumann
    Rivka Neumann is an Israeli actress.
  • Ronit Elkabetz
    Ronit Elkabetz was an Israeli actress and filmmaker. She worked in both Israeli and French cinema. She won three Ophir Awards and received a total of seven nominations.
  • Sarah Adler
    Sarah Adler is a French and Israeli actress with dual citizenship.
  • Shira Geffen
    Shira Geffen is an Israeli actress, screenwriter, film director and children's book writer.
  • Shira Haas
    Shira Haas is an Israeli actress.
  • Shosha Goren
    Shosha Goren is an Israeli actress and comedian of Iraqi Jewish descent.
  • Yael Grobglas Yael Grobglas
    Yael Grobglas is a French-Israeli actress, best known for her roles as Natalia/Petra Solano and her twin sister Anezka in the CW television show Jane the Virgin.

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