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  • msembeck posted a photo:

    Queen Eliabeth II

    1978 Canadian 20 dollar bill - HMM!

  • moonshiner66 posted a photo:


    Back of $20 bill.

  • local paparazzi (isthmusportrait.com) posted a photo:


    the small print

  • Great Beyond posted a photo:

    Day 333/365 - Up in Smoke

    Oh good, my GAP insurance decided not to cover the remainder of my wrecked car. And suddenly 5,000 bucks goes up in smoke.

  • Chris Huddleston posted a photo:


    The money that I found in the parking lot means that someone now has less money.

  • Ariel Looper posted a photo:

    Root of all evil

  • ricko posted a photo:

    An Encounter with a Twenty Dollar Bill Stuck in a Crack Up on Lind Road

  • Kyle Martin Manoza posted a photo:

    In God We Trust

  • vtom61 posted a photo:

    Canadian 20 Dollar Bill

  • vtom61 posted a photo:

    Bushy Brows

    Andrew Jackson, American 20-Dollar Bill. Nikon D800E, PK-13 extension tube, PB-6 bellows, and reverse-mounted EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 lens.

  • vtom61 posted a photo:

    Those Eyes

    Queen Elizabeth II, Canadian 20-Dollar Bill

  • vtom61 posted a photo:

    That Mouth

    Queen Elizabeth II, Canadian 20-Dollar Bill

  • Tony Webster posted a photo:

    Canadian $20 Dollar Bill

  • Malaclypse2351 posted a photo:


  • Malaclypse2351 posted a photo:


  • Kevin May posted a photo:


  • local paparazzi (isthmusportrait.com) posted a photo:


    Richard has been a welcome smile over the better part of the last two going on three years of my photo walks, always cheerful and in good spirits. Recently a local publication (Isthmus) had me snap some photos of Richard for the Giving Supplement, so I decided that this was my way of giving back.

  • Symbiosis posted a photo:

    Andrew Jackson

  • Eric KeE posted a photo:

    Morraine Lake

  • anitakhart posted a photo:

    Shiny new Canadian $20 - side B