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    Continuing Traditions...

    I love it here!

    As this time of year approaches, I have been thinking about traditions with all my loved ones (friends and family)and this memory jumped in my head...

    The day I flew to England to see my one of my best friends Clairey, she said she was going to continue a tradition I had started..at first I had no clue, lol.

    Then she said "bridge drive by's" I laughed remembering..When her and Tim came to NY almost exactly one year ago we dropped off Tim to get settled and I took her over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel so she could shoot them!
    We had such fun that whole trip..my family and I were blessed with having them join us at Thanksgiving and they got to learn about Americans crazy Black Friday Shopping!! I still crack up seeing the look on Tim's face at all the craziness! lol

    Now in England the wipers are only on one side so the passenger gets a dirty view (lol) but this worked great with the grain and tone I added.
    Below are the out takes..we went back and forth a few times laughing!

    I so miss you dearly my friend, but I am so thankful for the time I have been given to share with you! Looking forward to more....Thank you for Continuing Traditions! xxx

    I wish all my friends here much love & only good things - Hey, go start new traditions!

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    Converse Style....

    While visiting Clairey (take a look at her awesome photo's) in England, I decided to try my hand at manual....maybe not the best time to learn! lol

    We went to a Pub in Camden and sat for a while having a few drinks, Clairey let me try her "Cider"....and it wasn't fruit juice! We sat, drank...and people watched....we were tired, (it was my last day) but had such a great time!
    I think I took 20 shots of her sneakers!! lol

    Hopefully everyone is not getting the rainy weekend we are!

  • negra223 posted a photo:

    In the sunlight of a new year!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful night filled with loved ones!! Hopefully not to many hangovers! lol

    Welcome to our new year my friend...love, happiness and peace to all!

    Explore January 1...thank you all!

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    Went down to Sheepshead Bay, in Brooklyn this morning....and he was creating such a fuss over HIS piece of bread!! I guess his mother never taught him to share!! lol

    Be well my friends.....
    Explore December 29th ;) Thanks xoxox

  • negra223 posted a photo:

    The simple things...

    "Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it."

    J. Petit Senn

    In the New York Botanical Gardens, on a beautiful Sunday....

    Went to see the Japanese Chrysanthemum exhibit....but never made it, yet! lol

    The gardens are simply amazing...I could get lost there...no wait, I have many times!! lol

    Be well my friends, and enjoy lifes simple beauty!

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    Together at the end...

    In Marco Island for 2 days of appointments, only got a few hours free to walk the beach with a friend who is as crazy as me on taking photo's.

    We had a great time just walking the beach, talking and shooting!!

    I was in the right spot at the right time to capture this...
    It was such an amazing sunset...

    Hope you are all well my friends!
    Explore August 28th, highest position #8!...thanks all!! Much love! ;0}

  • negra223 posted a photo:

    And bringing up the center....

    In downtown Brooklyn, Cadman Plaza Park, on a beautiful day that I played hookie on! lol!!

    Explore 4/12/08, thank you all!!

  • negra223 posted a photo:

    Reflections of life....

    Water Lily.
    Yes, still in my favorite place... NY Botanical Gardens.
    Needing it!

    What I love most about this shot, besides the obvious, is the reflection of the petals in the water....

  • negra223 posted a photo:

    A burst

    Most of my friends here know I travel a lot for my job...the last three weeks have been so crazy. I have been away from home too long, and it has taken it's toll....
    I missed everyone here, seeing what new beauty they had found and posted, talking to good friends about things in life...
    I am sorry that I have been away so long, I tried to keep up, but was really unable...
    Now, I dealing with some heavy decisions I need to make in my life, and just have been to "blue".

    I wanted to post some photo's that represented life, beauty, and love! Hopefully to lift my spirits, and anyone else of my friends who need some cheering up! It's seems there is a few of us out there!
    But we all come through these things one way or another...
    Much love and respect my good friends...
    These are some older photo's, this one is also from the Botanical Gardens...where I am always happy!
    Be well everyone, and know...this is just part of life!

    Explore March 7th...

  • negra223 posted a photo:

    what's in the box....

    Yup, in the box was a real phone! I didn't open it...it was closed the day before and locked.....
    You never know what'll find walking along in life! lol!
    On the beach

    Destin Beach, Fl

  • Ally Jo posted a photo:

    peer pressure

    Taken for the Girl's club SP thread.

    And, I know... I know... I'm not allowed to say anything derogatory about myself, or else you'll punch me, Tabz.

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    please fill out the appropriate paperwork