• 1 1A number, numeral, and glyph. It represents a single entity, the unit of counting or measurement.
  • Xbox One Xbox OneA line of eighth generation home video game consoles developed by Microsoft.
  • One (manga artist)The pseudonym of a Japanese manga artist, best known for his webcomic series One-Punch Man, which...
  • AD 1The epoch year for the Anno Domini calendar era.
  • 1 BCA common year starting on Friday or Saturday of the Julian calendar and a leap year starting on...
  • One (pronoun)A pronoun in the English language.
  • Hydrogen HydrogenA chemical element with symbol H and atomic number 1.

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  • ESPN
    Love, Hate and the first day
    They are going to try to make Philip Rivers uncomfortable and guess who led all RBs in catches when his QB was under pressure when healthy (Weeks 1-13) last season? Yep, Gordon. Dude had 249 total yards in the two matchups last season. Don't get cute ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 20:03:36 2 17

  • NFL.com
    NFL Week 1 game picks: Packers nip Seahawks; Cowboys win
    After wondering aloud how I should get into the initial picks piece of the 2017 season, I was informed that everyone just wants to see who I am ... well ... picking. Debated spinning yarn about the showdown between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, two ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 22:53:58 15 829

  • CNET
    Essential Phone PH-1 review:
    The Good The stunning Essential Phone PH-1 feels brilliant in the hand and it's one of the fastest phones we've tested. There's no bloatware or unsightly logos, and its premium materials can survive a six-foot drop. Compatible with all major US carriers.
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 11:00:53 1 14

  • Fox News
    Hurricane Irma Skirts Puerto Rico, Leaves 1 Million Without Power
    Hurricane Irma carved a merciless path of destruction through the Caribbean, killing at least 12 people, leaving thousands of others homeless and plunging more than 1 million residents of Puerto Rico into darkness. As the eye of the Category 5 storm ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 16:04:05 43 513

  • New York Daily News
    NFL Week 1 Bettor's Guide: Even if Odell Beckham Jr. plays, Giants will struggle against Cowboys
    New York Daily News
    There were two unknowns going into the game with Ezekiel Elliott and Odell Beckham Jr. and the Cowboys came out on top both times. (Seth Wenig/AP). Hank Gola. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Friday, September 8, 2017, 12:14 AM. From the best NFL games ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 04:14:00 44 717

  • Washington Post
    NFL Week 1 Power Rankings and ATS Picks: Get on the Packers ...
    Washington Post
    Since Brady become the Patriots starting quarterback in 2001, New England is 8-0 at home during Week 1 of the season.
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 14:00:01 1 13

  • CBSSports.com
    NFL Week 1 odds, picks, predictions: Advanced computer model ...
    SportsLine's computer model simulated every Week 1 NFL game 10000 times with very surprising results.
    Published on: Wed, 06 Sep 15:57:32 36 533

  • Variety
    'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Pirated More Than 1 Billion Times
    The seventh season of “Game of Thrones” has been illegally downloaded or streamed more than 1 billion times. According to a report from anti-piracy firm MUSO, the seven episodes of “Game of Thrones” season seven each averaged 14.7 billion illegal ...
    Published on: Thu, 07 Sep 23:27:11 7 379
  • Rockies rout Kershaw, Dodgers 9-1; LA drops 7th in row
    ABC News
    Nolan Arenado hit a three-run homer off a laboring Kershaw and the Colorado Rockies won 9-1 on Thursday night, sending Los Angeles to its seventh straight defeat and 12th in 13 games. The NL West leaders haven't lost that many since May 2013, when ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 05:57:00 0 10

  • FOXSports.com
    Matt Leinart's Heisman Hopefuls after Week 1
    Former Heisman winner Matt Leinart gives his top five Heisman candidates after week 1 of college football. CFB. More College Football Videos. Matt Leinart's Heisman Hopefuls after Week 1. Just now. The Toreros are following QB Anthony Lawrence's ...
    Published on: Fri, 08 Sep 02:56:31 7 139

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  • Michael Goldrei (microsketch) posted a photo:

    All White

  • Den7on posted a photo:

    Volga River / Battlefield 1

    .. :: Join my groups :: ..
    Beauty Digital Body
    Beauty Nightlife
    Beauty Sunset

  • DeanReen posted a photo:

    TAG GAME amalgamation: B&W Challenge Revival.

    Hello everyone! Here is my entry for many of the tags that have been going on lately. I am also reviving the Black and White challenge.

    First we have the tag game "National Portrait Gallery". The rules are simple, just feature as many pictures of your dolls as possible in a collage/gallery style image. I chose to limit my image to my vintage women only. These are all my adult female vintage Barbie dolls in one image. My collection has shrunk hasn't it, but I love all out the dolls I have left.

    Next we have the tag game "Blue Eyes". The rules were simple yet again, just pick your favourite doll with blue eyes for a nice photo shoot. Now I changed the rules for this one as it was far too simple. We all know how aryan dolls can be so I made it a little more interesting by featuring many dolls rather than just one. This way it also links back to the National Portrait Gallery tag.

    3rd along we have the tag game "Wiggle Dress". I could not find any written rules for this tag so I assumed it was to just post an image of a doll wearing a tight dress. So I decided to show off my new Floral On the Go sheath modelled by my Side Part Bubble Cut "Goldie".

    Lastly we have the tag game "Barbie #1 Swimsuit". The rules are simple yet again, just post an image of your vintage or reproduction (new design too) #1 Barbie swimsuit. I dressed all of my vintage gals except for my NRFB Fashion Queen and Goldie in my only vintage Zebra swimsuit (which belongs to my #3 ponytail in the far right image. It was very difficult to dress and undress each doll in that swimsuit as it is very tight.

    Thank you for tagging and inspiring me:
    Vintage Betty (for "National Portrait Gallery" tag)
    ModBarbie Lover (for "Blue Eyes" tag)
    Aronas T (for "Wiggle Dress" tag)
    Di Alves (for "Barbie #1 Swimsuit" tag)

    I am also using this image to revive the Black and White Challenge! To this day I have found this tag to be the most challenging of all. It is surprisingly hard to create a good B&W image. I am not too sure if I succeeded here.

    B&W Challenge rules: Take a black and white photograph for 5 days. Don't forget to nominate one or more of your friends per photograph!

    Today I nominate ModBarbie Lover for this challenge.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Ook de simpele controlepaneel heb ik in 3D getekend.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Een testgondel met onderdelen voor de andere gondels. De testgondel heb ik met nagellak beschildert om te kijken hoe dat eventueel uitpakt.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    De aankondiging zoals deze ook op mijn website te vinden viel.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Hier zie je mijn 3D-printer in actie. Links ligt er nog een rol materiaal waarmee ik de onderdelen print. Echter heeft wel iedere rol zijn eigen kleur materiaal.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Ik had ook netjes een samenstellingstekening gemaakt, toch was hij best handig om erbij te hebben zodat ik kan zien hoelang de printer bezig is en hoeveel materiaal ik nodig heb.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Aandrijving van de gondelkruis met een stuk arm, de tandwielen heb ik zelf gegenereerd en zijn niet standaard.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Dit waren de eerste delen die uit mijn printer gekomen zijn van het model. Op de achtergrond zijn nog onderdelen te zien van de grotere oudere versie van de No.3.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:


  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:


  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Losse opstelling ter referentie.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:


  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Van een 3D-onderdeel maak ik een "slice" met de software Wanhoamaker om vervolgens een printfile te genereren voor de 3D-printer.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Controlpanel bedraden.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    Hier ook een samenstellingstekening van de gondelkruizen.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    De eerste gondel die zijn op wat kleine details na klaar is.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    De gondelkruizen komen hier ook tot leven met nog meer onderdelen voor de gondels.

  • Kermisboy12 posted a photo:

    De molen bedraden en monteren.