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    #messi #10 #football #barcelona

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    10 طرق للمحافظة على الأظافر وتقويتها

    10 طرق للمحافظة على الأظافر وتقويتها

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    Girl Portrait

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    Backwoods Soy Train

    L&C #10, with a mixed bag of locomotives, rolls towards Lancaster with a cut of empty soybean covered hoppers for the ADM in Kershaw, SC.

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    An Empty Room #10

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    Dodge Ram SRT 10, by Matchbox

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    2017-03-18 Djurgården-Tromsö SG2329

    STOCKHOLM , SVERIGE - 18 MARS : DIF 24 Tinotenda Kadewere, TIL målvakt 1 Gudmund Taksdal Kongshavn under Träningsmatch mellan Djurgården och Tromsö på Danderyd Arena i Stockholm den 18 mars ( Foto: Sami Grahn / Pic-Agency )

    Nyckelord Keywords: fotboll, football, soccer, träningsmatch, Friendly, Djurgårdens IF, Djurgården, DIF, Tromsø IL, Tromsö IL, mål, goal, 1-0

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    Pikachu Slippers 26cm Backless Style

    via Blogger ift.tt/2eLDMn2

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    BV - Boa Viagem | Grupo Barraqueiro
    Trajecto: 3 Alenquer - Lisboa (Campo Grande)
    Alhandra - Nacional 10

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    Razer Blade Pro: arriva il nuovo gaming notebook accessibile

    Razer Blade Pro: arriva il nuovo gaming notebook accessibile via www.diggita.it/v.php?id=1606845

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    Las 10 Mejores Peliculas De Lena Headey | Act 2017

    Las 10 Mejores Peliculas De Lena Headey | Act 2017

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    Toronto Skyline

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    Stagecoach South West 47444

    47444 WA56 FLB is seen in Boutport St after operating the 11:25 10 Gorwell circular

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    Renault 10

    original car brochure scan

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    Madrid Chamartín, 28036 Madrid
    Metro (Line 1 and 10) and Railway station

    "Chamartín station is without doubt one of the most representative of those falling within the Metro’s Network Extension plan. It was built on top of the old line 10 station that was located next to the overground regional and long distance network station and still has an interchange with it.
    However, the extension of the interior areas which has come into being affords it a genuinely singular dimension. The premises at the station are arranged into four levels. The first is for the entrance hall and the connection with the overground service, the second is for the existing line 10 and the future Castellana extension line, the third is an intermediate connection level and the fourth is 30 metres down and through it runs the extension of line 1 and it is where the platform has been built for what will be the future line 11.
    A great display of interior space takes in the uses referred to. This is an area where the gaps between the various levels are many and offer the spectator a luxurious and elaborate view from any vantage point.
    The ultimate expression of this spatial richness which passengers can enjoy is the effect of vast space in the vertical aspect of the station from the platforms on lines 1 and 11 to the ceiling of the hall. This space is crossed by two piles that are absent throughout the vertical plane and is completed by a long curved length of wall that takes in three of the four levels.
    The decoration adds effect to the colossal scale of this large curved length of wall with a surface area of over 1,000 m2, to heighten the effect of the huge empty space which it is part of. The ample provision of light, dynamism, and movement… to provoke sensations of lightness and escape in passengers taken aback.
    It bears the title of IGUAZÚ and its creators are Vicente Patón and Alberto Tellería. The description that they themselves give of their idea best illustrates how to understand what their intentions are: “The main intention was from the outset to use the available space of a height of 21m and 50 along a horizontal curve to tie in all the space and all the vantage points to a single effect which distinguishes the station and serves as an image for reference and orientation in this large-scale underground world.”
    As a supplement to the impressive spatial richness of the volumes generated and a referential element for spheres and sections, the mural inspires in passengers sensations of grandiosity and rising.
    It is the big focal point in a station that attains a hitherto unknown dimension in stations within the Madrid network and has become the most notable reference point on the Madrid Metro."
    Text: Metro Madrid

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    Switching in the South

    Rain pours down as Train #10 switches cars around at the Heath Springs, SC siding on the former NS SB-Line. L&C #2866, fits right in, and more than likely was on this line back in Southern/NS as well.