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    15 wks - 09/06/09

    Please no creepy people look or do bad things with these pics. For my records and educational purposes only.

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    yami 15 weeks

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    15 Weeks Pregnant: Changes in Your Body and How to Deal with Them

    You are 15 weeks pregnant now. Let's see what new and interesting things the Nature has prepared for you: bebezclub.com/15-weeks-pregnant-changes-in-your-body-and-...

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    Protagonista della #readinglist dei prossimi 6 mesi. #whattoexpectwhenyourexpecting #15weekspregnant

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    15 Weeks

    You know what's crazy? I realized I hadn't made my anatomy ultrasound appointment the other day … then I looked at my calendar to see when I would be around 18 weeks and that's in THREE WEEKS! Holy goodness. Where on earth is time going? Yep. I think it goes faster each time …

    Feeling pretty grand, overall. I've gained 3 pounds. I'm feeling less scared about having gestational diabetes, as my random blood glucose at my last appointment (which I can now admit was drawn after I had just scarfed a big old fat biscuit from Sunrise Biscuit kitchen, ahem …) was 70 and my A1C was perfect. This was a slight concern for me since Cora was a whopping 9lbs 8oz at birth and that my 1 hour glucose tolerance test only passed by 9. Anyways, I'll worry more at 28 weeks, and not now! The nausea and vomiting has pretty much completely passed, thank God. HELLO SECOND TRIMESTER!!!

    To boot, we are definitely feeling baby moving, which is always a super lovely thing. The first sense came at just over 13 weeks when a coworker was trying to find baby's heartbeat for me. Apparently, the little one didn't appreciate all the poking and prodding with the doppler, and made such a large movement that both of us jumped - she saw my 13+4 fetus move through my belly!!! Totally wild! Since then, it's mostly just been the lovely little flutter kicks while I'm lying still. Makes me a little bit sad when I consider that this really could be the last time I feel those gentle little bounces … ok. Just a little.

    Still, appreciating (mostly) every moment, trying not to wallow in my wild sciatic pain and already feeling totally huge - this relaxin hormone is a crazy thing! Loving the idea that this is actually a baby growing in me again, and being able to focus on that now rather than how crummy I feel. Henry and Cora love helping me rub oil on my belly after showers, and we already have some potential names, including (but not limited to) Truck Hauler, Bottle, and Henry-Cora. Please feel free to add constructive suggestions if you have any :)

  • lauritadianita posted a photo:

    15 weeks

    Photos by Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz (www.avephoto.com), drawing and concept by me. A collaborative mami-papi art project to get to know our little one.

    The whole collection with reflections can be found at www.lauritadianita.info. This week's blog entry reflects on entry into the clan of parenthood and the ways we talk about and assign meaning to that, often in artifically exclusive ways: www.lauritadianita.info/?p=594

  • .•۫◦۪°•OhSoBoHo•۫◦۪°• posted a photo:

    Treasure Island edition

    We went to the monthly flea market on Treasure Island yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and my other half now has a farmers tan. I am glad I wear SPF 110 ^_^ It was so windy so you wouldn't notice how hot it was but it was a gorgeous day. I was sorry we didn't bring the Canon. Look at that view!!

  • leaceylu posted a photo:

    15 weeks

    It's amazing how quickly this all seems to be going ... is Henry really going to be a big brother in less than 6 short months? Are Steve and I really going to be parents of TWO kids? Wow.

    This pregnancy does seem different in a lot of ways already. I had some really severe morning sickness in the first trimester, throwing up about 3-4 times a day, and lost 5 pounds, which I have officially gained back as of last week. The nausea and vomiting pretty much subsided right as I entered the second trimester ... now I want to eat everything, particularly salty and vinegary things (V8 and pepperoncini are on my list of favorites right now). Also, I feel huge for how far along I am right now. It is frustrating to not fit into my regular clothes, and have the maternity clothes still be rather large. I'm making do, and looking forward to consistently warm weather so I can be in skirts and dresses. The other crazy thing is I'm about 98% sure that I have already felt the baby move. Steve says he thinks it is unlikely, but I'm pretty convinced. It's a funny, fluttery feeling ... and very familiar. I like the reassurance that indeed, there is something in there. What a wild journey this whole thing is :)

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    Rachel's bump

    Me at 15 weeks, almost 16.

  • [email protected] posted a photo:

    Jolene, 15 weeks underway

    Meet the newest Sicore, Jolene. She feels like an apple-sized fairy bumping about in my tummy, and every bit as magical.

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    15 weeks

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    this weeks photo - same bone savage background paper as last week. You can see how much the color changes depending on how much light you throw on it.

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    15 weeks pregnant

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    15 weeks pregnant & mad

  • dogs & music posted a photo:

    15 weeks pregnant

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    15 weeks


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    15 weeks, perspective

    Obligatory belly shot at 15 weeks. I imagine in another few weeks or so, I won't be able to see my knees from this angle.

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    15 weeks, covered

    Obligatory belly shot at 15 weeks.

  • kimbear posted a photo:

    Hi guys, I'm pregnant!

    I realize not many people may have gotten the "bun in the oven" memo. Here's a picture from 15 weeks gestation (last week, I don't have a decent 16 weeks shot for this week) for some fun.

    The baby is due around August 25th - yes, we're thrilled. :)